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Marks And Spencer: Growth and Global Strategy

Marks And Spencer Growth and orbiculate StrategyMarks and Spencer, origin tout ensembley know as Penny Bazaars, was founded by Michael Marks in 1884 as a clothing sales caller- aside in Northern England. Thomas Spencer joined Michael Marks ten years after its startup, becoming co- admiter of the attach to. The company has continued to work under the name of Marks Spencer (MS) since 1894. It became a phenomenon, first in its country of origin, the UK, and subsequently internationally. Ameri throw out compass stores influenced MS to start selling both food and clothes in the 1920s. The company saw itself grow from 1894 to 1939, by opening a staggering 234 stores. MS worked in close cooperation with its suppliers and make strategies for the use of new technologies which in turn led to the highest quality in its products. The company had future hope thus adding internationalization and product diversification to its strategy in the late 80s. Over the years it everyplacelyk ove r its competitors, as a major retailer selling diverse product ranges under their own max brand in more than than 30 countries. Marks and Spencer arouse be proud of leading the slipstream over all its major competitors in the key argonas of quantity, quality, and trust, breadth of range and customer service.MS fixed to close one of its stores in Edmonton, along with 14 other stores in Canada, with the 8 remaining stores universe closed in a short span of one month. This brought an end to Marks and Spencers 26-year run in Canada. Marks and Spencer were never winnerful in Canada, said Fin, director of Canadian Institute of Retailing and work Studies at the University of Alberta. Mounting losses and a retail economy that was fierce and competitive had forced them out of the Canadian foodstuff. (Le Riche 1999). The expansion into new retail territory is exposit of MSs pledge to create a practic up to(p) business in the Peoples Re unexclusive within the next five years. MS has endured a difficult doorway to the retail scene in China from the prosaic and workaday bestow chain problems and sizing and determine issues, to the sacking of the China boss and a death in-store shortly after opening. MS with the help of commercialise research and focus groups are making improvements. At present they befool their own buying squad in China and their sizing is much better. (Thorniley 2010) In comparison, their entry strategies into Indian Market were a several(predicate) predicament that MS had to face. Most Indian shoppers were of the idea that MS did non offer the same products as they did internationally. (Jack 2011). MS undermined the Indian market due to its vastness and complexities thus their strategies were deformed leading to problems much(prenominal) as products beingness over priced which lacked the afford index factor. From 2000 till 2007, MS allowed its former franchisee in India, Planet Retail, to treat it as an up-market instead than a mi d-market brand, pricing MS goods even higher than in the UK, and it failed to adapt what it offered to local tastes. In 2008, preclude that Planet Retail had opened just 10 stores in the seven years since it signed up with MS, the UK- found supermarket chain ended the affinity and in the same year re-launched in a joint guess with Reliance Industries.During its substantial growth, one asshole none switch overs in the methods of operation undertaken by Marks Spencer. They were positive they knew what was right for their customers and would be adequate to satisfy their needs in the long run and this direct of stamp would help them succeed. This is why they refused to bring changes to the things they did. On examining the expansion of Marks Spencer, one can conclude that the capital reason for their failure to succeed was that they tried to force their tried-and-tested strategy on a market that had their own unique culture and refused to change. As a result, Marks Spence r was forced to bring their expansion plans to a dead end and eventually pulled out.MS always had a much conformed normal which included identical layout, store design, program lineal activity and so on. They also insisted on using totally British suppliers. It was not a very rational decision in 1998 as at the cartridge clip, plans were made to conquer the European and American markets which had totally different cultures to the British. They believed that customers thought that they received higher quality from British suppliers. From past experience, they implemented their tried and tested formula in assorted overseas markets. This strategy backfired bringing in a drastic fall in the share price and profits. However, the CEO at the time, Sir Richard Greenbury, insisted that the profit loss was due to the competitive environment. There were many an(prenominal) reports that MS no longer understood the customers needs and had misread its target market.Looking into various factors as to why internationalization failed in regard to MS, there are various inter-connecting reasons. Analysts suggest that Greenbury gave focus only to the day-to-day operations of the organization rather than give priority to their long-term strategic plans which needed to be altered. Elements that contributed to the success of Marks and Spencer in UK did not apply to the global market. The long-sustained buy-British policy, the distinctiveness of the retail operation, the priority on a British brand alone and the lack of clear retail positioning and design, all presented problems in the global situation. Another reason croup it was the inexperience ofdecentralized control of businesses. When the crisis became inevitable, the reaction was to quickly to blank space themselves from this global operation.As Lassarre (2007) commented on Global Strategy, a company needs to possess Global ambitions, Global position, Global business system and Global organization structure proces ses along with the coordination of kind-hearted resource counselling to make water a competitive advantage. MS needs to improve on its management and global bring chain. For an organization to survive, change management is critically important in their respective market. It is essential for an organization to realise that every market is in a state of