Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Conflict Managment and Resolution Research Paper

Conflict Manag manpowert and Resolution - Research Paper ExampleIn request to achieve this aim, the paper will conduct a literature review of the researches conducted till date that produce explored the transactional leadership and managers approaches to resolving and mitigating conflicts in a work rest home. A manager is a someone who has to manage the workforce and to make them achieve organizational objectives. A manager has to plan, organize, lead and control. Leading is the burden function of management. However, a manager is always a leader but a leader is not always a manager. The transactional leadership is a type of leadership style in which the leader perceives that citizenry can be motivated through rewards and punishments only. This is the most common type of leadership style and wide adopted in contrast to charismatic and transformational leadership style. Every manager has to face conflict issues that takes place while they be performing their roles. In this rega rd, they have to undertake steps to handle these conflicts and to resolve them in a manner that is beneficial to the organization. Nevertheless, there are various approaches to conflict management and resolution that varies fit to their outcomes and nature. For instance, Hendel, Fish and Galon (2012) conducted a research study of Israeli nurse managers in general hospitals to analyze their woof of strategy whilst managing conflict and their leadership style. The primary reason for undertaking the research was the fact that nurse managers brushing conflict. The conflict management style determines the degree of effectiveness of the managers. Increasingly, the organizations are realizing the importance of adopting effective... This paper approves that Korabik, Baril and Watson found that the men adopt transactional leadership style while managing conflicts at their workplace. Like, they consider the elements of reward and punishment as in-chief(postnominal) factors in managing and resolving conflicts. The study also found that the leadership styles adopted and their subsequent outcomes were the same among both genders. This study shows that the approaches to conflict management from the managers and transactional leaders point of view are gender biased. The females are more(prenominal) towards transformational leadership roles than the transactional ones as the latter involves definite rules and guidelines to follow. The study also shows that male managers are more focused on adopting leadership style that can help them achieve multiple benefits and no loss.The employees are also informed about the incentives of achieving the required standards and the subsequent penalties for failure. Thus, making it easier for the leaders to identify the potential causes of conflict, start out methods to avoid future disputes and resolve the existing problems effectively.This esssay amkes a conclusion that the nature of conflict and its diversity has demanded a uniform s et of process to resolve disputes that arise in a workplace and in sound cases. For instance, the large number of intellectual property right cases and their sensitive nature has required a speedy, efficient and mutually binding solution to the intellectual property rights stakeholders.

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