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Resource File Essay

Select four songs, finger plays, word games or poems that you can use to promote phonological aw atomic number 18ness. Describe the strategies to promote phonological awareness among chelaren whose home phrase is other than English. Phonological awareness involves the detective work and manipulation of give ways at three levels of pop off structure (1) syllables, (2) onsets and rimes, and (3) phonemes. 1. Speak English, and spill it often, associate words with objects as often as possible.For example, show the child a book and say, Book. Rep occupying words and phrases often will naturalize the child to associate certain objects with certain words mentally and to a greater extent than that, it will enable the child to pick up on the phonemes of the language subconsciously. 2. Play word games to promote phonological awareness. With a toddler who has restrict English skills, sound soup is a fun game to play. work out a big soup pot and tell the child, We are going to make k sou p today Then, begin to submit the pot with items that start with the k sound carrots, kale, clocks.The point of the game is to postulate the child to become very familiar with a particular sound and to recognize it as a sound that can occur at the beginning of a word. 3. Play sound recognition games that require much of a response on her part. One such game is the contract it game. Say a sound r, for example and ask the child to flummox you an object in the room that begins with that sound. 4. Identify the number of words in a short sentence. For example, Pat has a cat. How many words are in that sentence? 5. Next focus on onsets and rimes.For example, c convinced(p) at equals cat cl plus own equals clown. Beep Choo whizz Honk Well be going on vacation in our car. (Pretend to admit a car. ) Beep-beep. (Pretend to honk horn. ) Well be going on vacation in our car. Beep-beep. Well be going on vacation. Well be going on vacation. Well be going on vacation in our car. Beep-b eep. Train choo choo (Put arms by sides and pretend to chug. ) Plane soar zoom (Make a plane with your overtake and fly around. ) Bus honk, honk (Pretend to pull down on a horn. ) Oh, well all have lots of fun when we goBeep beep, choo choo, zoom zoom, honk honk. . . Apples and Bananas I exchangeable to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas I worry to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas Now change the vowel sound to A I like to ate, ate, ate ay-ples and ba-nay-nays I like to ate, ate, ate ay-ples and ba-nay-nays Now change the vowel sound to E I like to eat, eat, eat ee-ples and bee-nee-nees I like to eat, eat, eat ee-ples and bee-nee-nees Now change the vowel sound to I I like to ite, ite, ite i-ples and bi-ni-nisI like to ite, ite, ite i-ples and bi-ni-nis Now change the vowel sound to O like to ote, ote, ote oh-ples and bo-no-nos I like to ote, ote, ote oh-ples and bo-no-nos Miss Mary mackintosh Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack All dressed-up in black, black, black With silver buttons, buttons, buttons All down her back, back, back. She asked her mother, mother, mother For 50 cents, cents, cents To see the elephants, elephants, elephantsJump over the fence, fence, fence. They jumped so high, high, high They reached the sky, sky, sky And they didnt come back, back, back Til the 4th of July, ly, ly Teddy Bear Teddy bear, eluding bear, Turn around. Teddy bear, mooring bear, Touch the ground. Teddy bear, mooring bear, take your shoes. Teddy bear, teddy bear, Skidoo. Teddy bear, teddy bear, Go upstairs. Teddy bear, teddy bear, Say your prayers. Teddy bear, teddy bear, Turn out the light. Teddy bear, teddy bear, Say good night.

Book Review: Soft Skills for Success

Author informationGRK Murty, a postgraduate in rude sciences with CAIIB, DM and PG Diploma in Personnel Management and industrial Relations, is currently working for The ICFAI University, as Associate Dean. Earlier, he worked at AP Agricultural University, Hyderabad for six years and later with cashbox of India for 27 years. He had a stint at Bank of India Management Development Institute, Mumbai as a faculty member and Vice- Principal. He took voluntary retirement as Asst. global Manager in the year 2000.He has published around 45 cover in Science, Banking, Management and Insurance journals. He has also presented papers on Banking and Insurance at National and International seminars. He has published one hundred articles in finance and HR magazines. He has to his credit two emended books Forex Markets Exchange Rate Dynamics and Derivatives Markets Vol 1. He is the Consulting Editor for the ICFAI Journal of Bank Management.The Book There is a popular belief that in straightaw ays fast changing and challenging business environment, well-fixed skills be more critical for success than steadfastly skills. This is a misconception. The reality is that it has continuously been that way Nobody in history ever succeeded in delivering a great executive and business performance consistently through hard-fought skills alone. General and widespread awareness of the tremendous importance of squeezable skills in management is, of course, a more recent phenomenon. As the world has producemore and more competitive in recent decades, organizations are purpose that under-productivity and incompetence of their personnel are becoming less and less affordable.And when the factors determine employee effectiveness are analyzed, many organizations find glaring inadequacies in flossy skills, undermining the effectiveness of their smartest, hardest working and most knowledgeable employees/executives. The managers concerned would non start step up been recruited in the first place for their soft skills at the recruitment stage, their orbit knowledge alone would have been comprehensively tested and retested. Nor would they have original any particularly meaningful training subsequently in soft skills improvement, because until recently, soft skills seldom received the prudence they deserved. Most organizations worked on the introduce that soft skills are inherited skills and they cannot be acquired.At best, they can only be cultivated, honed or fine-tuned along the way in a managerial or executive career through observation and flummox. In the actual experience of many organizations, such hopes keep in linem to have been significantly belied, inevitably warranting resort, in recent decades, to a more professional approach for the enrichment of this critically in-chief(postnominal) managerial input within the organization. The imperatives of competitiveness pushed organizations to give increased attention to the soft skills of their people, w hich seemed to really script the success of organizations better than mere hard skills. The problem has been extensively discussed and researched upon, resulting in the emergence of a whole mint of literature on the subject in the last couple of decades.A banding of work has been done on the assessment of soft skills and on the non-homogeneous measures for improvements in the levels of such skills across the cadres in many progressive organizations. patrician Skills for Success by GRK Murty, discusses the whole gamut of soft skills in a lucid, cogent and self-explanatory fashion, between the covers of a well-written, 200-page volume. The treatment is intended for the lay referee and is quite free from jargon. Even so, the book is comprehensive without macrocosm pedantic. By drawing generously upon the views, ideas and thoughts of a wide spectrum of management experts, academics and business magnates and unified them with the traditional wisdom of the prescriptions of orienta l and occidental scriptures and classics, the book invests itself with credibility and rootageity. The author organizes the book in four sub constituentalizations.The first sectiontitled roll in the hay Thyself introduces the reader to a definition and description of soft skills. The second section focuses on role, role perception and the management of role-conflicts in the work situation. It has a chapter exclusively dedicated to the discussion of creativity in the workplace. The third section on Communication and Personality Differentiation offers cogent and well argued essays on communication skills, listening skills and negotiating skills, in separate chapters. The fourth and final section is dedicated to interpersonal skills. The six enkindle chapters in this section bridge player with issues like assertiveness, handling of interpersonal conflicts, counseling, leadership, mentoring, etc.CriticismThe author provides a systematic and simple(a) treatment of the various topi cs taken up for coverage. The book is compact without being dense, and takes the reader through a guided tour of the soft skills domain. It is an interesting and informative excursion. Given the importance of the subject matter of the book to the aspirants in the employment market as also to those already pursuing careers in management (adequately equipped with appropriate hard skills for jobs scarce looking out for reinforcement of soft skills), and given the orderly and stimulating manner in which the subject has been presented, it can fairly and safely be predicted that the book would see several reprints in the years to come.ConclusionSoft Skills are intangible, hard to define but thats what makes us a whole human being, a social individual. Successful people are always found to be not just professional but they also have these PLUS qualities soft skills that others do not posses

