Sunday, May 5, 2019

Gun Control is Not the Ticket to Peace Assignment

Gun Control is not the Ticket to Peace - Assignment ExampleIn this respect, the effectiveness of the heavy weapon control laws will be the deterrent of the incidences of shootings, but not stopping such incidences from occurring altogether (Griffith, n.p.). The logic behind this observation is that the addition in the incidences of shootings is not caused by the highest number of licensed guns that the government has issued to the civilians. In fact, if we would like to be simple with ourselves, we would then agree that virtually all the incidences of public shootings atomic number 18 as a result of guns that are acquired il ratifiedly (Smith, n.p.). Consequently, the establishment of gun control laws may help to instil fear on the legal gun triumphers not to shoot at otherwises, but such efforts will switch no make on the criminals and social deviants who rule and operate the black markets.Further, it is also essential to pose and reflect for a moment on the major reasons wh y those sight who shoot at the public do so. Is it because they have acquired a licensed gun and are trying to test its efficiency? Is it because they have been licensed to hold a gun and they want the rest of the public to realize that they are legal gun holders who nates now shoot at anyone, anywhere and at any time? Or is it because such people are feeling that their security is highly threatened by the innocent schoolhousechildren and so they enter the school premises, draw their guns and shoot at them? The reality attests to none of the above. Thus, the core of the problem does not lie in the possession of a gun legal or illegal, but in the state of the mind of the gun holder (Pacharis, n.p.). In this respect, if we are to address the problem of people shooting at innocent children and other unarmed members of the public, then we have to think in direction of treating the core of the problem of the attackers, which is their mental health.The cataclysm of mass murder is not committed by individuals who are sane, but mostly by only if a small section of the society that has a mental health problem.

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