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Analyst Report on Bridgestone Tyres Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Analyst Report on Bridgestone Tyres - Essay ExampleThe net income Bridgestone Corp performed extraordinarily In Europe where sales plusd by 17% followed by Americans where sales increase by 1%. However, the net sales in japan remain unchanged com equivalenceed to 2011. The total assets of the order increased by 14% to 3,038.3 gazillion in 2012 this increase in the assets by financed by a 12% increase in the total liabilities and 3% increased in the total faithfulness. The company returns showed a strong growth as well. The return on strainholders equity increased by 4.6 percentage points to 13.7% and return on assets increased by 2.2 percentage points to 6.0% in 2012. The company promises significant returns as well as strong value addition in future. Company visibility Ticker symbol 5108.T Mission Statement Serving Society with Superior Quality Corporate military headquarters Tokyo, Japan Date of Incorporation March 1st, 1931 Public Auditor Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited de scribe of CEO Masaaki Tsuya Name of CFO Koki Takahashi Stock classifications Common Stock Authorized 1,450,000,000 shares Issued 813,102,321 shares Exchange Tokyo Stock Exchange Dividends 21.9 billion Industry Profile Market Sector The company belongs to the Consumer Discretionary Sector. It is a sector of the economy that invents businesses that cheat non-essential products or services. Leaders Toyota Motor Corp Comcast Corp Amazon.com Inc Industry The company belongs to the Auto Components Industry. The industry comprise companies that supply low value to high value component to auto makers around the world. Stock analogy with Competitors Bridgestone Corporations stock has shown a remarkable growth since January 2012 as compared to Pirellis and Good grades stock as shown in the figure. The graph notes some of the major events dividends, earnings and news. The news article states that the company has invested billions of languish into the research and development to produce ty res with maximized durability and value. The company, currently, has invested millions of yen into a new North American defect plant to extract a new form of natural rubber for tyre manufacturing. This stresses that the company continues to attempt hard fpr excellence. The graph shows that company has continued to announce dividends and interim dividends at year ends and half year ends respectively. This has strengthened the belief of the investors in the stock value. Likewise, the company announced promising earnings which has allowed the company to oppose number one position in the global tyre market. Both the dividends and earnings have an meet on the stock price in this case, the companys stock price has risen par the competitors value after continuously posting strong earninsg and dividends. Market capitalisation Company Market Capitalization Bridgestone Corp 20.24B Goodyear 3.9B Continental 27B Michelin 14.4B Market capitalisation is basically the market value of the comp anys outstanding shares. It determines the size of the company which allows for conclusion on asset allocation and risk factor. The analysis shows Bridgestone Corp has the largest capitalization compared to its three giant competitors Goodyear, Continental AG and Michelin. With the capitalization of 20.24 billion, it falls in the large cap family of companies with a strong asset allocation and less risk. Global Presence Bridgestone Corpo

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Alcoholics Anonymous Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Alcoholics unnamed - Assignment ExampleFocus is given to the purpose, leadershiphip, social station, decision making process and the general functioning of the host. The chief(prenominal) reason for formation of Alcoholics Anonymous mathematical group was to rescue members from abuse of alcohol and similar substances (Mckellar, Stewart & Humphreys, 2003). Although the group was started in Ohio in 1935, it has grown to all other US states and beyond (Mckellar et al., 2003). As the name suggests, one of the principles of AA is that its membership should always remain a secret (Mckellar et al., 2003). App atomic number 18ntly, the main purpose of this principle is to shield members from public laugh at that can easily compromise rehabilitation process. The AA has been very effective in helping people forsake alcoholism (Moos & Moos, 2006). According to Moos and Moos (2006), the group does non use scientific therapies but rather members come unneurotic to help each other deal with the problem of alcohol and drug abuse. In this regard, new entrants be linked to already recovered members for serve upance. As noted by Moos and Moos (2006), in addition to helping members to throw in unhealthy drinking habits, AA also creates conducive environment to enable them cope with their new life. Some psychologists obtain suggested that AA can become more effective if scientific medication is incorporated in the groups traditional methods of fighting alcoholism (Moos & Moos, 2006). The functioning of AA group is based on a program of dozen steps that start with entry of addicts and end with exit of fully recovered individuals who are ready to assist other alcoholics (Sharma & Branscum, 2010). According to Sharma & Branscum (2010), there are twelve traditions used as the constitution of the group. The traditions guide members on how to relate with each another. Some of the most embraced values include group unity, fear of God and self-support (Sharma & Branscum, 2 010). Since the group is open to any person willing to fight addiction, there is no minimum or utmost membership requirement (Sharma & Branscum, 2010). The meeting attended by the author was held on Saturday evening in a four walled room. The timing of the meeting was designed to avoid inconveniencing members as most people are surplus during Saturday evenings (Harrison, Price, Gavin & Florey, 2002). In addition, Harrison et al. noted that meeting at the time when most people are free ensures that members are occupied and wont find time to engage in unhealthy drinking (2002). The sit arrangement was similar to a learning classroom where learners sit in rows facing one side. foreign most meetings where group officials sit in front, there appeared to be no distinction between leaders and other members in the AA meeting. This arrangement was designed to discourage any feeling of authority by comprehend leaders. It is believed that a sense of equality among members encourages free flow of information within the group. In this regard, the group did not have official leaders. Whenever there is a meeting, any member can volunteer to lead the group through the process (Moos & Moos, 2006). As Moos and Moos notes, the volunteer is only a coordinator rather than a leader (2006). Decisions are made through deliberations of the entire group. However, decisions that only affect certain individuals are made by such(prenominal) individuals but other

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Religion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 6

Religion - Essay ExampleWhereas the cycle of lifespan in Buddhism is continuous, the cycle of life in Sikhism continues until one can attain a oneness with God at which point world freed from the constraints of birth, life, and death.Conversely, Hinduism and Jainism also represent a very old and a relatively newer religion. Whereas many scholars argue that Hinduism may be the oldest extant religion on planet earth, Jainism only came into being around the year 600 BCE. Hinduism on the other hand can definitively be traced back as far as 1700 BCE. Hinduism retains no unique(predicate) founder and instead rests its claim to truth based upon the universal acceptance that it seeks to inspire. Alternatively, Jainism seeks to integrate three main principles into the life of its adherents non-violence, non possession, and non-absolutism. Both religions have an array of gods and seeking to understand their respective pantheon requires a great discern of

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Real vs Digital Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Real vs Digital - audition Example electronic computer and internet connection. Also, while you are enjoying the online gaming chopine, you are placed into a fashion model wherein you are virtually going on a date.We cover the information explosion and how it has affected the grammatical construction of many social engagements like meeting and dating. This relates significantly to our discussion in class because it talks active the journey of information technology and how it is gradually changing some aspects of our lives.In the same manner, this relates to informatics and computer science because it reveals innovative development in the field that influences cultural structures like dating, meeting, doing business, etc. (Hitsch et al. 10).Three questions reverse (1) how online dating affects human interaction, particularly when it comes to finding a partner? (2) What are the implications of this new dating platform in the future how would it affect our cultural structure in ge neral? (3) What are the psychological risks voluminous in using WoW as alternative for dating in

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The Meaning of Health and Illness in the Mexican Culture Essay

The Meaning of Health and Illness in the Mexican Culture - Essay ExampleWithout a doubt, health can be deeply understood in terms of a combination of biological, heathen and neighborly factors slightly than with the sole purpose in biological terms. As it was stated above that the bang health image can be understood more deep by diverse of factors. No one can deny that the social influence on health is significant, where the better health and high quality of life of community members depend on the level of their participation in the social networks, service to for each one other and overall change of the society to become more healthy and prosperous. Such social networks usually include the family, friends, neighbors, church, work, sport clubs and other social groups where people can exchange information, experience and advices. For Mexican people, health is seen as holistic issue or a unity between mind, spirit and eubstance. In the West, the doctor hopes to cure a problem af ter people atomic number 18 unbearably sick, when they be in pain or feel physically disruptive symptoms. A traditional Mexican practitioner, by contrast, seeks to keep back disease by keeping all systems balanced and finely tuned throughout the patients life span. Consultation with the practitioner of acupuncture is ideally an ongoing part of every patients life. Although the idea of preventive medicine (for instance, prenatal care) is spectacular in current discussions about revamping our aesculapian care system, there is really no comparison to the taproom that is accomplished through acupuncture and herbs. illness also comes from a gradual blocking and deficiency of body energy. Mexican people see the body threatened by lifestyle factors such as ingurgitate or overworking. We also look for disharmonies of the internal nature in intensely prolonged emotional states such as grief or depression (LaVeist, 2005). Mexican culture and gender have their own influences on health care since the persons socioeconomic status, ethnicity, gender and other factors directly affect his/her perception of the disease, necessity or financial ability to seek appropriate treatment. It is obvious that those people who live in poverty or from low socioeconomic status receive less medical help than those with stable income and medical coverage. In multi-ethnical communities the doctors can influence the patients by learning and understanding the beliefs, attitudes and experiences of patients from different ethnical groups and nationalities. The influence of gender on health care can be observed while analyzing the female and male patients, their attitudes and behaviors, where men are usually direct and logical decision makers and women are less independent and more influenced by others (Chabram-Derners, Torre 2008). objet dart some symptoms are obvious both for the person him/herself and others around (nervousness, physical dependence on intoxicant or drugs, etc), other symptoms are rather difficult to recognize. Usually, people use schemas as the organized shipway to look at things and people that influence persons expectations, behavior, etc. Certainly, to seek medical treatment is the responsibility of each drug-dependent person or those who surround him based on the perception of the severity of the addiction symptoms. Though, there are some factors that might positively influence treatment seeking, including belief systems, certain life activities, gender, SES and ethnicity. While the unspoilt patient role presumes that the person behaves well and properly by following the prescribed treatment and medical services, the role of bad

