Thursday, January 10, 2019

Psy/220- Week 1 Check Point- Positive Psychology Themes

everywherebearing Psychology Themes I believe that positive psychological science gives a better understanding that we are qualified to remedy the quality of our own lives by making positive decisions and learning from experiences in the past. absolute psychology moves to encourage kind relationships, happiness, and positive social interactions. Personal harvest and our ability to operate our own set are also factors of positive psychology. In my opinion positive psychology teaches us that we have the license to make supreme choices in life even though the negative influences still surround us. finished the incremental theory, positive psychology has accented the amount of importance of human leeway as a malleable cognitive characteristic that encourages change in our beliefs, behaviors, and environments in order to acquire personal freedom through self-control and self-esteem Positive psychology acknowledges that we are creatures and creators of our personal and socia l worlds. I think that we become less(prenominal) creatures of our world and more creators as we dramatize the responsibility for the actions we take in life. finished our freedom of autonomy we develop a certain sense of morality and ethics.Positive psychology also evaluates the issue of control in relation to leading a fulfilling life. If a person has an internal venue of control they are more believably to push to achieve their full possible in the things they do. On the other get to those with an external locus of control olfactory modalitying powerless within their own lives and attempt to settle for less than what they deserve because they feel they have no control over their life. If we were to fully understand the themes of positive psychology we could become more qualified to improve our own lives.

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