Thursday, April 18, 2019

Comments and response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Comments and response - Essay ExampleYour strategy seems very useful from the start, which I much grateful to find out my child is focused from the first day in school to his/her completion. The converse plan you commit established is quite commendable and am leave aloneing to partner with your efforts to see that my child progress is bring in in a collaborative way both at home and at school. I will be much honored to provide you with al my childs cultural, social, and linguistic background to ensure the e/she is included effectively in your learning environment. I would like you to clarify to me on ways to ensure that I participate in my childs education.Thank you for the teamwork you reveal to ensure that wholly childs needs are met. I am very much aware that I know more of my childs information more than anyone else does, and I will ensure that I will give all details to the administration. I would like to seek more information on what programs you have to ensure that my child does not face discrimination and is included in your environment because he is a black American and has a language proficiency disability.Thank you for an extensive emphasizes on communication matters between e as a parent and the teachers, which I also believe that is the backbone to an effective partnership and parental involvement in a learning environment. Your IEP program comforts me that my childs needs will be met accordingly. However, your school has rules and procedures hence, I would like you to clarify on considerations for children with disabilities.Thank you for your wide-cut support of collaborative strategies with my colleagues to ensure your child thrive to the top in terms of academic as social aspects. Regarding your query on the rules and procedures in my class, note that most of them are made through my comprehensive plan whereby the students decide among themselves which rules to set for optimal learning environment focused on minimal

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