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Inventory management at WAL-MART Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Inventory management at WAL-MART - Case Study ExampleIt also succeeded due to its global strategies. It became the first private-sector company in the man to have employed everyplace one million personnel. It provides large spacious, wide, neat, brightly-lit aisles and shelves stocked with argona for people to relish around and provide a flesh of goods. The average size of a Wal-Mart store is 107,000 squargon feet (www.walmart.com). each(prenominal) store employs ab unwrap 225 people. The employees are called associates as they hold value for the company (Frat Files). The stores feature a variety of quality, value-priced general merchandise, including (www.walmart.com)Wal-Mart operates each store, from the products it stocks, to the front-end equipment that helps speed checkout, with the same philosophy provide everyday low prices and superior node service. Lower prices also eliminate the expense of frequent sales promotions and sales are more predictable. Wal-Mart has invested heavy in its unique cross-docking farm animal system. Cross docking has enabled Wal-Mart to achieve economies of scale which reduce its woos of sales. With this system, goods are continuously delivered to stores within 48 hours and often without having to stock them. This allows Wal-Mart to replenish the shelves 4 times faster than its competition. Wal-Marts powerfulness to replenish theirs shelves four times faster than its competition is just another advantage they have over competition. Wal-Mart leverages its buying power through purchasing in bulks and distributing the goods on its own. Wal-Mart guarantees everyday low prices and considers them the one break out shop.INVENTORY MANAGEMENT at WAL-MART Just-in-time inventory (JIT) is the concept of only carrying as much inventory as needed to supply to customers or consumers. Many companies are employ JIT to reduce inventory costs and make up gross profits (Damiano, 2005). It makes more sense for companies to use their doll ars elsewhere, rather than tying them up in inventory that is just sitting in a warehouse. Wal-Marts inventory philosophy focuses on getting the good out of the shelves and into the customers hand in the quickest and most cost efficient way as possible and Wal-Mart is a paragon of such efficiency.JIT (Just in Time) is an inventory management technique invented by the Japanese. The first users of this technique are said to be the Toyota people and to this day, this technique is being effectively used by them. The concept lav JIT is that it optimizes the production process byreducing waste and keeping negligible inventory (Epps, 1995). Inventory has a holding cost in terms of keeping the excess inventory in warehouses whose rent has to be paid so increasing the cost of the inventory. As a retailer, Wal-Mart has been able to achieve respectable leadership by using this technique to reduce the holding costs and decreasing wastages. The most important factor in having a Just-In-Time in ventory system is to have the best logistics system in place. This includes having clear transport routes,

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Employment loyalty on rhythm Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Employment loyalty on rhythm - Essay ExampleI am very interested to find out what drives employee loyalty and commitment considering the fact that the company and its area are at a dis usefulness in the areas of stability, resources, among other advantages that bigger companies enjoy.Rabin (2003) extensively discussed loyalty and its transaction on organizational behavior. harmonize to him, along with the identification with an organization, employee loyalty represents an individual and psychological bond mingled with an employee and an organization. (p. 867) That is why it is pivotal in overall strategy of companies to produce value for consumers, achieve competitive advantage and, eventually, achieve profitability. Needless to say, such fact has driven numerous studies and research. As a result, the corpus of lit on the subject is quite extensive and comprehensive. Specifically, the subjects include works about how employee loyalty contributes to an organizations competitiveness , how it reflects the organization, measurement and rating of employee loyalty, among other issues. Some of the studies undertaken in regard to employee loyalty that are relevant in this papers objectives are outlined below1. Swayne, Duncan and Ginter (2006) explained how employee loyalty could determine the kind of culture and values an organization has. According to him, this aspect helps consumers determine whether the firm has an outstanding quality in service delivery because loyal employees consider companies who know how to value people. (p. 185) Loveman (1998) used the service profit chain framework in his effort to colligate employee satisfaction and loyalty to customer satisfaction and fiscal performance. The author underscored that the framework hypothesized relationships between employee, customer and financial outcomes. The emphasis on these three elements makes this framework an interesting resource for

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Role of leadership when merging companies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Role of leadership when merging companies - Essay ExampleThis teamwork in the midst of companies is essential to call down the potential success of the merging. Basically, every organization has a culture, an interconnected value system, shared by the majority of the organizations members. Organizational culture also involves and is influenced by the trend of effective internal reactions to typeset to external problems and threats (Keyton, 2005). Since the culture is an outcome of previous achievements, it will oppose change such as that brought more or less by merger or acquisition. Hence, the role of leadership is to facilitate the transition of organizational culture during the surgery of merging (Hunt, 2009). The auto industry has been historically known for its horizontal formations (Badrtalei & Bates, 2007). The future merging of American auto manufacturer Chrysler and Italian automaker Fiat will be discussed in this essay. The possible success or chastening of this mer ging will be discussed in terms of the management perspective and organizational culture differences between the two totally distinct automakers. Organizational Challenges to the Chrysler-Fiat Merge It is obvious that American and Italian cultures are starkly dissimilar. The collective bargaining process of Chrysler and Fiat is different.

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Project Managment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

job Managment - Essay eventAccording to Kerzner (2009), expulsion buss be in charge of coordinating and integrating activities across multiple, functional lines (p. 12). This promoter that they consolidate efforts to (1) develop the vomit plan, (2) execute the plan, and (3) make the necessary changes to the plan to ensure that the objectives are met. Project managers also operate as interface between the smaller, drop organization, and the larger functional organization. They therefore are tasked with managing relationships (1) among individual members of the team , (2) between the functional organization and the project team, (3) between the senior management and the project team, and (4) between the customers organization (i.e., external or internal) and the project team (Kerzner, 2009, p. 13). Kerzner observes that the project managers role is a difficult one because he/she usually is assigned a not bad(p) deal of responsibility, but actually very little power or authorit y. The greatest challenge to the learning and expertise of the project manager is the degree to which he/she is able to successfully achieve the specific objectives of the project within the constraints (of scope, time, cost, and performance) imposed upon him/her. The Edinburgh Tram System project In 2002, the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC), established the Transport Initiatives Edinburgh (TIE) as a private limited, wholly-owned CEC subsidiary. The new system is envisioned to be a fast, clean and green, and high efficacy transport service similar to those in other countries in Europe (Edinburgh Trams, 2012). The initiative began with a serial publication of public consultations to determine the feasibility of the proposed system and in compliance with the parliamentary process. Stakeholders were invited to participate during these consultations where the feedback and suggestions to the proposed project lucubrate were garnered. By January 2004, the completed plans were submitted to Parliament, which approved them in March 2006. Contracts were entered into by May 2008, begun soon thereafter, and the tram profit was estimated to commence operations by 2014 (Edinburgh Trams, 2012). From the projects onset, the CEC and contractors take in encountered problems related to the project. An example is the line to St. Andrew hearty has proven problematic, with a project cost of ?776 million, ?200 million over the original budget. The contractor, Bilfinger Berger, of Germany, has been plagued by delays, disputes, expert problems, and unforeseen revision. According to Knox (2011), there also were other concerns such as a misunderstanding of the initial agreement, a confused and divided council, government hostility and negative public perception. These problems resulted in a decline in the projects scope from several lines to just one that leading to St. Andrews upstanding a budget overrun and extension of the completion date to 2016, and the resignation of the projects psyche executive after only two years (Knox, 2011 BBC, 2011). The three elements of project management Several of the golf-club primary elements of the PMBOK are seen to be applicable in this case, but the following three appear to have posed the greatest challenge for the project manager (1) Managing the scope of the project in controlling the project The project scope is an explicit description of what are included in,

Comparison of Venus of Willendorf and the Lady of Auxerre Term Paper

similarity of genus Venus of Willendorf and the Lady of Auxerre - Term Paper ExampleArtwork traces its origin back from the ancient days. The hire of symbols by man has been in existence since time immemorial. Signs and symbols were use as a form of communicating as they represented different objects, ideas, and even events. For example, the dove was used as a symbol of slumber while the anchor represented hope. Symbols have also been used for confidentiality purposes there are cases where some communities used symbols to preserve their secrets so that only members of the particular community would understand the message being conveyed and have whatever outsiders excluded from understanding. It has been argued that these symbols are not just mere fantasies and imaginations by man but contain some fragments of righteousness in them. The use of symbols has also received appreciation among Christians. This is evident from the writings of a Catholic student one Father Martin C. Dar cy. From one of his books The meaning and matter of history, he appreciates the existence of poetic insight and fiction and insists that they should not be written off. He goes ahead to note that myths and symbols created a link between the former(a) age dry facts and the present day civilization. This, therefore, indicates that the signs and symbols that have always existed from time immemorial are of salient significance to mankind and need to be studied in the depth to get to understand what they real stand for. These sign and symbols convey important messages and lessons from the ancient times and should therefore not be ignored. The Venus of Willendorf is artwork in the form of sculpture. This artwork is a statuette of an obese female figure somewhat 11 cm high that is about 4.3 inches. Conspicuously, the feet supporting the obese figure are quite subtle and the ankles are not easily visible. The artwork behind the sculpture portrays vast knowledge in the study of anatomy .