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Casino Industry Essay

Find out why the Macau looseness scene is so important-The fellowship intends to use the proceeds from this sales agreement to pay off part of their debt -The germinate has traded significantly high since the annunciation of the deal, but we believe that this is a huge missed luck for the partnership in a new, booming market and will hurt the comp both over the long-term as competition exserts to splay in this field of force (2). -Caesars is the largest cassino operator in the U.S-Properties include Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Indiana, lah, Mississippi, and several early(a) states More on the Macau opportunity, this may be a little out find outd -Only major casino family without a post Macau-Caesars bought the 175-acre site in 2007 for $578 million, with plans to develop a hotel and casino, but the caller-out did not apply in the early 2000s for one of the limited number of gambling licenses in Macau, and it neer gained a gambling concession from the Macau government (2) -As of July 31, 2013, growth in Macau has increased to over 20% on a yr over year basis boosted by an increase in the number of Chinese visitors to the countrys altogether legal casino gambling hub. Julys 29.5 trillion patacas ($3.7 billion) tax income was the third strongest figure this year, according to government data, as more middle-class gamblers visited Macau, eclipsing the growth in the number of high rollers. The meanwhile in Chinas economical growth has unplowed out most wealthy customers, who often spend 1 million kwai ($160,000) per bet, but it failed to push away Macaus appeal for Chinas rapidly expanding middle-class and their higher disposable incomes (2) what be pacatasWhy Maccau Is attractive for Casino Industry-The number of visitors to Macau rose 4.2 pct during the first half of the year (in 2013) -Visitors form mainland China, who account for two thirds of the total numbers, so ard 20 percent in July year over year numbers. High rollers account for slightly 70 percent of dramatic play tax tax receiptss, but the share of the middle-class gamers is outgrowth at a much faster rate and Macaus casinos are trying to diversity entertainment options to attract more of these visitors (2) -Minimum table bets fail at around 300 patacas($38), compared to a year ago when fling bets for 100-200 patacas ($20) -In the end, investors should not control seen the sale of this lieu as a catalyst for the stock, but instead as the huge missed opportunity to diversify the play alongs core business and expand into an fickle new market (2) -because the stock price went up when they sold Macau location -Macau casinos and hotels are now showing strong September gaming revenue -At the period rate, gambling revenue for the month of September so far is tracking 25.7% higher than the same month a year ago. Macau generates annual gambling revenue topping $38 billion, larger than any other casino district in the world, about five generation the annual take of U.S. gambling in Las Vegas (3) -Macau, a special gaming district on Chinas southern coast, is the only localise in China where gambling is legal -We believe that the run up in CZR shares has been on the coattails of the other gaming and hotel companies and that the buying has been way overdone. Investors should loko for the stock to pull back substantially after the recent rally question if all of this stuff is still trueThe most Recent Quarter- charge On the Important Aspects of This Business -Most recent quarter is Q2, net revenue was reported by Caesars as $2.2 billion -A decomposition in casino revenue was largely offset by increases in F&B, rooms, and managed revenue -The social club attributes this reject to a combination of macroeconomic conditions, competition, and a gaucherie in marketing strategy. The company has lost market share in gaming to competition, despite the companys positioning with the World serial of Poker brand (4) this is about gaming competition-Alpha research believes that revenue and profits guard peaked and will be on the decline next year (2014), they were correct -Income form operations $125.3 million in 2013, down $63.8 million compared to the prior year, 33.7% decline was driven by higher asset impairment charges (learn more on this) -Adjusted EBITDA declined 8.2% to $470.5 million and property EBITDA declined 4.9% to $492.8 million compared with the year-earlier period (4) -Investors should focus on the lower gaming revenue-Casino revenue in Las Vegas declined approximately 15.5% year-over-year, primarily due to breathing out of market share and visitors and weaker gaming glitzs (4) -The same trends are occurring in the Atlantic City region-Gaming revenue was down due to lower ill driven by primarily new competitive threats -CZR market volume in Atlantic city has declined, and market share has declined overall my ghost is that they should look more to online gaming, because technology and internet are booming, maybe contain joining with another casino manufacturing- why is competition doing better -The company is facing increased competition in certain areas like Louisiana/Mississippi, Tunica, and Las Vegas and Atlantic City -Find specific competitors- hassle The companys investments in current properties and new construction may prove to be as well little, too late, as the projects have become increasingly costly over the choke two yearsThe Debt Burden get more up to date information-At the quarter end (Q2 2013) for Caesars Entertainment, Inc. was $23.7 billion. -Debt, net of $1.8 billion of hard capital, was $20.9 billion-Total debt repurchased was only around $275 million during last quarter -Reports of a possible bankruptcy, have been increasing since Moodys downgraded the companys credit judge to one of its lowest trains in April 2013 -Cash period growth is not judge to increase in 2013, as a result of a pick up drop fueled by customers spending less at casino s (5) -Major advert because competitors gaming revenue are continuing to thrive -The company has consistently poured money into new construction and the remodeling of existing organizes, but significant measures need to be taken in order to improve the companys current capital structure. If the company cannot spur major cash ladder generation over the course of the next year, the company will be facing some major problems in early 2015 -Why is January 2015 important? Because that is when $4.4 billion of mortgage-backed securities are scheduled to mature for CZR (figure out more what this means) opportunity, cash flow generation, how? Competitors are outbeating them -Recent report from July 2013, Caesars planned to beef up its product offer in Las Vegas and enter in the Maryland casino market, breaking collection in BaltimoreMajor Areas of Concern for the Future (direct quotes)-No unique value marriage proposal built on approach, scale, geographic reach, brands and loyalty -Not positioned to drive value psychiatric hospital and significant revenue upside -Huge investments made in trying to expand core of businessdeclining revenues in many areas of business will exceed to serious problems if the capital structure is not re-vamped by 2015 -Not executing on development pipeline, expanding domestic distribution and social/mobile gaming weapons platformthe company claims that social gaming has a bright future, but the enigmatical regulatory condition on a state and federal level pose a serious threat to the future of this revenue fountain -Failure to capitilze on pipeline while competitors outride to thrive on an supranational level (failure in Macau and Korea are significant) -Failed focus on managing costs and improve capital structure -Sustained economic reco very(prenominal) has not provided an additional tailwind to the efforts of the companyCOMPETITORS EPS Change (%), Sales growth %CZR -92.74, .16WYNN -1.34, -2.19LVS 18.29, 18.28MGM -165.10, 16.7 1large concern is the significant decline in EPS and sales growth over the recent history for CZR and at such a fast rate -Considering the country has been seeing an economic recovery, consumer spending on gaming and entertainment in Las Vegas has not kept up. With no exposure to Macau, CZR will continue to underperform its peers in the future. The companys current strategy is failing domestically and trying to variation to anything internationally is impossible. The EPS Change of -92.74% and 0.16% Sales Growth is just the beginning of a negative trend for Caesars. With massive amounts of debt and important maturity dates approaching, investors should look for a significant decline in shares as nervousness continues to build. (5)-Based on the cash flow and margins, the quality of the most recent CZR earnings quarter was very poor overall -Negative cash flow per share company is get a significant amount of money to keep operating, and at some point the banks will stop lending and w ant to be repaid harmful position -Cash is king and companies that dont generate cash are not around for a long time chore no cash flow-major debt obligations are due in 2015 and they have no cash, running out of timeUSE ALL THE CHARTS FROM THIS PDF genuinely good for 2013 competitors, etcPotential Bankruptcy-Important to look to the Book Value/ percentage of CZR-this indicates the dollar value remaining for common shareholders after all assets are liquidated and all debtors are paid Financial Strength-Look at PDF-Use of leverage can be a double-edged sword for companies-In the grimace for CZR, it has tried to generate returns supra its cost of capital, for investors benefits. However, with the added risk of the debt on tis books, CZR is a company that has been hurt by this leverage and is unable to generate returns above the cost of capital. The companys losses have been and will continue to be magnified by the use of leverage in the companys capital structure, while they cont inue to renovate existing properties and continue with new construction domestically. With $20.91 B of long-term debt and a large debt to rectitude ratio of 1.04, Caesars will need to significantly overhaul their capital structure if they want to compete and survive in this highly competitive industry (6) compute d/e current ratio for 2014, google their financial statements Problem too much debt, no cash-ROA -4.44%, the company cannot operate expeditiously based on the firms generated profits from total assets

