Wednesday, April 17, 2019

A Case Study of Southwest Airline Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

A of Southwest Airline - Case analyze ExampleSouthwest Airline has been one of the companies with highest growth rate for the last more(prenominal) than forty years since it was found (Bundgaard, Bejjani & Helmer, 2006). This has been due to its ability to sustain growth and maintain profitability despite the challenges of the aviation persistence and has resulted mainly due to increase in the demand of its low price structures and high quality services. tally to Keller (2010), it is always the objective of this company to meet the customer demand. Since the customer demand has been increase, Southwest airline has been pressure to increase its number of flights and to even acquire new(prenominal) Airline companies. One recent acquisition is getting of Air Tran Holding, which it used to expand its operation (Keller, 2011).According to Drake (1998), Southwest Airline has been experiencing growth on yearbook bases since it was found. The airline started with three aircraft oper ating in three planes only. Since then, the airline has grown to the capacity of operating more than 400 planes throughout the United States. This growth has been because of the increase in demand that has resulted to Southwest airline increasing number of flights in each of the airport hubs. This has led to presence of more aircrafts and more schedule flights in all the airport hubs selected by Southwest Airline.Another cause of this congestion is increase in argument in the aviation industry and emergence of new companies. In the recent years, there has been emergence of other low cost companies in the airport hubs selected by Southwest Airline.

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