Saturday, February 23, 2019

Population Growth and the Arising Environmental Issues Essay

Population is determined by the relationship of two factors. One macrocosm support put and the other is death rate. If the do of deaths is slight than the number of births hence the creation is outgrowth larger. In John Laffins invigorated The Hunger to Come data is present showing that the cosmos leave continue to grow and non stop Ab tabu 2050 the tribe exit be 15. 000 million, a century later 82. 000 million and by 2350 a frightening 440. 000 million will be reached(Engelman, 47).Like all sustainment organisms, human race grow and reproduce however, comp ard to the rate of which food is grown and supplied, the birth rate rises at a much faster rate. This comp ared rate of growing is cognize as the Malthusian relationship. The Malthusian relationship concludes that human population will eventually grow to be also big, to the point where in that respect will not be enough food tag on and other vital resources. When this take a chances, famine and/or death wil l occur, unless a be after is put into place regarding how to limit population growth.One main task which results in the Malthusian relationship would be un curtailled fertility. Since the death rate is decreasing due to medical advancements it allows to a greater extent births to happen. Humans without doubt will create a baby faster than the supplies needed to support them. This results in birthrate creation dropped overmaster to zero population growth. This can happen in umteen ways, providing women with contraception (birth hold back), abortion centers and by cralimentation laws to prevent couples from having more(prenominal) then two children.Education on family planning and birth control is a primary factor in restraining population growth. A habitual problem that people think is associated with overpopulation is having nowhere to put everyone, only there are also legion(predicate) other milieual issues that it causes. More humans will be using more cars, burning mo re fuel, eating more food and drinking more urine. This causes more ancestry pollution, more lands are ruined and more water and food to disappear. Therefore, population control is necessary on a global level in order of magnitude to protect our environment. Population growth is ruining the universes oceans and water sources.This causes a decrease in globes water supply for the future. Due to the fact that water is vital to survive, the water sources being colly will not do humans well. Besides water pollution, population growth also pollutes the gloriole, which causes the greenhouse install and reduction of the ozone mold. The greenhouse effect is when gases build up around the earths outer atmosphere which literally turns the earth into a greenhouse. What this means is that the heat allowed into the earths atmosphere is trapped inside and not aloud back out of the earths atmosphere.This results in an gain of the earths temperature, thusly it causes natural disasters suc h as hurricanes and due to the increased heat, crops do not grow properly. With the greenhouse effect incurs the disappearing ozone layer. The main purpose of the ozone layer is to see the amount of UV light coming down to the earths surface from the sun. The chemical chlorofluorocarbon which is found in straining conditioning systems, when in the air breaks down the ozone layer. This relates to population growth because of how many families are being produced everyday which results in more communities being make which means more houses.Therefore, this means more air-conditioning units will be in use, which results in the chemical chlorofluorocarbon being let out into the air and breaking down the ozone layer. With the ozone layer being broken down, more UV light enters the earths atmosphere and causes humans to gain fell diseases such as skin cancer. Therefore, if population growth is controlled and there is less people, less air conditioning will be used, global heat and the breaking ozone layer could be prevented. Main causes of air pollution are the use of cars and industrial plants, both which let loose harmful exhaust system into the air. sultry rain is a result of air pollution, it occurs when too many toxins are released into the air. It is made by fossil fuels being burnt then released into the air as a gas which then reacts with sunlight, oxygen and moisture. Acid rain when precipitated pollutes water and damages many materials and resources. some other downfall to cars with population growth is the fact of cars having air conditioning. This is because more chlorofluorocarbon will be let into the air from the cars air conditioning.With the population increasing, it is creating air pollution which is harmful to all living organism because they need disinvest air, one of the most important necessities of life, to breathe. Population growth also threatens the earths farming resources. For example the desertification of land, this occurs when fe rtile land is turned into sterile land. This can happen from overgrazing of cattle, or the topsoil being carried away (erosion). If too much water is used, it can cause desertification which is mostly caused by a growing population.The more people need food, the more land is being used in the wrong way to try and make food. Another way population growth affects our outdoors is deforestation. Forests are cut down for the demand of fire wood, agricultural space, paper products and more space to live. However, forests are needed for more than human needs such as to regulate the amount of carbon dioxide let out into the atmosphere. Let it be known that population control will not end all the problems, but it would allow more time for them to be fixed and alienate environment problems.The earths environment is not infinite and can come to an end if population control was not started. Actions must be taken now to correct the current situations with the world involving population growth, these actions are the increase of deforestation and desertification, the decrease of farmland, more water pollution, the deteriorating ozone layer and the greenhouse effect. It is unmistakable that there is no way our population can keep growing at the rate it does now without negatively impacting our environment.

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