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The relationship between humans and their technology Essay

The relationship between humans and their technology - endeavor ExampleThe application and use of technology is replacing the human universe services in the world.Currently, the technological machines ar replacing human be in do insecure move around, repetitive tasks and expensive only when simple tasks. There argon benefits accompanied with this aspect of machine replacing human in industries. The machines are faster than human being and this speed up the process of production. Some tasks are more dangerous and expose human beings to danger. Safety is ensured when machines perform work which could be performed by human being. For example, in a construction site machines are used to lift building bricks instead of having them carried by people. These safes people because the bricks send word knock someone down (Cavan Group, 2013). In respect to speed, machines can perform task without resting. They do not need rest unlike human beings who need to rest after performing diffi culty tasks. In places where machines perform task, work is done faster than in places where human perform the task. For example, typing using data processor is faster because one can make more copies at the same time unlike extend writing which requires one to write more copies. Machines produce high quality work than human beings. Machines are set by human being to perform a certain tasks. A well retained machine does not alter the information but performs the task depending to the setting. Human beings can forget at times and produce low quality work. The machines always ensure quality of the work performed. For example, computers make an conduct copy of information in disks. The application of technology is slowly replacing human beings in performing tasks (Karlen, 2014).Technological devices work alongside human beings. The machines can not perform any work without being directed by people. It is better to have a machine working alongside human being than leaving a machine to work alone. For example, people are working to build up robots to work together with people. It

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Global Marketing Operations Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

international Marketing Operations - Case Study ExampleSamsung has emerged stronger with global image by their innovative strategies that were globally focused, restructured, and streamlined to the target. Samsung achieved 70% of the business from fall outside Korea. The company remained very much Product- focused with attention on manufacturing. They believed in quality product that could take c be itself to establish and to be preferred by consumers. exactly in todays world of competition this notion was mistaken and they had to change to become market oriented under(a) the able leadership of Mr. Kim. In 2008, Samsung is expected to earn 9.27 trillion won, up from 7.4 trillion won give way year, according to Reuters Estimates.The major objective of the company in 2008 is to be top three electronic companies in the world by 2010 with quality products, to double up their 2004 sales achievement of $55 billion by 2010, to have 20 get one market share in the compared to the presen t eight number one market share products, to identify growth engines of growth and pursue innovation through out its business operations.It is a fact that Samsung Electronics had been more a manufacturing giant than a market entity. In damage of marketing the company has been backward if compared with its rivals in the market such as Nokia and Motorola. The company started its marketing efforts recently and yet they could not make highly visible check offs particularly in the foreign market. The company is sternly in need of signature product that will make its brand name stick in consumers mind. The company is suffering from identity crisis. For example iPods of Apple is easily identifiable in United States as Anycall phones of Samsung is identifiable in Korea. scarcely this brand has identity problems in other countries. The real challenge is to shape up Samsung into a beloved brand into the mind of people who would love to have it and recall it any time. kiosk phones accoun t for 31% of Samsungs revenue and therefore needs intensive attention from the marketing manager. The company is cookery to enter and succeed in emerging markets. The efforts of building the brand image dirty dog be resumed in these countries. Emerging markets have become highly competitive and it is very dangerous to take initiative here. But Samsung with its history of doing miracles with its products innovation can do it in marketing as easy. In India about sise million people are buying new mobile set every month. Nokia and Motorola are well positioned there even at low profit margins. They are active in the market to dispense dirt-cheap handsets with hope to take over the high-end market in future. Samsung does not like to market these low-end handsets. They are provide to high end of the low-end market- the premier low end in the price range of $50-$70. Samsung needs differentiation of its brand here in this premier low-end market. There are numerous consumers who bought high-end products in the past but and they are not happy buying the cheap products. Samsung with its superior image of building high quality products can focus its brands of low-end premium products without increasing the

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Grant proposal for skagit conty to prepare Flood awareness brochure in Essay

Grant proposal for skagit conty to take Flood aw atomic number 18ness brochure in Spanish - Essay ExampleThe project purpose helps in sensitizing the people on the response to an emergency and the steps necessary to ensure that they are safe. The plan is expected to capture the audience that mostly do not understand English and feel let put on the local authority tragedy management plan due to language barrier.The projects objectives intromit the Hispanic and Latino community living in Skagit County, Washington for flood disaster that looms in their neighborhood. To secure the goal, there is a need for the community to understand the sub objectives that supplement the main goal. Identify the warning systems. The warning systems are the media of communication that is accessible to many people. The systems include the radio stations weather carry and warnings from people in the authority. Identify members of the Hispanic and Latino community and create a community directory. di scuss the evacuation procedures in place with the community in regard of what to carry like medicines and clean water. The procedures should be encouraged to be on family levels where the head of the family is to ensure that if an alert is given all the family members are unitedly and leave as a family (Veenema, 2003). The community level involves familiarizing the Hispanic and Latino community on the roles of the police during an evacuation. To discuss the precautions to take during and after a flood in order to avert waterborne diseases. The community will be advised on how the crush practices to avert water bone diseases that are common during and after floods in the area.Community resilience is essential and critical in any community. It ensures that when disaster strikes the community recovery and restoration be fast tracked in terms of essential run (OLeary 2004). Community resilience involves identifying and evacuation route in Skagit County. This is done in collaboration with the residents and the authority that best know the area. The process of community

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Comments and response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Comments and response - Essay ExampleYour strategy seems very useful from the start, which I much grateful to find out my child is focused from the first day in school to his/her completion. The converse plan you commit established is quite commendable and am leave aloneing to partner with your efforts to see that my child progress is bring in in a collaborative way both at home and at school. I will be much honored to provide you with al my childs cultural, social, and linguistic background to ensure the e/she is included effectively in your learning environment. I would like you to clarify to me on ways to ensure that I participate in my childs education.Thank you for the teamwork you reveal to ensure that wholly childs needs are met. I am very much aware that I know more of my childs information more than anyone else does, and I will ensure that I will give all details to the administration. I would like to seek more information on what programs you have to ensure that my child does not face discrimination and is included in your environment because he is a black American and has a language proficiency disability.Thank you for an extensive emphasizes on communication matters between e as a parent and the teachers, which I also believe that is the backbone to an effective partnership and parental involvement in a learning environment. Your IEP program comforts me that my childs needs will be met accordingly. However, your school has rules and procedures hence, I would like you to clarify on considerations for children with disabilities.Thank you for your wide-cut support of collaborative strategies with my colleagues to ensure your child thrive to the top in terms of academic as social aspects. Regarding your query on the rules and procedures in my class, note that most of them are made through my comprehensive plan whereby the students decide among themselves which rules to set for optimal learning environment focused on minimal

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A Case Study of Southwest Airline Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

A of Southwest Airline - Case analyze ExampleSouthwest Airline has been one of the companies with highest growth rate for the last more(prenominal) than forty years since it was found (Bundgaard, Bejjani & Helmer, 2006). This has been due to its ability to sustain growth and maintain profitability despite the challenges of the aviation persistence and has resulted mainly due to increase in the demand of its low price structures and high quality services. tally to Keller (2010), it is always the objective of this company to meet the customer demand. Since the customer demand has been increase, Southwest airline has been pressure to increase its number of flights and to even acquire new(prenominal) Airline companies. One recent acquisition is getting of Air Tran Holding, which it used to expand its operation (Keller, 2011).According to Drake (1998), Southwest Airline has been experiencing growth on yearbook bases since it was found. The airline started with three aircraft oper ating in three planes only. Since then, the airline has grown to the capacity of operating more than 400 planes throughout the United States. This growth has been because of the increase in demand that has resulted to Southwest airline increasing number of flights in each of the airport hubs. This has led to presence of more aircrafts and more schedule flights in all the airport hubs selected by Southwest Airline.Another cause of this congestion is increase in argument in the aviation industry and emergence of new companies. In the recent years, there has been emergence of other low cost companies in the airport hubs selected by Southwest Airline.

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Pipeline Systems Essay Example for Free

Pipeline Systems EssayDrawbacks of the Pipeline for Alberta Oil mining is the pillar industry in Alberta and building production line dodge is the more or less efficient way to transport embrocate into other areas. However, whether pipeline dusts are provide technology has been debated for many years. Appropriate technology means the technology that is designed with esteem to the environmental, ethical, cultural, favorable,political, and economical aspects of the community it is intended for. 1 Many people believe that the Conduit System pipeline is not appropriate technology. The reason is that though it is profitable , it decreases the motivation of developing new environmental-friendly power arrangings. Also some of the root Nations think it is so ridiculous to sell the precious resources which is given by our ancestors and nature. Moreover it is not a environmentally beneficial system. This paper lead support the point of view that the conduit system is actually an conflicting technology by illustrating examples in such three perspectives.In the first place,the jump is certainly a tremendous display of the short sighted thinking2 because it only thinks about the short-time economic gain without considering the environmental problems. Also the construction of Pipeline system decreases the motivation of developing new environmental-friendly power systems. Once the conduit system pipeline is built up,more and more companies would follow and build more of the pipelines, since it is a profitable and a most easy way to transporting oil.However, once the pipelines are set up, the companies has to run it rapidly, otherwise the construction cost would neer be recovered. Under this situation, it limits the sustainable economy development . Thus the construction of pipeline system are strongly discommended. Furthermore, the conduit system pipeline leads to disagreements and conflicts with the Canadian society, especially between the First Nation an d the government. Every soul and social group has their own belief and way of life. We do not support this pipeline project. We believed that the project has the potential to harm our environment ,as well as our way of life. We hope that our voice is heard and interpreted into consideration. 3 said by the First Nations leaders. It contradicts the economy growth valued by the Conduit company, as well as the government, therefore confits appears. Therefore, it is obvious that the Conduit company pipeline would trigger dispute between First Nations and other social groups.Lastly, it is not environmentally beneficial for the human race to build the pipeline system in the commodious term. Oil spilling is a serious challenge for oil transporting industry, especially for long distance pipeline system. The Enbridge oil spill 4 is a strong example, over 190000 liters oil seeped out. The impact of oil spill is catastrophic. Carbon dioxide will be released to atmosphere increasingly, the gre en-house-effect will be more serious. At the same time the eco-system will be ruined, the fields can not be grown in 10 years or more.It is a disaster for both human and nature. An oil spill from this pipeline will have major media coverage, which would efficaciously destroy Canadas reputation. 5 said the politician. Furthermore the oil of Alberta is non-renewable energy resource, it can not be produced in thousands years. Though the pipeline system is the most efficient way to transport the resources, what we can leave to our abutting generations if the oil is exhausted. Overall, it is obvious that the conduit system is actually not an appropriate technology for Alberta.According to the examples and analyses above, the pipeline system is a immature technology which creates social conflict,damages the planet and leaves even more environmental issues to the younger generations. 6 Consequently, the applying of the conduit system still needs more consideration. (1)Engineers Without B orders -Case Study Conduit Systems https//eclass. srv. ualberta. ca/mod/resource/view. php? id=551299 (2)http//www. cbc. ca/news/canada/ bill/2012/07/28/enbridge-wisconsin-spill-pipeline-closed. html (3)Engineers Without Borders -Case Study Conduit Systems https//eclass. srv. ualberta. ca/mod/resource/view. php? id=551299

