Friday, April 19, 2019

Grant proposal for skagit conty to prepare Flood awareness brochure in Essay

Grant proposal for skagit conty to take Flood aw atomic number 18ness brochure in Spanish - Essay ExampleThe project purpose helps in sensitizing the people on the response to an emergency and the steps necessary to ensure that they are safe. The plan is expected to capture the audience that mostly do not understand English and feel let put on the local authority tragedy management plan due to language barrier.The projects objectives intromit the Hispanic and Latino community living in Skagit County, Washington for flood disaster that looms in their neighborhood. To secure the goal, there is a need for the community to understand the sub objectives that supplement the main goal. Identify the warning systems. The warning systems are the media of communication that is accessible to many people. The systems include the radio stations weather carry and warnings from people in the authority. Identify members of the Hispanic and Latino community and create a community directory. di scuss the evacuation procedures in place with the community in regard of what to carry like medicines and clean water. The procedures should be encouraged to be on family levels where the head of the family is to ensure that if an alert is given all the family members are unitedly and leave as a family (Veenema, 2003). The community level involves familiarizing the Hispanic and Latino community on the roles of the police during an evacuation. To discuss the precautions to take during and after a flood in order to avert waterborne diseases. The community will be advised on how the crush practices to avert water bone diseases that are common during and after floods in the area.Community resilience is essential and critical in any community. It ensures that when disaster strikes the community recovery and restoration be fast tracked in terms of essential run (OLeary 2004). Community resilience involves identifying and evacuation route in Skagit County. This is done in collaboration with the residents and the authority that best know the area. The process of community

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