Sustainable Fashion

One of the closely heavily discussed topics, in this last decade, is the environmental decay of our planet. Diverse suppositions live materialized in order to find solvings for the problem. environmental science and sustain subject growth deal been confirmed to be the main solutions currently. Innovations for sustainable growth include creation of hybrid cars, recycling and minor departure of deoxycytidine monophosphate dioxide in factories among others (Christ 23).Environmental aw beness was as well introduced to the world of contrive, unfortunately, it wasnt really successful lately there has been a change of smear and that is what we be going to attempt to understand. For almost twenty geezerhood now, quite a little have been relying on fast make, a fairly refreshing nonion, which entails fast garment production in a cost efficient manner. This competency is attained through the retailers understanding of the customers wants, which consist in having proud sha pe finding garments at reasonable prices.Lots of stores have mission statements that endorse this concept of relentable high spurt much(prenominal) as Zara, Mango and H&M and so forth, they are very(prenominal) successful worldwide, has completely fathern all over this position for sort is at its most of unsustainability, as Sandy Black says The production and consumption of air represent the two extremes of a very farsighted, fragmented and complex interpret chain that transforms fiber into yarn and fabrics, which is mediated by designers, manufacturers and buyers into the uniform on offer at retail. .Fast and cheap fashion implies more disposability, which incites more consumption. Therefore, when eco friendly fashion made its appearance, peck werent convinced because it looked withal cheap and frumpywhen envisioning eco fashion, quite a little automatically associated it with a variant of earthy colors (brown, khaki, grey, etc. ), highly flammable fabrics, to cu t a long story short, people thought of them as ugly. It is an eco friendly clothing cliche. Hence, a global pejorative con nonation built up over time and these clothes were perceived as cheap which in any case meant that they were unfashionable in some way.Sustainable fashion isnt an entirely fresh phenomenon, we know that ult extensions cycled clothing without knowing it when there were special occasions, they would take their casual clothes and add ornaments and all kinds of things to make their garment look dressierthey knew how to transform theyre clothes Also in families with siblings, most of the time, the junior ones wore hand me downs from their older siblings, some people still do it now. The block is, back then they knew how to remodel something they already had as well as create something new and we kind of lost that for a few years with the rise of fast fashion.However, nowadays with this eco feces, it is all becoming intimately fellowship once again Today on numerous fashion blogs and sites (HonestlyWTF. com ecouterre. com woolandthegang. com and some more) people clear find the DIY (Do it Yourself) category, it gives us all the steps on how to create fashion items that are leaningy and/or featured on the site/blog. In general, the materials needed to create DIY pieces are ones that we are most probable to have already, so we can recycle. Currently, people still sponsor of course just now they also spare time for things they can say together themselves. Eco fashion reflects a natural change of values.A nonher solution for being reverse lightning in fashion is to reduce the impact of backwash and aftercare. As Black explains With most clothes we wear close to the body, the environmental impact of washing, drying and ironing is far greater than the manufacture of the items themselves, so whatsoever reduction in washing needfully can be very significant in harm of carbon footprint. With nano-coatings and treatments, clothes can be made stain and dirt repellent and reduce their need for familiar washing. This potential longer life using less energy needs to be balanced with the fact they will not be able to be recycled after use. Basically, Black tells us there is some other resolving power to maintaining our clothes it is eco-friendly on one point of view and not from another point of view. The fact that it is possible to treat the clothes for them to simply not be able to receive dirt is eco friendly on long term because that means we wouldnt need to wash the clothes as much but then those same clothes cannot be recycled and that is not eco friendlyIs it better to keep clothes as they are and molder more energy or to treat them but not recycle them after use? It is a dilemma.Finding an exact definition for the terms sustainable fashion. Green, Eco fashion to a name a few, is close to impossible. We all have the impression everyone understands it the same way but it is false, it has different meanings for all of us. The word sustainability itself implies some sort of length, in the mavin that something can last long, it also. Here are some of the definitions people have of sustainable fashion Quality items that stand the test of time it is this concept of sustainability, symbolized by a timeless hand handgrip that ou wear again and again, and can pass on, that I am always thinking of when I design. Says Frida Gianni Accessories are a very important part of fashion and should be considered so a good example for this definition of sustainable would be the Hermes Birkin bag. The Birkin bag is a highly exclusive handmade bag from France it is very big-ticket(prenominal) because of its exclusivity but also because of how it is constructed and the materials utilise to put it together.These bags are made of sura leather, ostrich, crocodile, and lizard and are a symbol of wealth due to their high prices and elusiveness to the public As Black says Fashion is full of contradictionsit is ephemeral and cyclic, referencing the past but constantly embracing the new it represents an expression of personal individuation and difference, while also demonstrating belonging to a group . Sustainable fashion implies a commitment to the traditional techniques, and not just the art, of making clothes.I work today in the same way that I start-off learnt in the ateliers of Balenciaga and Lanvin 50 years ago. We need to ensure that the next generation of seamstresses and tailors have the skills necessary to develop clothes that are not only when beautiful but extremely well made. Says Oscar de la Renta, Oscar de la Renta and Frida Giannas definitions are quite similar, although de la Renta is specific about clothing. According to him, what really makes a garment sustainable is the way it was crafted.As mentioned previously, a few years back, the fashion whitethorn have been s commence but the garments were cautiously created with traditional techniques, therefore they laste d much longer than fast fashion pieces. This sheath of clothing is still available but only to a current crowd pieces that are meticulously sewn are most promising to be found in the expensive range of clothing (Couture or designer wear). I would define the ideal as locally sourced materials that fall apartt pollute in their creation or demise (preferably recycled) and with hold transportation to achieve the completed product. Says Anya Hindmarch, initiator of the I am not a plastic bag initiative. With her campaign (I am not a plastic bag), Hindmarch designed a tote bag and used her enamour in a positive way to make it fashionable not to use plastic bags. Most of what we may currently refer to as sustainable fashion is a contradiction in terms. It refers to how the fabric used for a new garment has been produced Yet, I believe, we need to consider this let go from a more macro and profound perspective.Though cotton may be unbleached, we need to examine how it arrives to the manufacturer or to us the wearer. What was the carbon imprint of its delivery, for example? Says Dries van Noten. Dries van Noten doesnt think that changing the method of production for a garments fabric is abundant to claim its sustainability the fabrics journey should also be considered other than there is no major difference between fast fashion and eco fashion.It is well know that fast fashion products are most likely to be manufactured in foreign countries for more production and lower cost and that is exactly the opposite of what the eco movement is about. When the eco movement first appeared in the food industry, people had to be educated on how it better to eat up products that are locally produced to reduce carbon imprint among other reasonsthe same thing has to be put one acrosse, when it comes to fashion because people are unaware if they dont inform themselves. With all these definitions above we cannot say that one is true(a) or false they are all relevant in a w ay.All that can be observed is that most of the time when people approach the subject of sustainability, estimable, green and whatnot, their definitions are closer to the ones that Anna Hindmarch and Dries van Noten provided. The Eco movement in general, has now gone from being just a trend to a lifestyle. We can be green in every picture of our lives now people are trying to combat the fastness of our lives with it to be more specific, they are privileging the Eco movement to go against, the fastness of our economic organic evolution and the associated mass production.Eco friendly fashion in not only about tangible aspect, which is the material that is used when and how it is also about the human aspect, the ethical characteristic it has which respects social standards such as limited running(a) hours or minimum wages Ethically correct production also means child labor is forbidden. Back to the material side of things, sustainable fashion supports cotton farming, and the change over to more environmentally friendly materials and dyes. As mentioned anteriorly, sustainable fashion also includes recycled materials used to create new ones. plurality are craving lifestyles based on health and sustainability. Today, when looking for new products, customers not only look for quality and design but also ecological sentiency. Green designed products are a path into the green lifestyle which now combines once opposing fields eco and fashion. Environmental awareness has taken over every aspect of our everyday life fashion is the latest target. Therefore the rise of Eco chic makes perfect sense, it was bound to happen. battalion want to promote the fact that they are green and show that they are in style.However, it not only about the physical aspect now, people also want to show off their good conscience or sometimes they simply care when it comes to ethical fashion Ethical fashion is healthy, sustainable, and fair. Eco chic clothes tend to be more expensive than invariable clothing so people also like to show specially in these hard financial times that they can still afford expensive clothes. Having noted designers join the movement by the creations has really change magnitude peoples desire to be green. It looks like sustainable fashion is attracting more people the future of this movement is very promising.

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Representation of Women in Action Movies

If a humanity enkindle fight, hes a hero. If a woman can fight, shes a b**ch Representation of wo custody in action burgeon forths The movie industry never seems to lack action films and there always kitty for the market to choose from however how many of those put one over wo custody in a leading role? A handful. There argonnt that many films that sport wo workforce in lead roles within action films. But the question is wherefore? Why havent a majority of these wo custody been given a chance? Are actresses like Uma Thurman and Angelina Jolie one-woman-wonders or have they bonny been given a lucky introduce?Ill be exploring the representation of wo hands in action films through a semiotic analysis. David Gauntlett argues that in modern society, gender roles argon more complex and the media reflects this. The fe masculine roles today be often glamorous as well as successful in a way that they were previously not. Much of this is due to the rise of fe virile child power in the media, through identities constructed by music artists and contemporary actresses, for example, who are demanding less passive voice roles which explains how films like Charlies Angels have made it to the forefront.Unfortunately, women have repeatedly suffered from a narrow set of representations in the media. They are on a regular basis linked to the domestic situation i. e. ho officewives, or as awakeual objects delineate to entertain men. Furthermore, the number of roles for leading women is far below that of men. Charlies Angels amply Throttle is the film Ive chosen explore and there several(prenominal) reasons target this. Ive chosen this text because it portrays women within dominant roles. Furthermore, the excogitation idler it breaks the exist norm of women cosmos the sexual object that entertains the manly hero/spy.This isnt the case in this film, theyre heroes fighting hatred and saving the day. Not only are they stunning and beautiful nevertheless they similarly possess skills that crush and ch on the wholeenge real stereotypes ab step up women which is simply why I chose this film. Charlies Angels Full Throttle is an action harlequinade film that was released on the 27 June 2003. The film was directed by mcg and produced on a budget of $120 million. It was the sequel to the 2000s Charlies Angels and it was number one at the box office for its fountain spend and produced a worldwide gross of $259. 2 million. The film was a success.It stars an tout ensemble cast including Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu. It also features notable actors and actresses such as Demi Moore, Shia LaBeouf and matted LeBlanc. Diaz, Barrymore and Liu or the Angels, are three extremely talented, strong, sexy women who work as private investigators for unseen millionaire named Charlie. Prior to this film, they had starred in more passive roles in the romantic comedy genre. In most action films, men were more likely to be adventurous, active and vicarious, whereas women were more frequently certifyn as weak, ineffectual, victimised, supportive, laughable or merely token fe anthropoids (Gunter, 1995).A film such as this every last(predicate)owed their fans to view them in a more dominant, powerful light. This immediately ch wholeenges the pre-existing stereotype of women because they are illustrated as superior to their male counterpart. The angels are fencesitter women who arent tied down or held back by men. On-the-other-hand, the accompaniment that they work for a male, wealthy character who controls their every move is wry because in reality, many women are in similar situations and living in a patriarchal society. The opening scene of the film is a burnished example of the female representation shown end-to-end the plot.Its set in a filthy, hostile bar in the Himalayas in Mongolia. The bar is jam-packed with lots of men drinking and jeering. The use of an establishing long shot works well to familiarise the audience with the initial setting and gentle wind. I turn over the director did this in high society to show the contrast between all of the men and the Angels. A dolly shot is utilise to track twain men carrying a box so the audience become intrigued to take care the contents as they descend into the basement. To the surprise of the audience, Alex Munday (Lucy Liu) was inside the box contortioned and cheeseparing in away.A high angle shot is used and the camera tilts in order to display the actresses flexibility. As she rises out of the box the camera zooms into a close up of Liu as she does a symbolic swipe of her long, glooming copper an iconic move for any female superpower. Shes dressed in a black leather ensemble which connotes mystery and obscurity. Perhaps out of the three angels, Liu is the dark horse. As she stands against the wall, a medium shot is used cleverly because not only can we see Liu against the wall goodly we can also see the hostage and his capture rs in the room behind the actress.The connotation is accurate as she then saves the hostage by winning out the guards with some impressive combat. Her character is almost portrayed to be a female equivalent to Jet Li she appears to be unbeatable and fierce. As she drags the hostage up the stairs, the fervour changes dramatically. The basement was very dark and low-key lighting was used which made the action stealthy and hostile. Whereas, the lighting used in the bar is high-key very bright and there are few shadows.This is symbolic because its as if Alex has taken the hostage from madhouse (dark, unpleasant) and to heaven (bright, hope) which is essentially the purpose of an angel both contexts. Meanwhile upstairs, the atmosphere is volatile as a new character emerges dressed in a red, sleek kimono. Her costume connotes love, passion and warmth however in this scenario it connotes danger, sin and aggression. This is the 2nd angel Dylan Saunders. The camera tilts over her shoulde r and shows the male opponent smirking at her and then it pans around the table to eventually show her face.As she throws back a shot of alcohol, she comes across as the mediocre angel, the bad girl of the trio. The use of red with Dylan in this scene is symbolic because it displays a wide contrast between her and Alex. Shes more masculine in her body language but the director has tried to mask this behind the sexy outfit and red lipstick. As she walks away she clasps one of the guards by the waist, grabs his keys and tucks them away subtly. The focus then turns to the doors of the bar and the audience anticipates the worst. As the doors transmit open, a medium shot shows a tanned, petite and blonde fresh woman.This is the third and final angel, Natalie Cook. Shes dressed in a white, puberulent coat and a disclosure white mini skirt. This connotes purity, happiness and reality which would be fitting for a normal angel. However, Natalie is no ordinary angel. As she stands at th e door, she looks lost and dazed and a close-up of her face supports this further. As the men stare at her beauty in awe, she jeers at them and they erupt with excitement. The men are so amazed they form a guard of observe for Natalie as she walks over to the mechanical bull.Whereas, when Dylan wanted to move through the men they simply didnt move and didnt even know she was there. The use of white dumbs the men and amplifies Natalies angelic nature. Furthermore, her body language also plays a part in stunning the men. She giggles excessively and winks at a few of the men. Also, Diaz flicks her pigtails every two seconds and is also chewing gum. She hardly challenges the existing stereotype of blonde women but adds fuel to the fire. This is supported further by the fact that her skirt is so short, the audience can see all the way underneath it.Perhaps Natalie is the bimbo of the group. The director has clearly added to the stereotype of blondes being stupid through Natalies charac ter however this could be challenged throughout the plot. I believe this opening scene and in fact the entire plot supports Mulveys Male Gaze theory. It states that media texts are created through the eyeball of a heterosexual male and that women are viewed for the pleasure of men. (Smith, 2009) She also claimed that women are turned into sex objects through how they are shot in the media (Cinematography). (Smith, 2009) Charlies Angels Full Throttle demonstrates this. The plot should challenge the norm and allow women to break free however the body language and costumes used throughout diverges the male audience from the plot and to the women being sexualised. In a review by the BBC, Nev Pierce argued some call it girl power, others demeaning. Furthermore, When female protagonists, for example, have to part as law enforcers and confront criminal behaviour both associated with male authority and action gendered conflict inevitably follows. (Hall, 1997, p. 364)However, this fil m could mislead women into view they have to become successful and independent by wearing tight, revealing clothes and caking up their faces with make-up but of course this isnt true. It really makes me more and more angry. The aim is to rake in money, loads of money and people try to do that by all means of all these things sex, beautiful people, wealth and you always have people who fall for it. (Ang, 1997, p. 347) This opening scene shows three very different women with different talents however what they all have in common is their characters have been onstructed to appeal to different types of men but collectively appeal to all men. Although this action film had 3 women in lead roles, it failed to truly challenge the existing stereotypes of women having to be objects and requiring sex appeal to become successful. In reality, a woman cannot be herself in the society of the present day, which is an exclusively masculine society, with laws framed by men and with a judicial syst em that judges feminine conduct from a masculine point of view. References Websites Charlies Angels Full Throttle blog (non-official) http//c-angels. blogspot. co. uk/ Pierce, Nev. (2003). BBC film review. http//www. bbc. co. uk/films/2003/06/27/charlies_angels_full_throttle_2003_review. shtml Smith, Mr (2009). Representation Theory http//www. slideshare. gelt/fleckneymike/representation-theory-2458490 Smcmediastudies, (2011). The Representation of Women in the Media http//www. slideshare. net/smcmediastudies/the-representation-of-women-in-the-media Books Ang, Ien. (2006). Representation Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices, in association with Sage. Ang, I. (1985) Watching Dallas soap opera house and the melodramatic imagination, New York, Methuen. Ibsen, Henrik (1917). Ibsens Workshop.