Cross-cultural interaction Essay Example for Free

Cross- pagan interaction EssayIntroduction The Aristotelean traveler is the quintessential im term of a globalised man. Todays traveler is driven by the commercialized forces of globalization and improved communications in the World which has seen travel and tourism grow as an industry. In the ancient and knightly ages however, when traveling was not that simple and safe, a few adventurists quite literally walked endangerwise the globe or what ever was known of it then. These were men as benzoin of Tudela, Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta, who covered vast spaces comp bed to content of transportation in the era in which they lived and have left rich parentages of tale documented in their travels. There is much debate over the relevance of the jottings made by these travelers to modern day history. Sceptics be given to question the authenticity and objectiveness as well as ability to portray a manufacture picture of a cross pagan interaction which these travelers tend to pur sue from their own thought. Travel publications has substantial relevance in providing authentic information of cross cultural interaction, the cross cultural trends, a perception of cross cultural association between people and is proving to be a good character of authentic and endearing history today as it grants a perspective in todays world through an reasonableness of medieval religion and polishs.Information of cross-cultural interaction The ancient and medieval times were denoted by lack of developed communications and modes of interaction for travel. There were also very contain historical recordings and what ever existed was at the behest of the ruling cliques, thereby making it biased. The historian today is left with basal records which are substantiated by such travelogues for a dispassionate find out of cross cultural interaction. thence travelogues do serve as important benchmark documents for historical purpose. This would be evident from recounting of trave ls through the sum easterly during the medieval limit in the books of Benjamin of Tuleda, which tends to support the various historical happenings during the period by sources from both sides of the Islam and Christian divide. Travelers as Benjamin who was a Jew could also benefit from interaction with those of his company who were spread across the region. Since the Jews were relatively unbiased during the period of the Crusades, their observations supplanted the travelers own perception providing further substance to the history of the region.While some may consider it as not the purest form of notation, in denoting cross cultural trends it could be considered more than appropriate and accurate. The excessive focus on the state of the Jews in Benjamins musical composition however to some extent indicates that the insure of culture is primarily from an overly Semitic perspective of a Rabbi and authenticity is probably sacrificed but then a deeper reading would overcome this perception.Battutas writings span a much large cross cultural area extending from Jerusalem, Damascus, Syria, and atomic number 99 Africa while Marco Polos travelogues are also very genuine impressions of cross cultural trends. Each of the chapters he writes covers the various aspects of a particularly community that he has observed be it the cropping pattern, food habits and the monarchical way of governance. Marco very assiduously provides an overview of each facet in great detail.Perceptive Observers Providing Authenticity The intention of the travelers in their journey was multi focal. Thus some such as Benjamin did it for the purpose of seeking opportunities of trade or to find step up ab place the state of personnel of his own community residing in various parts of the oculus East after being persecuted in their native lands. The meticulous recording of ethnographic details in his writing provides very insightful observations on cross cultural trends which highlights the ca pacity of its originator.Thus we find in Benjamins writings the details of how and when the Egyptian monarch travels, what are the proclivities of the people during various periods and the rivalries that existed even in those time between Cairo and Baghdad. It is also relevant to see that a person traveling beyond his immediate geographical and cultural setting would also be stabbing to obtain fresh insights into the lives of another(prenominal) communities. Thus observations of Marco Polo need to be taken note off with greater acceptance of the fidelity. The meticulous put down of the timings in terms of a virtual daily log provides an glorious record of the period, the state of development, the mode in which communities lived and the state of their culture in vivid details. Ibn Battuta who was overwhelmed by the need to travel and thus sets out from his native place at the tender age of 22 years, is also a very keen observer and thus his recordings attain a high quality of re levance particularly in the cross cultural context.His descriptive writings on Cairo or Alexandria are very perceptive providing an intrinsic understanding of the era. The description of events, the handling of camels, the holding of ceremonies all are very effectively portrayed by the traveler, giving a good understanding of the period. The meticulous recording of customs such as elbow grease of women naked in some societies as in Mali and cannibalism are stark etchings on the history of a cross cultural trend. Marco Polo again has provided a wealth of material on cross cultural trends which denotes an excellent eye for detail and power of observation across a large expanse of area from atomic number 63 to China, Tibet to India and other areas. The burning of, black stones, is perhaps a recorded intervention by Marco, which indicates the level and learning of his observations. Marcos observation are supplemented by a comparison between various cultures be it Chinese, sum Easte rn or Central Asian traditions of Bokhara. This provides a deep insight into cultural happenings of the era.Perspective of unexampled Day Understanding Today Islam and the West appear to be undergoing a serious crisis, some view it as a clash of civilization matching. There is very limited understanding of each others religions, traditions, culture and ideological basis. This is truly surprising given the proliferation of modern knowledge. It is the writings of travelers as Benjamin of Tudela who traversed the Middle East in the 12th Century which provides us a deeper understanding of the roots of this civilizational divide thereby enhancing our understanding of happenings in todays World. Being a Rabbi from Spain, Benjamin was relatively detached to enable a more objective assessment of the conflict which was occurring between Islam and Christianity in the medieval ages.His tour of the principal areas of the Middle East as well as Europe and Asia provided a fresh insight not good into the period but also the cross cultural linkages between these areas over the ages. The peace and prosperity in Egypt described so authentically by Benjamin provide an excellent insight in the functioning of well governed medieval states. The clash between Saladin and the Christians and the moves and counter moves of the period have been very vividly portrayed by Benjamin denoting how Islam was revived between the period of the Second and the Third Crusades. Today when we see a exchangeable up rise in Islam which is spearheaded not by the likes of Saladin, but terrorist leaders as Osama stash away Laden, Benjamins travels can provide a better counter cultural perspective. A similar understanding of the culture of the Middle East is provided in the writings of Ibn Battuta which can provide us a perspective from an Islamic travelers point of view in a different age over three centuries apart and covering some of the same areas.In each of the places that he visits Battuta makes put forward of specifics which indicate a keen eye for detail. It is natural that a person with a good view of the details will remain also particular of the accuracy of his writings. Thus enhancing their historical value. The writings provide a cross cultural dimension of the transformation that has take place in these areas over these years. Marcos writings on Tibet are another issue which enables us to correlate between the state and transaction of Tibet between the modern and the medieval periods. The fascination which the Chinese felt for Tibet even then is evident as Marco observes their repeated forays to gain hold of territory which they see as a great expanse with its some provinces, the customs of the people, their mastiffs and bamboo cropping are thus set to be matching.Conclusion Thus it would be seen that the travelogues of Marco Polo, Ibn Batttuta and Benjamin of Tudela are important documents as they provide authentic information of cross cultural interaction, den ote cross cultural trends, enhance the perception of cross cultural association between people and prove good sources of authentic and endearing history, thereby providing better modern day understanding and background of medieval religion and cultures as in the Middle East.ReferencesMarco Polo and Rustichello of Pisa. 2004. The Travels of Marco Polo, Volume 1 and 2. E-text prepared by Charles Franks, Robert Connal, John Williams, and Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders. http//www.gutenberg.org/files/10636/10636-8.txt (VOLUME I). http//www.gutenberg.org/files/12410/12410-8.txt (VOLUME II). (20 November 2006)Ibn Battuta Travels in Asia and Africa 1325-1354. Nd. http//www.fordham.edu/halsall/source/1354-ibnbattuta.html (20 November 2006)The itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela. 1907. Philipp Feldheim, inc The house of the Jewish book. New York. gutenberg.org/files/14981/14981-h/14981-h.htm. (20 November 2006).

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Ebay in China Essay Example for Free

Ebay in china EssayThe joint venture with turkey cock Online will allow eBay to enter the Chinese rapidly growing market. In 2007, China experienced a technology boom in which more people were using the Internet than ever before. Besides the arugula increase of Internet usage in China, E-Commerce is growing as well. With the power and influence of tom Online, eBay has a unique opportunity to grab the market share of a billion people in China. EBay tail end benefit a lot from the joint venture with Tom online. Tom Online will help eBay mountain chain millions of people through Internet as well as the mobile Internet. Graph 1 shows that China experienced an exponentially growing in Internet usage. From 2005 to 2007, the Internet users in China doubled from 111million to 205 million. The bighearted population of China almost guaranteed Internet usage issue.With the increase of Internet usage in China, the online shop to a fault grows rapidly. According to graph 2, online tr ansaction value in China jumped from 3.9 billion RMB to 23.1 billon, representing an incredible growth rate of 253%. All the statistics above strongly prove that China is the perfect market for eBay to tap into. In addition to the great potentials of the market of China, the new grocery will bring together the strengths of both companies. EBay EachNets global e-commerce knowledge and large and active trading community in China, and tom Onlines local anaesthetic market knowledge and active wireless user base of more than 75 million. The new marketplace will bring enhanced online and mobile opportunities to buyers and sellers in China, evolving eBays participation in China and extending tomcat Onlines wireless service portfolio into m-commerce. Upon the launch of the new marketplace, eBay EachNet users will be invited to transition to the new site, and tomcat Online will work to deliver its user traffic to the site as well.RisksOn the other hand, it is also risky for ebay to form the joint venture with Tom Online. EBay must(prenominal) pay close attention to Tom Online and their strategy in the market. Instead of eBay, it is Tom Online that has the majority share in Tom EachNet at 51%. EBay has injected over $40 million into Tom EachNet,while Tom Online only contributed $20 million (along with knowledge, technology, and fall guy value). It is clear that eBay has more to lose in the deal, while Tom Online is simply negotiating their presence in China. EBay must work closely with Tom Online to ensure that their visions for Tom EachNet are similar, and a common strategy is taken to succeed. Chinas business culture is another obstacle that eBay must monitor closely. Tom Online does afford extremely well connection with the Chinese government, and eBay must be sure to take advantage of the TOM Onlines political networks in China. .

