Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Pipeline Systems Essay Example for Free

Pipeline Systems EssayDrawbacks of the Pipeline for Alberta Oil mining is the pillar industry in Alberta and building production line dodge is the more or less efficient way to transport embrocate into other areas. However, whether pipeline dusts are provide technology has been debated for many years. Appropriate technology means the technology that is designed with esteem to the environmental, ethical, cultural, favorable,political, and economical aspects of the community it is intended for. 1 Many people believe that the Conduit System pipeline is not appropriate technology. The reason is that though it is profitable , it decreases the motivation of developing new environmental-friendly power arrangings. Also some of the root Nations think it is so ridiculous to sell the precious resources which is given by our ancestors and nature. Moreover it is not a environmentally beneficial system. This paper lead support the point of view that the conduit system is actually an conflicting technology by illustrating examples in such three perspectives.In the first place,the jump is certainly a tremendous display of the short sighted thinking2 because it only thinks about the short-time economic gain without considering the environmental problems. Also the construction of Pipeline system decreases the motivation of developing new environmental-friendly power systems. Once the conduit system pipeline is built up,more and more companies would follow and build more of the pipelines, since it is a profitable and a most easy way to transporting oil.However, once the pipelines are set up, the companies has to run it rapidly, otherwise the construction cost would neer be recovered. Under this situation, it limits the sustainable economy development . Thus the construction of pipeline system are strongly discommended. Furthermore, the conduit system pipeline leads to disagreements and conflicts with the Canadian society, especially between the First Nation an d the government. Every soul and social group has their own belief and way of life. We do not support this pipeline project. We believed that the project has the potential to harm our environment ,as well as our way of life. We hope that our voice is heard and interpreted into consideration. 3 said by the First Nations leaders. It contradicts the economy growth valued by the Conduit company, as well as the government, therefore confits appears. Therefore, it is obvious that the Conduit company pipeline would trigger dispute between First Nations and other social groups.Lastly, it is not environmentally beneficial for the human race to build the pipeline system in the commodious term. Oil spilling is a serious challenge for oil transporting industry, especially for long distance pipeline system. The Enbridge oil spill 4 is a strong example, over 190000 liters oil seeped out. The impact of oil spill is catastrophic. Carbon dioxide will be released to atmosphere increasingly, the gre en-house-effect will be more serious. At the same time the eco-system will be ruined, the fields can not be grown in 10 years or more.It is a disaster for both human and nature. An oil spill from this pipeline will have major media coverage, which would efficaciously destroy Canadas reputation. 5 said the politician. Furthermore the oil of Alberta is non-renewable energy resource, it can not be produced in thousands years. Though the pipeline system is the most efficient way to transport the resources, what we can leave to our abutting generations if the oil is exhausted. Overall, it is obvious that the conduit system is actually not an appropriate technology for Alberta.According to the examples and analyses above, the pipeline system is a immature technology which creates social conflict,damages the planet and leaves even more environmental issues to the younger generations. 6 Consequently, the applying of the conduit system still needs more consideration. (1)Engineers Without B orders -Case Study Conduit Systems https//eclass. srv. ualberta. ca/mod/resource/view. php? id=551299 (2)http//www. cbc. ca/news/canada/ bill/2012/07/28/enbridge-wisconsin-spill-pipeline-closed. html (3)Engineers Without Borders -Case Study Conduit Systems https//eclass. srv. ualberta. ca/mod/resource/view. php? id=551299

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