Independence day essay Essay

I take it as a honour to basis in the first place you and say a a couple of(prenominal) words on Indian independency Day. It was today on fifteenth August that India woke up with Freedom federal agency back in 1947 which is one of the biggest compassment for us. Who fucking forget that midnight of 15th August 1947 when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru hoisted the Tri-coloured Indian Flag on Red Fort.Since that day we swallow got a great reason to celebrate this occasion incessantlyy stratum with pride and honour. Independence Day in India is celebrated every yr in each and every domesticate with great spirits. Every school is decorated by keeping the theme Independence Day in mind. Flag Hoisting is done by our Principal who then speaks about few words on how we have to be thankful for this day and how we should find the same path and philosophies of these great leading.No one can ever forget how lots it took to get independence for India, how much we lost and how much blood we sh ed? We definitely had lot to lose and we can never forget how much valuable gift Independence Day is for us from our ancestors who fought for the freedom and also from those almighty freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Chandrashekhar Azad, Rani Laxmibai, Lokmanya Tilak whose impart can never be forgotten.When we watch movies inspired by stories of these content and historical figures, we get idea about how it would have been difficult to achieve freedom. The British ruled upon India for more than 400 years, and it was a period of booby hatch and injustice. Our treasures were looted and we were pushed to poverty and agony from all side.There was no golosh for lot within their homes as well as in neighborhoods and plurality thus lived in shadow of fear for each and every moment. only when a handful of courageous men made it possible to stand in front of the big army of British and ask for freedom. Who can forget how the freedom movement shaped up in front lin e of great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi who followed the path of Ahimsa and inspired many people to walk on the same. No wonder he is been called the Father of the farming with all respect.We look upon celebrating Independence Day every year and gabble patriotic songsto pay respect to the great national leaders without whom it wouldnt have been possible for us to enjoy the spirit of Independence the look we do today. I salute to all the freedom fighters and national leaders who made it possible for us to enjoy and celebrate our independence.Thank You, Jai hinder(prenominal) Vande Mataram

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Blood Typing Lab

Name_____________________________________ Block__________________ Date_____________________ Forensics Mystery Blood Typing Lab Scenario practice of law are called to a ho exercise where they discover a body full the back door. There is a fresh pool of rent by the victims head. Officers question the neighbors and learn that a plumber and an lineman made service calls to the house just hours before. They were able to trace both(prenominal). They incur a shirt with a dark stains from the service a vanguardt-garde of the plumber and rags with similar dark stains from electricians van.Your forensics lab brings the following items to campaign take 1 Stained cloth from plumbers van prototype 2 Stained cloth from the electricians van Sample 3 Blood collected from under the victims head study Background The phenolphthalein test is a highly sensitive, beingness capable of detecting fall spots practically invisible to the eye. In an actual criminal case, a positive phenolphthalein test would be followed by tests to determine the species that produced the rail line and if these tests indicate the blood is human, by tests to determine ABO, Rh and other blood groups.There is no point in pursuing type and species identification procedures if the phenolphthalein test is negative. The phenolphthalein test is not absolutely specific for blood because most plants and some animal cells can also cause a positive reaction. Discussion Questions 1. Does a positive phenolphthalein test confirm that a stain is caused by blood? 2. Does a positive phenolphthalein test prove that a stain is caused by human blood? Procedure 1 1. Test the shirt and rags to determine if the stains are caused by blood. 2. Place a drop of phenolphthalein/peroxide solution on individually stain. 3.Observe if a food coloring change occurs. A purple-violet color reaction indicates that blood (heme) is symbolise (positive reaction). absence of this reaction indicates that blood is not present. 4. Record your results Color reaction for Sample 1_________________________ Color reaction for Sample 2_________________________ base on the results of this test, which soulfulness, the plumber or the electrician be flummoxs your prime suspect? ____________________________________________________________________________ Additional development When confronted, your chief suspect claims to obligate a nosebleed, thus accounting for the blood stain.Investigators have now been able to recover a blood audition (Sample 4 ) from the suspects van. It is suitable for blood typing. You ask and receive a blood sample from the suspect (Sample 5). Proceed to Procedure 2. Test Background Blood groups are created by molecules present on the draw near of red blood cells. The table shows the four ABO phenotypes (blood groups) present in the human population. When red blood cells carrying one or both antigens are exposed to the corresponding antibodies, they agglutinate that is, clump together.P eople usually have antibodies against those red cell antigens that they lack. The ABO Blood Groups Blood Group rose-cheeked Cell Antigen (Protein on blood cell) Serum Antibody (Produced by Body) A A Anti-B B B Anti-A AB A and B Neither O Neither Anti -A and Anti -B Discussion Questions 1. How do you determine a persons blood type? 2. Can a persons blood type prove or disprove that he/she committed a crime? How? Procedure 2 1. Add a drop of synthetic anti-A (blue) to the hygienic labeled A. Replace cap. . Always exchange the cap on the ampoule before opening the next vial to prevent cross contamination. . Add a drop of synthetic anti-B (yellow) to the well labeled B. Replace cap. 3. Add a drop of synthetic anti-Rh blood serum (clear) to the well labeled Rh. Replace cap. 4. Using the dropper vial, place a drop of Sample 3 (the victims blood) in each well of the blood typing slide. DO NOT TOUCH THE soundly 5. Replace the cap on the dropper vial. 6. Using a varied color mixing st ick for each well (blue for anti-A, yellow for anti-B & flannel for anti Rh), gently stir the synthetic blood and anti-serum drops for 30 seconds.Remember to shake off each mixing stick after a single use to avoid cross contamination. 7. WAIT 60 Seconds. 8. Carefully examine the make out films of liquid mixture left behind. If the film remains uniform in appearance, there is no agglultination (no clumps, negative reaction). If the film as clumps, agglutination has occurred (positive reaction) 9. lay out blood type of the sample using the data table below. firmness of purpose yes or no as to whether agglutination occurred in each sample. A positive agglutination reaction indicates blood type. 10. Record the results for each blood sample in the data table.Data Table Sample 3 Sample 4 Sample 5 Anti-A Anti-B Rh Blood type 11. whence repeat steps 1-9 for Samples 4 and 5. Record each results on table. 12. thoroughly rinse the blood typing slides and return all material s. Conclusion Based on your results, did the blood collected from the suspects van come from the suspect? ____________________________________________________ Could this blood have come from the victim? ____________________________ What can you cogitate from your results? (Remember to cite your data). __________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mother to Son and the Coora Flower: a Poetry Analysis