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller Essay Example for Free

The Crucible by Arthur Miller EssayIn the crack scene of The Crucible, the playwright reveals insight into John and Elizabeths troubled marriage through Elizabeths subtle passive-aggressive gestures, Johns incoherent ramblings, and his activated explosion at the end showing his frustration.Tension between the two immediately increases when John follow comes home late. Apparently, Elizabeth knows about Johns extramarital affair with Abigail. Elizabeths annoyance is seen when Proctor states, Oh, is it a rabbit In Jonathans trap? Elizabeth replies sarcastically, No, she walked into the house this good afternoon I found her sittin in the corner like she come to visit. When John gets up and kisses Elizabeth, she rejects him further by sampling receiving his gesture. Disappointed and somewhat aware of his wifes unspoken displeasure, he sits down. The mood has become awkward. John makes humbled talk, stating, Its winter in here yet. On Sunday let you come with me, and well walk the bring forth together I never see such a load of flowers on the earth. Lilacs have a purple smell. Lilac is the smell of nightfall, I think. Massachusetts is a beauty in the spring The winter remark refers to the cold atmosphere of the two spouses they are talking together but are non communicating anything worthwhile. His unfocused rambling does not successfully establish common ground between the two.He turns to her and watches her. A sense of their separation rises, states the stage directions. Proctor asks, I think youre sad again. Are you? Elizabeth, backward to cause an argument, replies, You come so late I thought youd gone to Salem this afternoon. However, her attempts are nugatory because Proctor is set off by Elizabeths blunt remark, Mary Warrens there at Salem today. He screams, Whyd you let her? Your perceive me forbid her to go to Salem any moreInsight into their troubled marriage continues when Elizabeth loses all belief in him when Proctor replies For a moment al one I was alone with her, aye and Elizabeth replies, Why, then, it is not as you told me. Proctor becomes fiery again, warning Elizabeth not to judge him anymore.Work CitedMiller, Arthur. The Crucible. New York Penguin, 1952.

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Ethical Dilema Essay Example for Free

Ethical Dilema EssayIn this paper, I entrust discuss the ethical dilemma faced by a cheer who is caring for an eight month old enduring, who reports with his mother to the emergency room with a suspicious fracture. The mother provides a plausible story, and the atomic number 101 knows the family and does not suspect abhorrence. I allow for discuss the action I would take in enjoin to provide the appropriate c be for this patient. As a registered professional nurse, I feel the only border on to the case is to report the defacement to Department of Family and Childs Services (DFACS) for their investigation. When a report is made, DFACS will complete an investigation and make the ultimate decision if abuse or neglect was the cause of the injury. apiece nurse has a duty to report all suspicious injuries to DFACS, unheeding of her feelings on abuse or neglect. This is true even when the physician knows the family or does not suspect abuse.The nurse is responsible for her own actions. In order to provide the best quality of care for this patient, I would take the statement from the parent just about how the patient was injured, and then talk to the physician to gather the physical finding, which may include x-ray reports afterwards this selective information is gathered, I would report the case to the local DFACS. Anytime there is a suspicious injury regardless of the plausibility of the story, or if the physician knows the patient and does not suspect the parent, the DFACS case must be reported. The nurse in this situation has a duty to report this injury and let claw services define if the patient is in danger. I would perform a complete examination of the patient and communicate with the physician, in addition to noting each other signs of abuse, along with paying close attention for indicators of abuse. Indicators of abuse can admonish healthcare providers to pay closer attention to situations that may indicate abuse or neglect and somet imes there are not indicators even though the tyke may be abused (Henderson, 2013). iii indicators of abuse or maltreatment include physical, child behavioral and parent behavioral indicators (Henderson, 2013). These indicators should not be considered in isolation but should be considered along with the childs condition in the place setting with overall physical appearance and behavior however, it is conceivable that a single indicator may be consistent with abuse or neglect (Henderson, 2013). Considerations of abuse are raised by injuries to both sides of the automobile trunk and/or to soft tissues, injuries with a specific pattern or injuries that do not fit the explanation, delays inpresentation for care, and/or untreated injuries in multiple stages of healing (Henderson, 2013). It would be helpful to check the patients record for previous unexplained injuries or history of frequent visits to the emergency room or physicians office. Any burns or patterns of bruising during th e examination would warrant further investigation. new(prenominal) signs of physical abuse I would monitor for include signs of pain where there is not visible injury and lack of reaction to pain. I would also note any emotional signs of physical abuse, which include passive, locomote or emotionless behavior, and fear when seeing parents. Any symptoms noted on exam should include this in the report to DFACS. Since the physical signs of abuse are often visible, most cases of abuse are recognized by a healthcare provider (Padera, 2009). These signs may be noted at routine appointments or small-arm providing acute care. The ethical teaching of non-maleficence and beneficence are addressed with this case. The ethical principle of non-maleficence helps to ensure that healthcare providers do not harm to their patients. If I did not report this case to DFACS for investigation and the abuse go along causing any harm to the patient, this would be an ethical violation of non-maleficence o n the part of the nurse.The ethical principle of beneficence ensures that health care providers actions get the patient. By choosing to report this case to DFACS, my actions would benefit the patient and help ensure that the patient was no longer being abused. As a nurse, if I did not report this to DFACS for investigation, I would be in violation of the nurse practice act, and I could be held liable if the patient suffer more injuries or death at the hand of an abuser. My report of child abuse or neglect is confidential and immune from civil or criminal liability as long as the report is made in good faith and without malice (https//www.oag.state.tx.us/victims/childabuse.shtml). Provided these two conditions are met, as a nurse, I am immune from liability if they are asked to participate in any judicial proceedings resulting from the report (https//www.oag.state.tx.us/victims/childabuse.shtml).In conclusion, mandatory insurance coverage can produce unanticipated and unwelcome co nsequences (Buppert Klein, 2008). Nurses may be concerned about reporting suspected abuse especially, when the investigation is completed, no abuse or risk to the patient is found (Buppert Klein, 2008). Boards of Nursing rarelydiscipline nurses for failure to report and nurses are covered with their nurse practice act when they make reports in good faith (Buppert Klein, 2008). Given this information there is no reason not to report this mother to DFACS for investigation.ReferencesBuppert, C. Klein, T. (2008). Dilemmas in Mandatory Reporting for Nurses. Medscape. P. 4- 16.Henderson, K. L. (2013). Mandated reporting of child abuse Considerations and guidelines for mental health counselors. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 35(4), 296-309. Padera, Connie. (2009). Nursing, Child Abuse, and the Law. 7(37). P. 122-126. When you suspect child abuse or neglect A general guide. Retrieved from https//www.oag. state.tx.us/victims/childabuse.shtml

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Platos Philosophical Significance (in Regards to Metaphysics, and Ethics Essay Example for Free

Platos Philosophical importee (in Regards to Metaphysics, and Ethics EssayPhilosophy spans the reaches of the human mind in countless topics, but is often carve up into three main branches metaphysics, the study of the nature of existence epistemology, the study of knowledge and truth and ethics, the study of morals. matchless of the first philosophers to look at these fields is Plato (427BCE-347BCE), whose writings are incredibly influential. Platos work lays the cigaret for philosophy because of his cohesive contributions to the fields of metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics.Firstly, Platos work with Forms greatly influences metaphysics. He contributes the idea of the Forms which exist as eternal and perfect ideals that exist in an persistent, perfect heaven (via Velasquez, 2002, p. 84). 2 The Forms note with worldly matter this contrast leads to Platos next contribution to metaphysics, his concept of Two Worlds. Plato divides reality into the worlds of senses and form s, the latter of which he considers to be align reality and where the soul resides.Finally, Platos description of the tripartite human soul greatly influences St. Augustines sacred work on Christianity 800 years later. Therefore, Platos Forms helped shape metaphysics. Secondly, Platos Forms and myths built the foundation for epistemology. Plato argues that due to the souls unchanging nature, the process of learning is the souls recollection of knowledge. He also provides two myths, some(prenominal) near related to his metaphysical works.In the first, the Chariot Allegory, Plato describes a charioteer en route to heaven, in which there exists unfeigned reality the forms with which real knowledge is concerned (as cited by Velasquez, p. 84). The journey is impeded by an unruly sawbuck that represents ignobility. The concept of the journeys difficulty is mirrored, finally, in the Allegory of the Cave, which discusses ignorance and the escape thereof. Thus, Platos myths form the fanny of epistemology. Finally, Platos work in ethics regarding justice is among the first and most influential.Firstly, he defines justice as the balance between the three parts of the tripartite soul. Thus, his justice theory states that justice in both the state and the individual is defined by harmony between the various parts for the good of the livelong (Velasquez, 2002, p. 630). This justice theory shows cohesiveness with Platos tripartite theory of the soul. Finally, Plato associates justice with merit individuals are inured proportionally to their talents and accomplishments. Hence, Platos philosophies regarding justice form the starting point for the field of ethics.In conclusion, Platos writings telephone number as a basis and connection for the three main branches of philosophy metaphysics, by his Forms epistemology, through his myths and ethics, through his justice theory. His influence on philosophy and society is expansive and, as such, Plato is one of the most s quare philosophers. That his ideas are still being taught to modern day shows the true nature of philosophy to pose questions so profound that they cannot be answered 2500 years later.

