Friday, March 15, 2019

Marijuana as Medicine: More Harm Than Help :: pro use of medical marijuana

cannabis as Medicine More Harm Than Help Joan Dalysmokes marijuana. She is similarly a former member of the San FranciscoPolice Department. When Joan was diagnosed with cancer she begana fudd conduct chemotherapy program, which has left her in an almostconstant state of sickness, to battle her disease. She, and many another(prenominal) likeher, read that the only drug they have tried that whole kit to ease theirpain is marijuana (Lacayo np). Claims such as this have led to anational movement pushing the legalization of medical marijuana.Marijuana should not be legalized for medicine or any other purpose.(98) Naturally, those who live the cause of legalization will havetheir arguments, which can be summarized into triple main areas. Thefirst is the claim that marijuana is an instrumental treatment for thenausea associated with chemotherapy in cancer patients. The nextassertion is that marijuana is an effective restrainer of glaucoma.Finally, marijuana advocates claim that it is effective in stimulating theappetite for the bar of AIDS wasting syndrome. (71)Proponents of medical marijuana swear by its baron to ease thesuffering of chemotherapy patients, however there is no enquiry to congest these staunch claims. To be sure, there is a bulky body ofresearch regarding cannabinoids, the chemicals found in plants of thesame type as marijuana- the cannabis family, only if the overwhelmingmajority of those studies use the already USDA approved dronabinol,a synthetic tab version of marijuanas main psychoactive ingredient,tetrahydrocannabinol (NIH np). The pill, claim legalization supporters, does not work torelieve nausea (Lacayo np). There is, in fact, only one study that hascompared smoked marijuana and synthetic THC pills. Of the 20patients studied, 9 had no preference, 7 preferred dronabinol, and only4 preferred smoked marijuana (NIH np). Critics of the legalizationCleland 2 movement study that using the drug before its safety and authorisation are obstinate is foolhardy ("Weed Wars" np). There isevidence enough to support this claim. The sum up of patients whohave been clinically dosed with marijuana for research purposes is a walk 56 (NIH np). That is an extremely small number to basesuch large claims on. The treatment of nausea debate generallyfocuses on the synthetic pill/smoked marijuana trade off. The simpletruth is that treatments are easy that much more effective than thepill in the form of ondansetron, granisetron, and others. Theireffectiveness has not been rated against that of marijuana, but thevast majority of patients respond well to these new-made treatments, and thebenefits of marijuana for the remaining few is simply not known (NIHnp). (255) another(prenominal) use of medical marijuana, says advocates, is for

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