obtain to Son and The Coora Flower A Poetry Analysis In poetry, to a greater extent so than any separate form of literature, understanding sound, meaning and depicted object argon key to understanding the hold itself. In the lawsuit of the verse forms develop to Son by Langston Hughes and The Coora Flower by Gwendolyn Brooks these elements, when heavily rivet upon, allow the reader to discover the message that these writers were attempting to convey.Thought both writers use these elements to their fullest to buy the farm their respective messages, the method and messages vary greatly. In the poem Mother to Son, Hughes tells the bosh of a bring forth speaking to her son fewwhat deportment and the rockynesss that one(a) must face to organise it in the world. Hughes uses extended metaphor to cave in this view. In the second line he writes Life for me aint been no watch glass footprint, which initiates the metaphor.He then proceeds to describe the stair of her life. With the lines, Its had tacks in it, and splinters, and boards torn up, and places with no carpet on the stratum he support the mothers claim that like has non been a crystal stair case by using the metaphor to make a direct comparison amid imperfections in the staircase and the pitfalls in life. He lapses on with the line b ar symbolizing rock bottom, zipperness, the absence of value.Then poem then begins to rise in action to signify the continued saddle horse and the need to continue on, which is nailn in the following lines Ise been a-climbin on,/ and reachin landins,/ and turnin corners,/ and sometimes goin in the dark the narrator states to the son once more that they allay continue to climb and that life was voiced for them. The phraseology and the line organise chosen by Hughes help facilitate the message. He use actually simple-minded language simply is able to invoke strong emotions from the reader.The language would potentially lead the reader to believe th at this is truly a simple woman who had to struggle everyday of her life to make it. If Hughes had used more formal language deep d bear the work I do believe the mood would have been lost. The use of And at the beginning of lines creates almost a stepping motion within the rhythm of the words. guides four, five and six in company with the use of And creates a experienceing of stepping or maybe even travel down stairs. Each lines description gets progressively worse until there is nothing left, which signified having nothing left to lose.Then with lines ten, eleven and twelve the use of And creates the sentiency of climbing back up with the same speed at which you fell. Line twelve ends the climb in sound and creates a leveling forward that coincides with the walk through the dark stated in the poem. This established a mood of cautiousness, feeling things ar. I thought this was a perfect usage of theme and sound coming together to support meaning. I in discussion sectioni cular like the lines, Dont you set down on the steps. / realize you find its kinder hard. It shows that giving up isnt an option that quitting is the easy way out and that continuing to struggle on and fight is whats really difficult. She asks no more of the son than she would ask of herself because she knows that it plunder be done, she was able to accomplish it herself. In Brooks poem The Coora Flower, she writes about safety valve and truthfulness. The poem starts off with the narrator telling the reader what she learned about and then we be snatched back into humans with the lines, Now I am coming home. / This, at least(prenominal), is Real, and what I know.The following stanzas construct the comparison between life in naturalize which is the escape and the life outside which is reality It was restful, learning nothing necessary. / School is a tiny vacation. At least you can recreation/ But now its Real Business. I am Coming Home. And as we read on we discover that rea lity is harsh, cold, painful and unrelenting and that the other world is more optimistic, warm and liberated. My mother will be screaming in an almost dirty dress. / The pick is gone. So a Man will be in the house. / I must watch myself. / I must not d atomic number 18 to sleep. These lines correct reality within the poem. Brooks also relies heavily on nuances within the structure and language to establish the message. The stanzas that contain information about school are longer and articulate. The lines flow and are inviting. When the lines about reality are read they are short, cold and very deliberate they give a sense of rigidity. The language is very direct and in some case demanding I must. All stanzas about whats real are two lines long while the ones that focus on school are four lines long. The statements toward school came off as being very distrustful to me. It was restful, learning nothing necessary At least you can sleep, the use of at least in these lines and the li ne that follows are what created the cynicism for me. It seemed as if she didnt respect what went on in school because it wasnt the bad weather of her everyday life. Capitalization is something that caught my precaution. The word Real always has the first earn capitalized, which to me established a mood of seriousness within the statements that contained it. I feel this is true the second use of Coming Home and Man in line fourteen.The capitalization on these words was carefully chosen to continue facilitating the theme and meaning. There is one line in this poem that caught my attention and required me to reread repeatedly to get what she truly meant that line is which is not free from grief. At first I thought it was alone in reference to the previous line At least you can think of love or feeling your boy friend against you tho upon multiple readings I realized that this was in reference to the whole stanza. Shes hinting at the fact that even good things come with their elem ent of heartache.I strand that to be an interesting idea and it shows that the narrator may never be able to find peace, maybe she thrives on the hardship and anguish that comes with her life because that is all she knows. When the two works are placed side by side one would have a hard time make a conjunction between them. It is true that the differences between the works are great but elements exist in both some minor, some major but all important. One could make the simple connecter both individual were African- American doesnt give them the respect they deserve.Also that connection would have to be made off historical references outside of the work because nothing in either work given you indication that they are African American. The connection that should be made is that the both wrote of adversity and hardship that both used elements like structure, language, tone to convey their message but end the came out with very different view points. From a psychological perspective the reader can focus on the fact that in Hughes poem the adversity within it was deemed to be external to the one alliance shown.In the case of Brooks the adversity was internal to the shown relationship. In both situations the writers own their material, you get the sense that these works are true to life for both of them. But where Hughes work is empowering, Brooks work is saddening because you cant see the light at the end of the tunnel for her narrator you just she the cold, harsh reality that is life, which was her intention. Her story was never meant to be uplifting it was meant to depress and sadden. level off in her few moments of joy, the narrator still could be happy because she knew at any moment it could all end.Both writers are successful at establishing a mood and theme throughout there works. I believe if these writers had an probability to sit down with either they would see elements of themselves in the other. In one case the young and still hopefully individual and in the other harden and scared individual that the young may become. But in the end these are my interpretations and it up to you to make your own. Thats the wonderful part about poetry its different for everyone who reads it.

Identification of an Organic Unknown Essay

conceptionI am supplied with an inexpliccapable extreme compound containing unity of the undermentioned practicable separates* Alcohol* Aldehyde* Ketone* Carboxylic Acid* Ester* PhenolOrganic compounds devote different functional groups and in that respectfore differ from each opposite. They also react differently, I depart use this method to determine the type of positive compound I steer a crap. I allowing conduct various experiments to squeeze down the choices.I will the using the information I fork out ga at that placed construct an, easy to follow, flow diagram.PredictionWhile conducting these experiments, I will produce replys, which I may lack for the next flavor of the flow diagram.By observing physical changes to the reactants and recording any internality habituated off by the product, I will be competent to follow my flow diagram and therefore determine the stranger compound. For example, if enthalpy fluff is ceded, and the flow diagram gives a c hoice of heat content given off, and no hydrogen given off. I will down the separate r come ine and dismiss the other route.PlanTo find the organic the little- contendn, I will take on to find the functional group and I will find this by how they react.I will now describe the experiments that I will conduct, the gumshoe precautions and any other information.Firstly, I will need to figure out how to separate the foreigner into 2 different groups. This is through by leaveing Sodium (Na) to the compound in a test-tube. The Na will sink and a steady stream of hydrogen will be released, this will also happen when NA is added to Phenol and a carboxyl acid. I will collect any gas released and use the democratic test to test for hydrogen. I will be conducting safety gawp because the acid and phenolare very corrosive. If there is a pop I known that it could be one of, an alcohol, phenol or carboxyl acid. I can now split the route into deuce and from what I control from the first experiment I can take any one of the routes. If there isnt a pop thence I will take the other route, It could be aldehydes, esters or ketones, I know this because these functional groups do not react with Na.To find out if the either of these groups are the foreigner, I will use Fehlings reagent or Tollens reagent experiment. I chose to use the Fehlings reagent. This reagent determine whether the compound contains the aldehyde. The Fehlings reagent contains hair ions, when added to an aldehyde it is oxidised to a salt of a carboxylic acid and the Fehlings reagent is reduced. The answer will stay regretful if no reply takes place, just if the slution magic spell brick red then a reaction has took place and the unfathomable will place as an aldehydePLANTo find out if the foreign is either one of these the second experiment I will do is to do either the Fehlings or the Tollens reagent experiment. I prevail chosen to do the Fehlings experiment. This experiment is employ to discover an aldehyde as Fehlings solution contains Cu ions. When this is added to aldehyde the aldehyde is oxidised to a salt of a carboxylic acid and the Fehlings solution is reduced. If there is no reaction and the solution stays blue I will know that the unknown organic compound is not an aldehyde but if the distort changes to brick red there is a reaction and an aldehyde can be set. The reaction equation is displayed below of an aldehyde reacting with Fehlings solution.2Cu (aq) + RCHO(aq) + OH (aq) + H O(l) Cu O + RCOOH(aq) + 3H (aq)I would wear safety goggles during this experiment and handle the solutions with massive compassionate. When doing this experiment when adding solutions I should stay excrete of the reaction area, as I do not know how the reaction will occur and if it is vigorous.Now that I am left with to other functional groups to identify from I can air out one more experiment to identify the organic compound. At this stage I would have discovered that it d oes not react with Na so is not an alcohol, phenol or carboxylic acid. It also does not react with Fehlings solution so is not an aldehyde so it has to be either a ketone or an ester.The experiment that I have chosen to see the inconsistency between the two would be the reaction with 2,4 DNPH. I would get the unknown compound and place a bit of it into a test tube, I will then add drop by drop the 2,4 DNPH if I see a change in the solution from clear to a yellow headlong with yellow crystals I will be able to identify the compound as a ketone if not it will be an ester.Now that I have the experiments I will do to augur if the unknown compound was one of the three that did not produce hydrogen when reacted with Na. I will now describe the experiments I will need to carry out to discover if the unknown compound has either the functional group of an alcohol, phenol or a carboxylic acid that would release Hydrogen when reacted with Na. A further experiment I need to carry out to iden tify if the compound is an alcohol or is it not. To do this I will do a simple experiment by adding a few drops of universal indicator to a test tube with the unknown organic compound. This will identify to me if there is an alcohol functional group present. If this functional group is present then the solution would go blue/green therefore it would be near neutral although it will turn pink/red if a functional group of either carboxylic acid or phenol is present as they are acidic. later on this experiment I will have two functional groups that I would not have identified as I have identified the alcohol. If I had carried out the first experiments I would know that hydrogen is released by this compound when reacted with Na therefore it would be an alcohol, phenol or a carboxylic acid. From the second experiment in this category I would either discover by adding universal indicator if the unknown is an alcohol or if it is both carboxylic acid and phenol. I can now do another experim ent adding sodium speed of lightate to the compound and discover if there is a reaction.I would have a test tube with the unknown compound and I will add the sodium carbonate. I know that if a carboxylic acid is present then carbon dioxide gas will be released. I will have a beat cylinder or larger test tube turned tip down in a water bath where a fictile tube will allow the gas produced to be collected in the measuring cylinder or test tube. This plastic tube will be connected to the reaction test tube via a gumshoe bung. The gas collected could then be tested to see if carbon dioxide is released. To do this I will add limewater to the test tube and if the solution forms a milky precipitate then carbon dioxide gas is present. I will then know that the compound is a carboxylic acid. If the precipitate does not go milky then I have identified the unknown organic compound as a phenol.I have discovered that I can do two further experiments on the alcohol. I could reflux the alcoho l that I have discovered to discover if this is a tertiary alcohol or one of the principal(a) or auxiliary alcohols. I will use reflux equipment such as the pear shaped flask and a condenser. I will add it up right and will heat the unknown compound containing anti bumping granules to make it less vigorous. I will use a bunsen burner burner to heat the solution in the pear shaped flask. I will then release drop-by-drop potassium dichromate to the pear shaped flask. If there is no change in the colour of the solution and it stays orange then it is a tertiary alcohol. If there is a reaction and the colour of the solution goes blue/green a primary or standby alcohol is present.To discover if the alcohol is a primary or secondary I could add 2,4 DNPH to the alcohol discovered and if it goes orange/yellow it is a secondary alcohol and if there is no precipitate it is a primary alcohol.In all experiments I will need to take great precautions as many of the solutions are corrosive or flammable. As I will not know the functional groups present in the unknown organic compound I will not know if it is flammable or corrosive therefore I have to handle it with care and try to minimise any spillages. I will wear gloves and wear goggles to protect my hands and eyes. I will not have anything close to the table that may be obstructive and may watch over fire. I have described all apparatus that I will use in the description of the experiment therefore have not listed them. In all of the experiments I will add the same quantity of unknown compound to the reactant. I will therefore add 2cm of unknown organic compound to 2cm to its reactant. I will however not do these when adding universal indicator, as a few drops will be efficient. whatsoever further reaction equations that may be helpful are pen on the sheet with the flow diagram.I have used the interpersonal chemistry 2 textbooks written by Brian Ratcliff and Helen Eccles. I have also used the Heinemann Advanced Sci ence chemistry textbook written by Ann & Patrick Fullick.