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Essay on the the Secret Book Essay Example for Free

Essay on the the enigmatical Book EssayAccording to juvenile studies, self-help ledgers non-fiction record countersigns that offer advice for behavior modification and make explicit promises for positive change boast doubled as a percentage of all parole titles since the 1970s. The increasing democraticity of self-help obtains is an indicator of the modern societys quest to maximize face-to-face happiness through a process of self-discovery. Self-help books be a response to a real and authenticated hunger for psychological understanding and self-improvement and argon part of the larger market of advice media. Readers buy self-help books quest self-control both as a good-faith attempt to increase their self-control and to elicit a unorthodox sensation that, in fact, the offshoot step toward self-control has already been taken. And of recent years, angiotensin converting enzyme of the increasing self-help or religiousity books involve the teachings of in the ra w progress-ism. The New ripen is a decentralized Western social and spiritual movement that seeks Universal Truth and the attainment of the highest individual human dominanceity.It includes reflexions of Occultism, astrology, esotericism, metaphysics, alternative medicine, music, collectivism, sustainability, and nature. New Age spirituality is characterized by an individual approach to spiritual practices and philosophies, and the rejection of religious doctrine and dogma. New Age practices and philosophies sometimes good deal inspiration from major(ip) world religions Buddhism, Chinese folk religion, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism with particularly strong influences from East Asian religions, Gnosticism, Neopaganism, New Thought, Spiritualism, Theosophy, Universalism, and Western esotericism.New Age spirituality has led to a wide array of literature on the subject and an active niche market books, music, crafts, and services in alternative medicine argon procurable at New Age stores, fairs, and festivals. And bingle of the intimately phenomenal publishing successes in the self-help/New Age teachings is a book confabed The out of sight. ABOUT THE whodunit Product Details The English- row 6. 9 x 5. 7 x 0. 9 inches hardcover book is fairly lightweight at 198 pages. It was first published in November 28, 2006 by Atria Books in Australia.In the coupled States of America, the book is published by Beyond Words and in unite Kingdom by Simon Schuster UK. Product Description Fragments of a Great individual(a) have been found in the oral traditions, in literature, in religions and philosophies throughout the centuries. For the first time, all the pieces of The Secret come together in an incredible revelation that allow be life-transforming for all who experience it. In this book, youll learn how to use The Secret in every aspect of your life money, health, relationships, happiness, and in every interaction you have in the world.Youll deject to understand the hidden, untapped business office thats within you, and this revelation can bewilder forth joy to every aspect of your life. The Secret contains wisdom from modern-day teachers men and women who have used it to achieve health, wealth, and happiness. By applying the knowledge of The Secret, they bring to light compelling stories of eradicating disease, acquiring massive wealth, overcoming obstacles, and achieving what some would regard as impossible. Content of The Secret 1. tune-up 2. Acknowledgements 3. The Secret Revealed 4. The Secret Made Simple 5.How to Use The Secret 6. Powerful Processes 7. The Secret to Money 8. The Secret to Relationships 9. The Secret to Health 10. The Secret to the World 11. The Secret to You 12. The Secret to Life 13. Biographies The Secret Revealed The first matter you need to know is that The Secret isnt really a orphic. The secret is actually The Law of friendship that asserts what you think creates what you feel, and these f eelings flow from your body as magnetic vital force waves over vast distances, which then brace the foundation around you to vibrate at the same energy level as your feelings.The idea dates brook nearly 3,000 years to early Hindu teachings that give c be attracts like. The constabulary of attraction, which the author Rhonda Byrne says is the most powerful right in the universe, states that deal experience the logical manifestations of their predominant thoughts, feelings, and words. This gives hatful direct control over their lives. A persons thoughts (whether conscious or unconscious) and feelings bring about corresponding positive or negative manifestations. Positive thoughts bring about positive manifestations while negative thoughts bring about negative manifestations.The theory is very simple. Because it is an inviolable law, the law of attraction pass on always respond to your thoughts no matter what they are. Thus your thoughts become things. You are the most powe rful power in the universe simply because whatever you think about will come to be. You shape the world that exists around you. You shape your own life and destiny through the power of your mind. To quote some of the teachings in this book are Thoughts are sending out that magnetic presage that is drawing the parallel back to you.Thus there is no a lot(prenominal) thing as slash or coincidence it is you, the individual, who brings misery on yourself because of your toxic thinking. But the good news, if you can alter your thoughts, and because your feelings, you can actually cause the universe around you to vibrate at a positive energy level and the desires of your heart will come to be realized All you have to do is bear Believe Receive. You bonnie have to visualize what you want, feel good about it, and then ask the universe and whatever you can imagine can be yours.It is like having the universe as your catalogue and you overbold through it and go, Well Id like to have this experience and Id like to have that product and Id like to have a person like that It is you just placing your order with the universe. The law of attraction was the power, the author argues, behind geniuses such as Plato, Newton, Beethoven and Einstein. In this book too, she has as well as gotten quotes, experiences and support from the whos who of the self-help industry, including John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, and Jack Canfield, who wrote Chicken dope up for the Soul.Jack Canfield, provides an excellent example of the ask- conceive-receive system where he tells us that he visualized earning $100,000 (even writing the sought after amount on a bill worth far less and tacking it to the ceiling preceding(prenominal) his bed) and focused his mental energy only on the goal of attaining the money. He tells us that he had utterly no idea how he was going to get the money he simply focused on believing that he would get the money, somehow. But ho w?For four weeks he had no breakthrough ideas nevertheless then, one day in the studyer, he remembered that he had written a book and, if it was published (particularly if he sell 400,000 copies and he make a quarter on each) he just might achieve his financial goals. Of category the book was published, and the results were only a few thousand dollars shy of 100,000 dollars. And this is just one of the umteen testimonials in this book called The Secret. The Story Behind The Secret It is not a secret now that The Secret is a publishing phenomenon of recent years especially for in the non-fiction self-help category.This small book, with a parchment-brown cover inscribed with the image of a red wax seal, debuted in 2006 and since then it has sold over four one thousand million copies worldwide and has been translated to 38 different languages. The Secret began as a DVD which came out end of 2004. Rhonda Byrne was a television producer in Australia in 2004 when the death of her f ather led her to discover the secret, which is her terminal for what is commonly known as the law of attraction. Her discovery was mainly caused by the 1910 book The Science of acquiring Rich by Wallace Wattles.Wattless book infatuated such a chord with Byrne that she plunged into a crash course in Western, Eastern, ancient and modern thought, devouring hundreds of books and articles in just two and a half weeks. Inspired, she flew to the States in July 2005 and began lining up people to interview the film was finished six months later and she began trying to light upon an Australian network to air it. The top-rated Nine Network was tranced by her proposal, but the finished film struck Len Downs, the program manager, as just a whole range of talking heads giving their basis of the secret of life. It eventually ran in Australia just a few weeks ago, and, says Downs, it didnt do all that well. But armed with the law of attraction, Byrne was confident things would work out. A Web c ompany situated just blocks away from her office in Melbourne had a technology for distributing streaming video over the Internet. In March 2006, her site (http//thesecret. tv) began selling downloads and DVDs, one of which found its way to Cynthia B want, president of the New Age-oriented publishing house Beyond Words saw its potential and by late November the book was in the stores and the rest as they say, is history.PURCHASING THE SECRET The Secret books are available at all major bookstores, online bookstore and through its authorized website. It is usually placed in the Health, Mind Body - Self Help category or Religion Spirituality - New Age category. At most of these major bookstores, The Secret books are placed most prominently on the shelves. payable to it being constantly on worldwide bestseller lists for non-fiction books so the title is prominently displayed in the bookstores should the bookstore have a bestsellers display section. Its average retails price for cas h carry stores are $23.95 in the United States ? 12. 00 in United Kingdom and MYR79. 90 in Malaysia. While its average retail price for online purchases are $14. 00 and ? 12. 00 in United States and United Kingdom respectively. PROMOTING THE SECRET After the phenomenal success of the The Secret DVD, it made sense for it to be turned into a book and what better way for the marketers to embark on promoting the book than playing up the hype of the movie and using the popular internet merchandising tool such as the viral video site YouTube. The book was marketed with an online viral video campaign focusing on wealth enhancement.The short video clips showed testimonials from readers of the book and practitioners of the secret claiming that the technique brought them wealth, cured sickness, and brought about a general life-change. The video clips do not disclose what the secret is, where it originated from or how it can be practiced, but alternatively pointed viewers to the website for both the book and film. Thus hooking the viewers and made them all the much(prenominal) intrigue by the claims made by the author in the book. As for packaging and promotional material, the book also played into the consumers senses by trying to showcase that the secret originates from the cosmos.The cover prominently displayed a parchment-brown cover sculpted with the image of a red wax seal (see addition 1) to indicate it is somewhat a book from the olden days and in the inside pages, the background design are a field of stars, and assorted shots of the universe thus adding mystique to the claims and the practice. However, the most embrace and most probably the ultimate gambit of the book is to call it The Secret. To quote Mr Donavin Bennes, a buyer who specializes in metaphysics for Borders Books, We all want to be in on a secret.But to present it as the secret, that was brilliant. Thus the name evoke a sense of intrigue to readers who are looking for something magical or perhaps easier tool for them to understand and to fully live their lives. Another shiny marketing move made by the publisher was to have it endorsed by well-known and highly popular worldwide celebrities. The book got its first break in the US when Ellen DeGeneres featured it on her show. And when Oprah Winfrey decided to operate a show on it, although it was already a big success, the sales ballooned up much more.Oprah Winfrey first featured it on Feb. 8 2007 and according to Nielsen BookScan, the book had sold 18,000 copies the week before. During the week of the show, sales rocketed to 101,000 and when the show did a follow-up on Feb. 16 2007, the sales that week reached 190,000. With the success of the book, the publishers decided to create more spin-off titles, which they call The Secret tools. There are now The Secret to Teen Power (see addition 2), The Secret Daily Teachings (see Appendix 3) and The Secret Gratitude Book (see Appendix 4).Not only that, at its official webs ite there are also gifts for the readers such as visualization tools, The Secret memory game, wallpapers, ebook and blank checks (see Appendix 5) which goes hand-in-hand with the teachings of the book. THE SECRET S. W. O. T ANALYSIS Strengths 1. The intriguing title. As elaborated above, the title play a major role in inciting readers interest in the book. 2. The cover design. Alongside its intriguing title, the odd-shaped book with its olden-days personification kick up a sense of mystery that is definitely eye-catching and surely pique a persons interest while browsing the shelves at a bookstore.3. The content is an easy read with its simple language and peppered with inspiring testimonials from some men women who has experienced the use of the secret plus personal experience quotations from the the whos who of the self-help industry.4. The moil marketing ideas of the publishers that has created the hype that constantly raise awareness of the book. 5. Endorsement by high-prof ile influential personalities that are recognise world-wide certainly helped boosted its sale internationally. 6. Constant high-placing in best-selling charts, most probably overdue to the savvy marketing ideas of the publisher and as thelong-term effect of the celebrity associated to the book especially Oprah Winfrey.Weaknesses 1. The selling price in Malaysia of RM79. 90 is definitely a setback to potential buyers as the price is rather steep for many people especially for books in the self-help category. 2. The book is not available in paperbacked form thus some book buyers are not keen on buying hardback cover books due to its steeper price or its slightly heavy weight. 3. The content is not something that is unique and there are many similar teachings that one can get in many other books thus it does lack a little originality.4. As typical with many New Age teachings, the content of the book has assembleed much criticism which try to debunked the books teaching as merely h ype, mumbo-jumbo or just distinct illogical. 5. The book has to complete with many other form of self-help books available that are cheaper, more accessible and from much more renowned authors (Paulo Coelho, Eckhart Tolle, Anthony Robbins) Opportunities 1. Publishers could promote to younger readers especially The Secret for Teens book first and therefore will garner their interest in the main book The Secret. 2.Use the The Secret movie to lure potential readers as there are those who would like to have to book in hand as a way to look back or do revision which is harder to do with the dvd. 3. Offer a cheaper paperback form, thus the book is able to be sold at a cheaper price and therefore garner many more readers. Threats 1. With the easy access to internet, potential readers might decide to check out what the book is about online and thus stumbling on the many critics that the book has garnered. This in turn can make them believe the critics before actually reading the book, thus will result in loss of sales.2. Like many other things in life, people are apt to stumble upon a new idea for a book or a belief that could help the world, thus there will be blemish new books in the future that will probably come with a much more savvy marketing approach and thus will affect the interest of the people about The Secret THE SECRET CONCLUSION The Secret is a phenomenon and it is likely to become one of the best-selling self-help books of all time. Venture into your topical anaesthetic bookstore or look around you while waiting at an airport, and youre bound to see people reading it and absorbing it.They will not just be people who consult astrologers and who listen to Tony Robbins tapes, but normal, average people like the ones who live next door to you. There are almost 1400 reviews of the book printed at Amazon with an average rating of 3. 5 out of 5. The breakdown of those scores is interesting lii percent of them are 5-star, thirteen percent are 4-star and twen ty-one percent are 1-star. This means that the volume of people, the great majority even, believe in at least some aspects of the books premise and teaching.They believe in the law of attraction. The one problem that The Secret poses is that it simplifies and speculates way too much and there are a quite a significant level of moral defects, the lack of scientific backing, and the various philosophical shortcomings, how is it that a significant number of people still believe theres something to The Law of Attraction? disclose of the reason must certainly be the powerful testimonials coming from celebrity figures such as Oprah Winfrey, a woman who attributes her success to her mighty powers of attraction.Of course, thats a long way from the simple model of Ask-Believe-Receive. In most peoples lives, positive thought leads to success only through the transforming medium of action. But as the author Rhonda verbalize in an interview, she just wants to bring happiness to everybody. Th ats the reason it all began. And to her credit, she does bring happiness to many people worldwide and surely there is nothing, in principle, wrong with thinking about what makes you happy.

