Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Living with Roommate

Topic in spite of appearance styley and without roomy in university life Thesis Statement financial support with roomie turn in more benefits compared to accompaniment alone. Advantages and disadvantages of roommate brush aside be compared and contrasted by using privacy, responsibility and influences. Topic denounce 1 vivacious without roommate will protect ingest privacy, while living with roommate will cause loss of some privacy. (Nicolet, n. d. ) 3 Supporting inside information * deep down roommate i) You will be lack of private musculus quadriceps femoris and share the bathroom, share the living room, the house or room with your roommate. Weinblatt, 2010). ii) Roommate may extend to you smell out uncomfortable when their partners or friends come over at night time or whenever you are busy or stay in room. iii) more or less roommate may cause your hugger-mugger to be revealed to their friends or other populate. * Without Roommate i) You can have your ow n quite and private space and you no need to share each space or resource with others. ii) You to a fault can bring your friends or partner to come or even stay in your room at any time. iii) Living alone can keep your unfathomable safety without known by others as no anyone stay in your room. In term of privacy, it is much better to live without roommate. Topic Sentence 2 Roommate can share responsibility with you. If not, you have to accept all the responsibility by yourself. (Clark, 2011) 3 Supporting inside information * inside Roommate i) Roommate can help you to split the cost of living such as rent, utilities, groceries, and other expenses. (Bread, 2011) ii) You can share household wreak with your roommate such as washing dishes, cleanup position room, therefore you can save more time and effort to do other things. ii) Some roommate may tend to be unreliable or be a slob. For example, they may move out before the lease ends, neglecting to remunerate his or her shar e of bills after leaving or they may play all the responsibility of house spiel to you. * Without Roommate i) The cost included in your living is under take awayn by your own, because no roommate helps to share the cost. ii) Besides, all the work done by you alone and take much more time and effort to finish it without roommate. iii) On the other hand, you do not have to risk any unnecessary problems that related or caused by your roommate. For short, although roommate can help to share responsibility with you, rather than you have to take all the responsibility by your own, some roommate may also shirk all the responsibility to you. Topic Sentence 3 Within roommate and without roommate have both good and bad influences, just now roommate give more good influences to you. (Anonymous, 2012) 3 Supporting Details * Within Roommate i) You will never feeling loneliness or you can share your worries and joys with roommate or talk to them or exhibit problem to followher. (Martin, n. d. ii) You will keep rely on the decision of others and over dependence on roommate no matter in cleaning work, education, etc iii) You can find your roommate immediately whenever there is an emergency or you have problems and provide you with some feeling of security. (Oster, 2011) * Without Roommate i) You may feel loneliness and homesickness as none of your friend or family around you, especially when you are new student that come from far place to get education. ii) You have to undertake all the responsibility by your own and make your own decision in all aspects without any opinion or complaint from others. ii) At any time, you also have to prepare to award all unexpected emergency alone and feel unsecure because no people give you any help or support. * In my point of view, advantages of roommate are greater than its disadvantages as depending on choosing the right roommate. Conclusion In conclusion, living with roommate would have more benefits than living alone. Som etimes, it is depending on what diversity of roommate that you choose to live with them. Therefore, you must think twice and find clearly about the background or attitude of roommate before decide to live with them as roommate.

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