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Effects of Mass Media Essay

Media has slowly taken over severally the Statess life and has an incredible amount of power in the decision growth of separately American. On a daily basis each American listens to the radio, surfs the internet and watches television. For these same reasons, media possess a large amount tempt on a decision made by an American. With all the tools and gadgets today, it is very(prenominal) easy to become influenced by the media. Over the past century in that location scram been more a(prenominal) new media developments that claim impacted our society although at that place have been many, the ones we will focus on are radio, television, and the internet. Radio began in the early nineteen hundreds and before long became very popular between all(prenominal) American. The radio was a mean of learning of news quickly and served the considerable purpose of entertainment. Also, in the early nineteen hundreds the word television was introduced and the initial moving film was televised. This quickly grew and it began to broadcast in black and white.In the middle of the nineteen hundreds, the internet was setoff introduced to the American government and soon was used to provide efficient communication between government agencies. The radio, television and the internet were all created in the nineteen hundreds and as soon as they were available to the American public, they grew and developed into a large form of communication. In 1912 the radio became a common product found in each American home. Every year after, the radio grew in popularity. One of the biggest impacts to America was the use of the radio during the world War I. In the late nineteen-twenties the setoff easy to use kinescope tube was created scarce the image was very poor. In the early nineteen-thirties the first television studios and broadcasting begin to go and it sky rocketed after that. It has grown so much into American lives that like a shot every(prenominal) household has mo re than one television. Americans see television for entertainment, saying and news purposes on a daily basis.In the early nineteen-ninety the first internet browser was created. The internet has impacted Americans in so many ways, to the point that it is now used more than once by every American and it is carried by most in their pockets. Without question, the media has grown tremendously and impacts each Americas life on a daily basis. Media convergences have been a huge facilitator. Media convergence is the way that one devise or tool combines different media types. One of the most common is the carrel phones. In almost every phone you can take photos, videos, send text edition messages, view the internet, play music, check email and use it for its original designed function-to make a phone call. The next commonly used media convergence is the figurer. The computer allows you to create different types of documents, presentations, monetary forms and it also allows you to brow se the World Wide Web while listening to music and receiving emails.The newest media convergence is tablets. Tablets have the same function of a cell phone and a computer in a compact, lightweight, and portable device. For all the above reasons and with all of the named tools, it is very important to be properly educated about media. Learning how to gate, analyze, and tax the media is very important when making an everyday decision because we either read almostthing on the internet, watch the television show or hear a commercial on the radio. Not everything that we read, see or hear is accurate. In most cases, we are tricked into believe things by the bias show or commercial that we are watching or hearing. Due to false or head fakes found in the media all schools and educational institutes should provide some form of media literacy education just like math, reading and writing.This may seem a basic or common sense information, but many believe without questions what they see or hear. As the great nation that the fall in States is, it should properly educate its citizens about media literacy. The internet, television and radio have unquestionably impacted every Americans life. With the tools like a computer, cell phone or tablet it is very easy to be influenced by the media. Some of the influence coincides with each individuals beliefs and other will clash but this is something that has to be learned how to balance. In addition to personal emotion believes on a subject, a lot of the media will try to trick into believing false statements. It is every Americas duty to make convinced(predicate) that he or she has the proper media knowledge to be able to access it, analyze it and evaluate it before making a decision.ReferencesLule, J. (2012). Exploring Media and Culture (1st ed.). San Francisco, CA Flat World Knowledge, Inc. Besley, John C. (Summer 2008). Media Use and Human Values journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly ProQuest Zil, Karen. (Mar/Apr 2 002). Media Literacy Television meets the Internet MultiMedia Schools

Policy makers

This also refers to both the dynamic discussions that continuously channel place across a ide range Of curricular issues and the evolutionary thinking about concepts and approaches in computer program developing. Changes in society forever demand new knowledge and skills and require the continuous ontogenesis of our educational system. This view as foc offices on the following questions How do processes of curriculum of curriculum development evolve? What actu completelyy is curriculum? And how to ensure the tone of curricular products?This book also provide the teachers, educators, policy makers and other parties involved in educational development with a clear and concise introduction onto the tricks of the trade of curriculum development. CHAPTER 1 CURRICULUM AND CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT The very short rendering of curriculum as a plan for encyclopedism, used by the American Hills Tab in 1 962 is reflected by related wrong in many languages, including the classical Dutch te rm learn which permits all sort of elaboration for specific curricular take aims, contexts and representations.A first, extremely useful, distinction appears to be a specification of the level of curriculum and curriculum development videlicet SUPRA, MACRO, MESS, MICRO, ANNA. A second, clarifying distinction concerns the different forms in which curricula can be represented in the following three levels intended, implemented and attained. The core and the nineteenths of the supposed Spider Web refers to the ten parts of the curriculum, each concerning an aspect of learning and the learning programmer for learners.The components Rationale, Aims and Objectives, Content, Learning Activities, Teacher Role, Materials and Resources, Grouping, Location, Time and Assessment are basis for curriculum design and innovation. Curriculum Development is focused on the improvement and innovation of education. During this process, desires and ideals are incorporated in a cyclic process of desi gn, executing, and evaluation to achieve concrete results in practice.This chapter describes the processes of curriculum development at three levels in spite of appearance the educational system national level (macro), school level (mess), and pupil level (micro). Curriculum development at macro level focuses on the development of generic curricular frameworks. An pregnant challenge in the development of these frameworks is to meet with the great diversity of social demands on education.Schools build on synergy between curriculum development, teacher development and school disposal development. For curriculum innovation to be successful, it is cardinal that the schools innovation ambitions are in line with the teachers commitment and their willingness to change, the abilities of the different teams, the tillage and the infrastructure of the school. Curricular products that are developed at micro level include lesson trials and resources.For teachers who strive to put the inno vation into practice, lesson materials that are exemplary are important carriers of the intended innovation. The quality of education is often subject for debate. on that point are different ways in which people assess the quality of curriculum relevance, consistency, practicality and effectiveness. The quality criteria more or less build on one another. Whether a curriculum effective will also compute on the practicality can it be implemented as intended? ND On the relevance and consistency of the intended objectives and content components. In the amount of quality criteria a distinction has been made between the expected and the literal practicality and the effectiveness of a curriculum. Concerning teaching materials, for example, the expected practicality and effectiveness can be assessed through screening of the materials by teachers. In order to develop a high-quality curriculum, evaluation is of great importance.During the curriculum development process, the emphasis on i mplementation reveals itself on the following ways analysis of lessons from past and of current use in practice, intensive deliberation with the target group and other stakeholders, moldable evaluation of preliminary designs, assessment in an increasingly wide forget me drug of schools, formulation of recommendations for the pro support of teacher and the other team, and contribute to the professional development of educational us providers of institutions that can organize activities.Moreover, the placement of the schools organization and culture is also essential to ensure sustainable curriculum changes within the school. Collaboration among all sections and levels in and around the school is an important stipulation for sustainable educational development. Harvests and Shirley (2009) also draw attention to the importance Of spacious ownership and the shared responsibility for sustainable innovation. The active involvement of applicable social organizations- from parents to trade and industry will also foster large public support for and commitment to innovations.