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Gold is a precious meta Essay Example for Free

sumptuous is a precious meta EssayGold is a precious metal and its price since its discovery is unremarkably determined by the open market. However, a bench mark figure is set daily through a procedure referred to as aureate restore and this benchmark figure controls the cash industry thus the prices of prosperous. This gilded fixing procedure was introduced in 1919 and it originated from capital of the linked Kingdom where it is still practiced even today. Gold is usually measured using grams and excessively by troy weight weights like all other metals considered precious. In the past, gold was being used as funds and this altogether ended with introduction of paper money.In 1968, the economic conditions which were prevailing led to the inningation of a two-tier set scheme. Under this format, a standardized currency based on the gold esteem at that judgment of conviction was allowed to settle all international accounts while gold trade at the private market w as being controlled by the market forces. This arrangement however ended in 1975 and gold started operating in a free market. This caused the price of gold to fluctuate with the price rising to $850 per ounce of gold in 1980 to as low as $252 in 1999.The historic prices of gold have been known to fluctuate greatly although a benchmark figure is set to ensure that the price do not exceed the upper and abase limits. Before the collapse of the gold standard in the 1970s, the price of gold was highly influence by the United States dollar since the dollar was pegged on the gold (GOLDPRICE. ORG, para 1-5). This research paper will evaluate the impacts that the current recession may have on the prices of gold, the differences between government and gold investiture, the causes of gold fluctuations as well as the effects that gold fluctuations may have on the present value of money. allude of recession on gold prices One of the questions which are being frequently asked today is what w ould happen to the prices of gold as a result of the recession or depression being experienced in United States. A research conducted by the world gold council aimed at comparing gold performance during the recessive periods. However, it has been established that gold prices are not affected by the global recession. During recessionary periods, the must be losers and winners based on the terms used in evaluating asset performance.Fixed income assets like gold feed to win during such periods while cyclical stocks lose. An analysis on correlation and regression carried out during a recessionary period in the United States showed that there is no possible relationship between the growths of the plains GDP and the gold price changes. As such, a recession does not impact negatively to the prices of gold. This underpins the role of gold as a diversifying asset especially in generation of recession and alike outlines the forces that control gold prices.The recession unlike it was wide ly believed has had positive impact for gold prices despite the slide down in the dollar strength (Connell, Para 2-4). Due to the recessionary period being experienced in most parts of the world, more(prenominal) people have turned to gold coronation thus make the present value of money to decrease. An increase in gold trading would carry to an increase in the gold prices thus purchasing the same value of gold for more money. This would mean that the value of money would have gone down. On the other hand, a decrease in the volume of gold would lead to and increase in the present value of money (Potter, Para 4-5).Gold enthronement versus government investment There is a heated debate on what form of investment is more viable and skilful between gold investment and investing in government securities or bonds. Both of these two investment options have their advantages and disadvantages. Gold investment is recognized as one of the best investment since it offers solid investment. As noted above, gold prices are not adversely affected by the recessionary periods meaning gold can still maintain value of investment even when there are economic crisis in a country.The fact that gold prices are not negatively influenced by recession makes gold investment more attractive than investing in government bonds especially in times of economic crisis (Willink, Para 2). However, gold investment is a risky investment especially for a person who is not an technical in the gold field. Also, some forms of gold can be confiscated by the government in times of war leadership to big losses. Government bonds on the other hand amounts to lending to the government which is usually done at a fixed rate of interest.The bonds are considered to be risk free and as well as repayment is guaranteed. This form of an investment does not yield higher returns to the investor making it less desirable. Due to the feeler of technology and globalization, investing in gold is becoming risky a s they are chances of being cheated. Gold is also very costly and the returns may not be good especially repayable to the form of market in which gold operates. As such, investing in government bonds would be more powerful since the risk involved is minimal and returns are guaranteed (Willink, Para 3-6).Causes of gold price fluctuations Gold prices are modulate by the market forces and as such they are subjected to the law of demand and supply which explains the gold prices fluctuations. During inflationary periods, people buy more gold for investment since it is not affected by inflations. This leads to an increase in gold demand thus the prices. On the other hand, people sell their gold investment during the ruin period making the price of gold to decrease. Demand and supply forces are major contributors to the fluctuation of gold price.Another possible cause of gold price fluctuation is the geographic expedition cost of gold and also the cost involved in developing gold to m ake the needed products such as jewelry. When exploration and manufacturing cost increase, the price of gold and gold products also increase and vice versa. Fluctuations in the paper currency may also affect or lead to price fluctuation of gold. When paper money loses value or individuals lose faith in a countrys currency, the demand for gold increases leading to price surge (Jackson, Para 1-4).Conclusion Gold trading is one of the oldest forms of trade in the world. In the ancient times, gold was being used as a means of exchange and was used as a standard that was being used in the international markets. During the gold standard, the dollar was pegged on gold and was used to ensure equitability and measurability. However, after the collapse of the gold standard, gold prices were left to be determined by the free market which has led to the fluctuations being experienced in the gold market.Unlike in the past, more people are turning to gold investment mainly due to its resistance t o global market fluctuations and economic crisis. However, gold investment is one of the most risky and also lucrative investments as it may lead to huge losses or huge profits. Investing in this market also requires experts due to the complexity and instability of this market. Reference Connell, Rhona What does a US recession imply for the gold price? (2008). Retrieved on sixteenth March 2009 from, http//www. ibtimes. com/articles/20080604/what-does-a-us-recession-imply-for. htm.GOLDPRICE. ORG Gold Price History. Retrieved on 16th March 2009 from, http//www. goldprice. org/gold-price-history. html. Jackson, Dave Why Gold Prices Fluctuate. Retrieved on 16th March 2009 from, http//ezinearticles. com/? Why-Gold-Prices-Fluctuateid=720555. Potter, Christopher K. Gold Money. (2007). Retrieved on 16th March 2009 from, http//news. goldseek. com/GoldSeek/1194370818. php Willink, Andrew Alternative Investment Round-up. (2008). Retrieved on 16th March 2009 from, http//www. ratecity. com. au/ savings-accounts/info/alternative-investment-round-up/.

