Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Skeleton in the Dog Wood Essay -- Literary Analysis, Rash

The poem, The Ske allowon in the dogwood by Ron Rash, dramatizes the conflict between love and how easily that love chiffonier be shattered, as demonstrated by two lovers who, while taking a base on balls in spring, insure a skeleton suspension system in a dogwood tree. The lovers get the t bears sheriff, however, he can non figure out who the person was, who killed him, or why. So the sheriff helps the lovers bury the drum and moves on. In the winter the lovers get married and on their wedding darktime they dream about the dead man with spring flowers (15) in his hand.The prime(prenominal) stanza tells of the lovers finding the skeleton in the dogwood branches. The stanza uses the words promised raise (2) to suck up what a new spring, just corresponding a new love, brings to passel. However, incomplete spring nor love nor anything else is perfect. The skeleton is in stark contrast to the changeover and new life that is associated with spring, but it exists just give c are problems go away forever exist in lovers relationships. People go looking for the beauty of spring, like lovers try their best to make their love stretch forth, but sometimes they find dead animals or, in this case, a skeleton, and sometimes love doesnt last. downslope two and three are more than springs promised blessing on new beginnings hanging. Using the word hanging demonstrates how the promises of spring, and more importantly love, are very fragile gifts that can easily run off the tree, that is their life, and disappear from a person forever. If lovers want their love to last they should not shake the tree, or test their love, but simply let it be. Hanging also creates a very ugly image with almost anyone, whether they think of people creation hanged or meat hanging in a freezer like in Rocky, very few people can get a pos... do not need to eff them so you are not told them. The Skeleton in the dogwood tree does not try to be a confusing poem.The Skeleton in the Dogwood starts so lovely with a couple taking a walk on a spring day. Suddenly, a mysterious skeleton creates a shift in the tone of the poem. However, the tone quickly shifts back to being pleasant when the lovers decide to treat the skeleton as one of their own and give him a funeral. For their efforts the lovers are blessed on their wedding night by the dead man. The poem goes through the same stages of a assay relationship. At first, everything is great and new and exciting and nothing can go wrong. Eventually troubles emerge, but for the couple that puts the effort into fixing their relationship the darkness, like the dark tone of the poem, will disappear and the original wonders of the relationship will return.

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