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Standardized Tests Have Been Criticized Education Essay

In California, approximation of ELLs regularly occurs in graze to guarantee that ongoing educational patterns be run intoing the scholarly persons demands. ii province and local testing be of meaning because they non scarce leave answerability, but to a fault envision student accomplishment. When estimate portfolios atomic number 18 implicated, domesticates throw out devote and run into the demands of a diverse learner population that includes ELLs ( OMalley & A Pierce, 1996 ) .The intent of the portfolio plan moldinessiness be proper established prior to its execution because the portfolio s intent willing lift what type of operate should be include. For illustration, if portfolios are to be used merely for schoolroom appraisal, they may so concentrate in merely whizz clownish of lingual communication maturement, such as vocabulary. If, nevertheless, the portfolios are meant to presentment an ELL s maturation in some(prenominal) English and the cap up to(p) purpose countries, so the portfolio should include illustrations of how computable an Ell push aside expend English in these countries instead than the fill itself. For illustration, cloth gathered should point how proper an ELL has learn the scientific punish vocabulary and semantics needed to understand scientific discipline books, non how good the bookman brush aside execute a specific try ( Gomez, 1999 ) . twain the teacher and the scholars should energize up unrivaleds mind what types of scarf out to include in the portfolio. Including the ELL schoolchild in the decision-making procedure will offer much of a buy-in by the disciple. Further more(prenominal)(prenominal), this will do the whole procedure more student-centered, which will motivate the student to take more craft for his or her acquisition.Reading the appraisal of reading includes a broad assortment of constituents. Both the instructor and the learner will desire a assortment of pi eces of scholar plough include. The instructor may desire to include1. ) Runing records2. ) Reading crinkle lists, and3. ) Similar steps utilizing ELL text.Cloze exercisings may besides be include that focal point on vocabulary and grammar. Cloze exercisings are laughablely of import because they set up understand how good a pupil kindle foretell the following word when reading analogues degrees of proficiency ( Gomez, 1999 ) .A pupil might desire to take reading logs, book studies, and reading responses. Both the instructor and the pupil may desire to include storytelling that includes testing. pupils must to the entire understand that the instructor will be looking for bet circumstanceent and high reading proficiency to feel, and this must be apparent in the portfolio from the radical to the terminal of the appraisal.The usage of rubrics and checklists will help both the pupil and the instructor. The pupil will profit when he or she understands the standards needed to carry by dint of a toil, while the instructor will be able to supply more consistent scaling inside the schoolroom.Writing Of all the linguistic communication conventions combined, composing is likely one of the easiest to document in a portfolio scene. All types of authorship, including those that ushernstrate grade degree proficiency, can be include in an appraisal portfolio. Furthermore, criterions established through with(predicate) published province models can include non merely drawings and simple linguistic communication exercisings for the early particular shed light ons but besides diaries, essays, and more advanced research documents at the minor(postnominal) and senior high school degrees.Portfolios can be used to pose pupils growing in composing as their vocabulary matures. In add-on, umpteen civilizations use different methods and signifiers of logic while supplying discipline and portraying things or state of affairss. This is easy recognized in a pupil s authorship. This is oddly true for ELLs who are literate in their L1. Portfolios can besides measure an ELL s proficiency and qualm of composing conventions when grammar exercisings, spell trials, and self-made lexicons are include ( Gomez, 1999 ) .In order to show growing, instructors must include composing samples from the reservoir, in-between, and terminal of the term or school twelvemonth.Again, rubrics and checklists should be include to help both the pupil and the instructor. As mentioned earlier, both rubrics and checklists will do outlooks clear for the pupil, while leting the instructor to measure and rate more systematically within the overall schoolroom environment.Talking Speaking is seldom included in portfolios because many instructors find it profound to recite linguistic communication production qualities. In add-on, many might reason that merely soft informations, instead than quantitative informations can be gathered to measure address. However, it is q uiet possible to ac surviveledge growing in talking accomplishments if the instructor has determine speaking/ oral communication ends.The instructor can measure a pupil s address during either a study or launching given before the category while pupils are working in braces or in a concerted acquisition environment. Again, both rubrics and checklists should be used by the instructor in order to show speech production accomplishments and growing.Listening For the same grounds as speech production, many instructors exclude listening as an assessable constituent within a portfolio. However, with more easiness than is required for speech production, a instructor can measure hearing accomplishments through more assorted agencies. For illustration, pupils can be called upon to react to an unwritten presentation or communicative. Here pupils would write the response after preventing carefully listened to either a narrative or presentation. In this scenario, a whole linguistic commun ication polish would be employed to depict the cardinal points heard and understood from a presentation or narrative. Transcripts of treatments between another(prenominal)(prenominal) pupils could besides be included in a pupil s portfolio.The Content Areas deviation from the cellular inclusion of the linguistic communication humanistic disciplines, instructors can besides profit by including work from the content countries. Teachers can take two attacks for the appraisal and the inclusion of the content countries in a portfolio.First, instructors may be concerned that their ELL pupils are able to use their linguistic communication accomplishments in the content countries. If this were the instance, so instructors should include illustrations that show how good any ELL pupil can utilize English in these countries. Here, instructors would concentrate on how good English is apply across the course of study instead than the content country itself. piece many instructors have pla yed down the inclusion of listening accomplishments within a linguistic communication arts portfolio, they would, on the other manus, be concerned their ELL pupils are able to understand unwritten instructions and accounts of math in English. To further this attack, an ELL instructor should teach his or her ELL pupils to take notes during a math instructor s unwritten presentation/explanation of a math job. These notes would be gathered in intervals over clip from the beginning to the terminal of the term or school twelvemonth.On the other manus, and particularly in the upper classs, instructors may desire to concentrate on how good their Ell pupils are able to get the hang constructs in scientific discipline, math, and social surveies. Rating and appraisal of a portfolio can be much easier in the content countries because there is frequently merely one correct serve in the scientific disciplines and math.Although multiple-choice inquiries often appear on a societal surveies test , frequently a richer apprehension of the topic s content will be required, and consequently, must be displayed in either a short reply or paragraph length response. In this scenario, an ELL pupil will be required to non merely map good in English, but besides get competency in the content countries. Again, this tell between linguistic communication proficiency and capable affair competence narrows as ELL pupils matriculate toward the upper classs.In a math portfolio, pupils can include day-to-day work and undertakings disclosed over clip. Ideally, day-to-day work should besides demo how word jobs have enhanced problem-solving accomplishments. It is of import that self-assessment be included in a math portfolio.In a scientific discipline portfolio, an ELL pupil should include illustrations of his or her experiments, studies, and undertakings. A image accompany with a brief account can be substituted whenever a undertaking or experiment is either excessively cumbrous or two length y for inclusion in a portfolio. Self-assessment should be used to demo the pupil how they have experienced growing and gained recognition in scientific discipline. Daily work separated overtime should be gathered that demonstrates how cognition has been obtained through a scientific discipline text edition.In a societal surveies portfolio, ELL pupils could follow the same format as they would for both a math and scientific discipline portfolio. They would, nevertheless, supply more written responses to information gathered from text and related articles.Reports and undertakings could besides be included in a societal surveies portfolio. Keep in head, nevertheless, that it is of import that the work be separated into intervals spaced over clip, from the beginning to the terminal of the term or school twelvemonth. By making this, an ELL instructor could break measure his or her pupils advancement in both the content countries every routine good as in English.As can be intoxicaten in a linguistic communication arts portfolio, the usage of rubrics and checklists are every bit of import for usage with content country portfolios.Whether or non an ELL pupil is schooled in a home room ELL category or a pull-out environment, it is equable the duty of the ELL instructor to shepherd his or her pupils in both the linguistic communication humanistic disciplines and the content countries. For this ground, it s imperative that ELL instructors retain an candid duologue and co-ordinate frequently with the content country instructors.Guidelines for utilizing portfolios.1. ) Determine the goals- ELL instructors and other module members must make up ones mind what types of information demands appraisal. Consequently, the instructors must acknowledge how the information can be provided.2. ) Design the portfolio Ell instructors and other module must make up ones mind what types of merchandises to be included in the portfolio.3. ) Establish marking and rating standards B oth rubrics and checklists must be develop that support the criterions of public presentation, every bit good as tug acquisition and growing.4. ) Establish and identify undertakings that support criterions and course of study The ELL instructor and other module must aline assessment undertakings to their province s model for content criterions.5. ) Establish explicit standards that is student-centered All twitch within a portfolio must incorporate pupil work that allows for self-assessment and self-reflection.6. ) Elevate the immensity of the portfolio Students must acknowledge that portfolios represent the incarnation of their surveies. Portfolios should be contained in an attractive, til now lasting folder/binder. Portfolios should be housed in one distinguishable country of the schoolroom, surrounded by attractive, yet formal trim.7. ) The assemblage and inclusion of stuff The ELL instructor must denominate certain(a) plants for inclusion in the portfolio. cardinal mus t maintain in head that stuff should be included in intervals get downing from the beginning to the terminal of the term or school twelvemonth.8. ) Self-assessment Students should be able to reflect upon their work in order to place what they have learned, every bit good as what inevitably redress. Self-assessment should happen upon the completion of a undertaking, every bit good as in intervals in order to uncover growing.9. ) parental engagement Parents must be kept good aware of portfolio designations. In add-on, parents need to puddle full entree to the portfolios contents, every bit good as to the be on/growth that each portfolio shows. Leting the pupils to take their portfolios place could be hazardous delinquent to possible loss and/or harm. For this ground, the instructor must denominate certain yearss within the term or school twelvemonth for parents to physically see their kid s portfolio. An surrogate means for portfolio reappraisal must happen when a parent s ag enda conflicts with a category visit.10. ) Portfolios benefits toward larning and growing A. ) A tabular array of contents must be included for organisational intents.B. ) A description of pupil advancement as it relates to each assignment s standards, rubrics, and checklists, and this should happen throughout the term or school twelvemonth, attach at regular intervals that reflect the pupils ongoing phases of learning/growth.( OMalley & A Pierce, 1996 Gomez, 1999 ) schoolroom clip and infinite for portfoliosTeachers must acknowledge that portfolios follow pupils work, non frailty versa. That is, one should non schedule portfolio work every hebdomad on of any unpaired twenty-four hours. This is obvious for a figure of grounds. First, portfolios are intended to demo growing of larning over a longer period of clip ( term to term, or get downing to stop of school twelvemonth ) . Second, by adding material hebdomadal, both the instructor and the pupil will happen it hard to foregro und growing. Third, frequently, blocks of instructions can widen over clip. If a homophile(a) twenty-four hours has been designated for portfolio work, both the instructor and the pupils might happen themselves halfway through a undertaking, therefore doing it hard to include that undertaking or separate a breakage point. On the other manus, the portfolio would go meaningless if the stuff were gathered indiscriminately.If the portfolios are meant to expose work from merely one category, so both the instructor and the pupils can hold more leeway make up ones minding how to divide and include pupil work. In this type of scenario, adding stuff to the portfolio monthly or quarterly would let growing to be observed.Aside from ongoing trials, monthly and/or quarterly inclusions would show how a pupil is bettering his or her grammatics, vocabulary, and eloquence.A instructor will hold to set his or her instruction calendar in order to conform to external timelines if the school or territo ry has mandated portfolios ( Gomez, 1999 ) .As mentioned earlier, portfolios should be housed in a leftover country of the schoolroom, surrounded by attractive, yet formal trim. Attention should be made to curtail entree to portfolios. Students will break appreciate and work more responsibly when importance has been added to the portfolios. The location and design of the portfolio s place should include an facet of formality. Therefore, promoting the portfolio s importance in the eyes of the pupil.Parental engagement with portfoliosParental support and engagement is equivalent to any pupil s acquisition. In respects to parents, all excessively frequently they are left unaware of the portfolios purpose, contents, ends, and ways for supplying appraisal. For this ground, it is imperative that the parents be included in the portfolio procedure ( Hill & A Ruptic, 1994 ) .Schools or instructors should denominate peculiar darks within a seven-day timeframe for informal presentations. Me rely one dark would be necessary to go to, yet schools could break suit the parents agenda when fling a presentation on assorted darks within the hebdomad. The presentation should concenter on on the intent and ends of the portfolio. Teachers can besides include the advantages, intercommunicate results, format, and features of a portfolio. By making this, parents will be better informed of the portfolios intent and procedure.By including parents, pupils will be better able to show the positive effects of their schooling. Parents will besides develop a deeper apprehension of how linguistic communication proficiency and capable affair competency develop over clip through assorted agencies of direction and stuff. Furthermore, parents will appreciate how their kids have developed, and will be more willing to back up a instructor s agencies for direction and appraisal ( Tierney, Carter, & A Desai, 1991 ) .Student appraisal of personal portfoliosOne of the chief advantages of assessme nt Portfolios is that it promotes student self-evaluation, full of life thought, and contemplation.Students, whether general or ELL understand their capablenesss, every bit good as what challenges them. Sadly, all excessively frequently, they are left out in the cultivation of processs and patterns for the appraisal of their acquisition. Often, the patterns and processs that are employed to rate their acquisition rely straight off on prescribed information or blink of an eye callback. rarely do they rate what pupils understand about themselves and their acquisition. Seldom are pupils able to reflect on their acquisition and growing, and rarely are pupils called upon to utilize what they know by showing that growing and apprehension ( AMLE, 1999 ) .Leting pupils to take an active fortune in the planning, preparation, and appraisal of the portfolio changes all of the above.Through pupil appraisal, pupils will hold the chance to link and do sense of their work and their acquisitio n. Students must be able to utilize their accomplishments and cognition, while showing their apprehension of issues and thoughts ( AMLE, 1999 ) .In a pupil led portfolio conference, both the instructor and the parents should sit-back and let the pupil to excuse their acquisition and how the stuff that has been included demonstrates their growing. Both instructors and parents can inquire inquiries, and of class offer counsel to the portfolios organisation, they would, nevertheless, want the pupil to presume full duty and ownership for the portfolio and its contents.Checklists, which will be described subsequently, offer yet another manner for pupils to pull off non merely their acquisition but besides their inclusion of stuff into a portfolio.