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Two Spins on the US “War on Terror” Essay Example for Free

Two Spins on the US War on Terror es hypothesiseThe phratry 11 tragedy has engendered the US warfare on solicitudeism that was launched to restore peace and cosmea order. This, of course, echoes the boldness of the supply administration. Other groups expect argued that the war on terror failed to remedy terrorism since it has turn out to be an act of terror itself. Instead of bringing peace, numerous individuals have analyzed the war on terror as an attempt of the US to re-establish itself as Empire. The long competing discourses for and against the US attack of Iraq have a great deal left the common citizen confused and apathetic regarding the discharge. This melodic theme argues in the concluding part that it is not rich to be trapped in the various twistings relating to the war on terror. More than ever, the times necessitate for individuals to spill up and suffice a policy-making stand. Introduction After the September 11 tragedy, the US has interpreted on a r ole to defend its nation even the adult male from what it perceives as terrorists. This maneuver is grounded on various political and economic policies that have been championed and criticized by different peoples all over. The eventual result of this globular campaign to curb the spread of terrorism is the US invasion of Iraq.Four years after the US, coupled Kingdom and the coalition made their move to crush the enemy, numerous groups and individuals contend that the situation has scarcely foregone worse. The US State department, on the otherwise hand, lauds the measures being taken up to now, arguing that peace dope only be achieved through a sustained and protracted war on terrorism. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on which side one is from), the US war on terror is still rattling much at work today, making it a pressing issue gripping our nation and the world.This paper re-constructs the twain spins surrounding the issue of the US war on terror by assuming t he side of the US government activity and the opposition. The question of the hour would thus be Did the US war on terror prove beneficial or detrimental? By spin, I am borrowing Bill Mahers elementary definition of the term a lie communicated through the veneer of vague truth (Press, 2002, xi). fit in to Bill Press, spin has a vital role in the instruction political campaigns ar lay today (Press, 2002, xiii).Taken from a ball sport which is cricket, the meaning of spin has then on evolved to incriminate highly manipulative and deceptive techniques that ar selective in vision and interpretation of facts, values and asseveratements. oneness of the most popular strategies used for spin is non-denial denial. It is much related to the way of talking in which the statements are constructed to assume unproven truths. Ambiguity and skirting, rejecting validity of hypothetical values, and appealing to internal policies these constitute the strategy and manner of spinning.Those wh o are skilled in spinning have developed a keen sense of clock that allows them to manipulate the people especially during tragic times kindred the September 11 tragedy. For instance, when British political advisor and press officer Jo Moore sent an email to her department stating that Its now a really good day to get out everything we want to bury, the statement was manipulated to mean that Moore was insulting those who died and got buried during the September 11 tragedy (Watt, 2001). The trouble, apparently caused by spin, forced Jo Moore to resign.An individual skilled at spinning truths are called spin doctors. Today, the term spin doctor interestingly connotes nearly all politicians and bureaucrats. People from the government have often been vilified for their supposed attempts to conceal the truth from the people. From comedy shows to news editorial, government officials have now capture popular figures to be poked at. Spins definition as false discourses implies that it i s propagated in order to make the people believe a particular political agenda.However, this operative definition doesnt suggest that the two competing sides regarding the US war on terror are both false. On the contrary, moments of truth are revealed by the very act of critically examining whatever is being handed to us whether by those protecting the situation quo or those who oppose it. Therefore, at the offset, the this papers disclaimer is that it is impotential to assume the two sides of the issue as if an individual is ideology-free and bias-free.For the purposes of this exercise, however, this paper will attempt to present the arguments by positioning the actor in the shoes of each sides defenders. This paper will first do a spin of the pro- War side followed by a negative spin launched by the anti-war side. In the concluding part, the author will make his own stand and forward his own recommendations. War as path to world peace Ever since the US has been attacked by terro rists, it has become a necessity to protect the country from possible future attacks.The collapse of Word Trade Center, the mark of economic prosperity in the world, left a deep wound that gave President Bush no other choice but to fight back. concord to President Bush, the death of thousands of Americans, generated by Islamic fundamentalists, must be avenged (Bush defends, 2005). The US war on terror is thus the answer for the restoration of peace. One of the measures undertaken by the resilient US government was the passage of Patriot Act. Now, any suspected terrorist may be searched and arrested without warrant (USA Patriot Act, 2001).The opposition would say that this law tramps down the right of the people. Apparently, the opposition does not see the bigger picture. It is better to sacrifice a bit of our liberties in order for our country to be protecting itself. Those opposing the efforts made by the Bush administration prove guilty of not wanting the US to recover from the d evastating September 11 attacks. Thus, it is important, more than ever, that the measures the Bush administration has initiated be reasserted for the sake of national unity and progress.Securing US phones One nasty lesson Americans have learned from the September 11 attacks is that the countrys borders should now be strongly secured from terrorists and other possible threats. The boundaries are regularly crossed by 330 trillion non-American citizens. It does not come as a surprise then that terrorists were able to gain easy access to the US (US Patriot Act, 2001). Not only terrorists but also criminals, illegal immigrants, drug addicts, and smugglers enter the US and threaten US security.The changing and speedily developing atmosphere of terror allows new chances for another attack. The US Patriot Act (2001) therefore asserts that border book must be strengthened. President George Bush points out two main principles of border control 1) Americas state boundaries must contribute to the lawful trade and travel in the most efficient way 2) Border control must provide reliable protection against all possible threatening factors like terrorism, drug traffic, epidemics, arms traffic and others (Guild, 2003).In the 2003 Budget, $11 billion was allotted for boundaries security and $380 million for the immigration and naturalization Service. The plan is to build a modern entry-exit visa system that would surely secure the US from terrorists and other threats. This additional financing allows the border agencies to bring into effect reliable measures that would protect the US from irrelevant menaces, while at the same time letting legitimate goods and travelers cross the boundaries easily (Guild, 2003).An amount of $619 million was also given to the inspection budget of the Customs Service. This additional financing allows the Customs Service to carry out its role to thwart dangerous goods like weapons of mass destruction. Particularly, the extra supporting all ows the Customs Service to engage about 800 new inspectors and make use of the most advanced technologies that will protect the US from denigrative foreign goods (Guild, 2003). The 2003 Budget also increased by $1.2 billion the financing of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). The amount of money which totals to $5. 3 billion includes appropriate funding for constructing the entry-exit visa system. (Patel, 2003) The increase of funding is bound to help the INS have more patrol agents and inspectors in the northern boundary and to install incorporate information systems providing efficient and precise data-sharing among the security agents.The entry-exit tracking system will help improve the bleed of legitimate human influx while preventing dangerous or illegal individuals from getting across the state boundaries (Patel, 2003). The increased budget for border security therefore showcases the sincere efforts of President Bush to protect the American people. Although t he budget is a bit expensive, it cannot be denied that the reward of security and safety remains inestimable.

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Independent Auditors Report Essay Example for Free

Independent Auditors Report EssayLCC has conducted an study of Apollo Shoes, Inc. respite sheets, the retained earnings, cash flows, and other link statements of income for the year ended celestial latitude 31, 2006/2007. Apollo Shoes Inc management is trustworthy for maintaining the effective internal controls that goes along with the monetary statements and how well the accuracy is going to be. LLC has evaluated the effectiveness of the said controls and with everything to bet the relevance in the timing, the substantive in quality, and the comprehensive in nature. The responsibility of our firm is to express an smell that is supported by visit evidence in regards to the accuracy of the Apollo Shoes, Inc. financial statements. Our firm has conducted all audit related services that is accepted by the United States and the generally accepted auditing standards. The planning and performance make ensures that the audit was done to execute and obtain reasonable assurance th at the financial statements published by Apollo Shoes, Inc. atomic number 18 free and clear of material misstatement.It is going to include the examination of the evidence and/or the supporting credential for the amounts that are disclosed and included in the financial statements. The assessment of the accounting principles that were used, how the management did their estimates and the overall paygrade of the presentation of the financial statements (Arens, Elder, Beasley, 2006). Therefore, we assert that this audit provides a reasonable basis for our rendered opinions with the information that was provided by Apollo Shoes, Inc.The amalgamated financial statement referred to above have been presented fairly, in our opinion, based on the LLC audit services and those of the preceding auditor. While accompanied by an explanatory paragraph below, the results of Apollo Shoes, Inc. financial position of the company as of December 31, 2006/2007 the cash flows and the operations for t he year are in conformity with the generally accepted accounting principles. The financial statements of Apollo Shoes, Inc have been prepared assuming that they will remain in a going concern.The purpose of the LCC audit was not to evaluate the health of the company SAS 59 indicated that the auditor has the responsibility to evaluate the company and to settle whether the company is likely to remain a going concern (Arens, Elder, Beasley, 2006). LLC have expressed some distrust over Apollo Shoes, Inc. status as a going concern for a couple of factors. They are related to a loss of major customers that are pending legal proceedings, which could jeopardize the organization and its ability to operate. marrow Warts, the largest customer for Apollo Shoes, Inc. has declared bankruptcy, which has prompted a reduction in the clients operating activity, workforce and now an ongoing ram strike. It is a class action lawsuit for $12,000,000 for a gross negligence and violation of warranty on the merchantability that was filed in early 2008. With the legal fees that had incurred in 2007, the financial statements do not include any adjustments that may result from the outcomes of the uncertainties that are there.