Population Growth and the Arising Environmental Issues Essay

Population is determined by the relationship of two factors. One macrocosm support put and the other is death rate. If the do of deaths is slight than the number of births hence the creation is outgrowth larger. In John Laffins invigorated The Hunger to Come data is present showing that the cosmos leave continue to grow and non stop Ab tabu 2050 the tribe exit be 15. 000 million, a century later 82. 000 million and by 2350 a frightening 440. 000 million will be reached(Engelman, 47).Like all sustainment organisms, human race grow and reproduce however, comp ard to the rate of which food is grown and supplied, the birth rate rises at a much faster rate. This comp ared rate of growing is cognize as the Malthusian relationship. The Malthusian relationship concludes that human population will eventually grow to be also big, to the point where in that respect will not be enough food tag on and other vital resources. When this take a chances, famine and/or death wil l occur, unless a be after is put into place regarding how to limit population growth.One main task which results in the Malthusian relationship would be un curtailled fertility. Since the death rate is decreasing due to medical advancements it allows to a greater extent births to happen. Humans without doubt will create a baby faster than the supplies needed to support them. This results in birthrate creation dropped overmaster to zero population growth. This can happen in umteen ways, providing women with contraception (birth hold back), abortion centers and by cralimentation laws to prevent couples from having more(prenominal) then two children.Education on family planning and birth control is a primary factor in restraining population growth. A habitual problem that people think is associated with overpopulation is having nowhere to put everyone, only there are also legion(predicate) other milieual issues that it causes. More humans will be using more cars, burning mo re fuel, eating more food and drinking more urine. This causes more ancestry pollution, more lands are ruined and more water and food to disappear. Therefore, population control is necessary on a global level in order of magnitude to protect our environment. Population growth is ruining the universes oceans and water sources.This causes a decrease in globes water supply for the future. Due to the fact that water is vital to survive, the water sources being colly will not do humans well. Besides water pollution, population growth also pollutes the gloriole, which causes the greenhouse install and reduction of the ozone mold. The greenhouse effect is when gases build up around the earths outer atmosphere which literally turns the earth into a greenhouse. What this means is that the heat allowed into the earths atmosphere is trapped inside and not aloud back out of the earths atmosphere.This results in an gain of the earths temperature, thusly it causes natural disasters suc h as hurricanes and due to the increased heat, crops do not grow properly. With the greenhouse effect incurs the disappearing ozone layer. The main purpose of the ozone layer is to see the amount of UV light coming down to the earths surface from the sun. The chemical chlorofluorocarbon which is found in straining conditioning systems, when in the air breaks down the ozone layer. This relates to population growth because of how many families are being produced everyday which results in more communities being make which means more houses.Therefore, this means more air-conditioning units will be in use, which results in the chemical chlorofluorocarbon being let out into the air and breaking down the ozone layer. With the ozone layer being broken down, more UV light enters the earths atmosphere and causes humans to gain fell diseases such as skin cancer. Therefore, if population growth is controlled and there is less people, less air conditioning will be used, global heat and the breaking ozone layer could be prevented. Main causes of air pollution are the use of cars and industrial plants, both which let loose harmful exhaust system into the air. sultry rain is a result of air pollution, it occurs when too many toxins are released into the air. It is made by fossil fuels being burnt then released into the air as a gas which then reacts with sunlight, oxygen and moisture. Acid rain when precipitated pollutes water and damages many materials and resources. some other downfall to cars with population growth is the fact of cars having air conditioning. This is because more chlorofluorocarbon will be let into the air from the cars air conditioning.With the population increasing, it is creating air pollution which is harmful to all living organism because they need disinvest air, one of the most important necessities of life, to breathe. Population growth also threatens the earths farming resources. For example the desertification of land, this occurs when fe rtile land is turned into sterile land. This can happen from overgrazing of cattle, or the topsoil being carried away (erosion). If too much water is used, it can cause desertification which is mostly caused by a growing population.The more people need food, the more land is being used in the wrong way to try and make food. Another way population growth affects our outdoors is deforestation. Forests are cut down for the demand of fire wood, agricultural space, paper products and more space to live. However, forests are needed for more than human needs such as to regulate the amount of carbon dioxide let out into the atmosphere. Let it be known that population control will not end all the problems, but it would allow more time for them to be fixed and alienate environment problems.The earths environment is not infinite and can come to an end if population control was not started. Actions must be taken now to correct the current situations with the world involving population growth, these actions are the increase of deforestation and desertification, the decrease of farmland, more water pollution, the deteriorating ozone layer and the greenhouse effect. It is unmistakable that there is no way our population can keep growing at the rate it does now without negatively impacting our environment.