imbalance. Marks and Spencer lacked itself in analyzing their market, finding out what the authoritative trends were, what their customers wanted, and this is one reason why they struggle to keep their customers. The company failed to change with the changing times of their market though being dominant for many years. Finally they found themselves struggling to keep their customers satisfied or even keep their customers.Looking closely at the MS business model, Mellahi (2005) stresses that marketing strategy and its supply chain are some of the reasons for the deterioration of this companys sales and its profits. The buying team behind MS had no contact with customers. MS defines its new creations completely blindly from its customers or its potential customers expectations and demands. Another reason behind the financial decline of MS was the inaccurate supply chain strategy. MS was capable of a clear warehouse, sufficient suppliers, structured store ne twainrk and also had a cost-efficient supply chain. Although a boon, such a supply chain lacks in flexibility. In this scenario MS found it difficult to restructure its drudgery planning during the one-year product development phase. If a new trend occurred during the one-year development period, it was too late to change all its enacts because its suppliers already ordered all the raw materials. Another weakness in the MS supply chain was that it was completely decentralized. MS lacked in one aspect namely being a self-supplier for any products sold in its store. Although St.Micheal was its own brand, it was produced by suppliers. Since all its suppliers were external, it had no flexibility to change any order or to manage the purchase of raw materials or the purchase of semi-finished products.After a century of being leaders in the textile industry, MS should rectify its economic situation and its market image in order to regain its place in the competition among its adversaries. If MS changed its supply chain by using a responsive supply chain instead of the cost-efficient one, like Zara, it would have more flexibility to follow the trend changes and adapt its product to market demand. This entrust prevent MS from losing its customers because of inaccurate forecasts and building up inaccurate inventory.MS could also adapt its marketing strategy to the increase trends in the textile market. MS should maintain a direct contact with customers thus directing their creations based on the desires of prospective customers. Using this method, it can attract new customers without the fear of losing its loyal customers. This method can al so enable MS to have adequate inventory to respond the market demand and to suspend build up of the unneeded inventory.The company needs more changes in order to avoid march onfinancial problems.(Rankine 1998).To prevent troubles in the future, MS should work and coordinate closely with its suppliers to implement a malleableproduction system within their plants. This will allow suppliers to respond to any order changes on time with demanded products. MS obtains most of its products from suppliers implemented in the UK which are relatively expensive than those in European or Asian countries. MS should adopt a new global sourcing strategy where purchasing products from cheaper sources can invalidate supplies cost thereby increasing profit margin.Philosophy of culture Reflection PaperPhilosophy of Education Reflection PaperABSTRACTMy philosophy of grooming stems from the years of seeing my arrest relative-in-law construe classes in order to attain a more lucrative position in her field of business. The visions of her session at the table with a pencil in one hand, a highlighter in the other and her volume perusing several books, newspaper articles, and her personal notes, gave me the insight to strive for a better life. My mother in-law was and still is a firm believer the she can achieve anything with Christ and that her degree was attainable. Seeing my mother in-law so engaged helped me lay down the importance of statement, becoming a lifelong scholarly person and the possibilities that could be discovered by being a continuous and active learner. Getting a good education was a constant phrase reiterated quotidian in my house look at with my children. I understood that education was the plebeian denominator for success and the foundation in which all other professions are based. My goal is to impart into children to be fruitful citizens, lifelong learners and have a love for God and erudition.Keywords nurture, education, children, successIntr oductionWorking in the public educational setting as a Parent social function has afforded me the opportunity to gain a great esteem for education and its importance. In my past experiences, I have noticed the number of students entering inculcate being unable to read, recall, infer or comprehend. These situations with students caused my heart to ache for their learning. I have witnessed beginning kindergartners with no phonemic awareness, very little sight word recognition, and little to no awareness of groom and its importance. My daily bang is to instill the value of education in my students and its direct alignment to both their salvation and success in their life. Regularly, I question students regarding their future goals, dreams, and how education will play an intricate part in their success and achieving those goals. Education is the core element in which all other professions are based and reservoired. any profession involves the human connection of educating and po uring into the spirit. I believe that all students can learn and that learning is a lifelong process that can be achieved with students, parents, and the community.Worldview Philosophy of LifeHaving received grace to be able to walk through this universe for over 50 years, I have come to realize the result of your daily life is the efforts that put forth into the universe. Understanding that people are complicated and hold various experiences is the key to maturity and adult growth. Recognizing this can be a difficult task if the various(prenominal) is not conscientious in the moment. We are human beings and continuously deal in the flesh. Our emotions can sometimes overtake our conscientiousness which causes the head to lead as opposed to the heart.This view is shared daily with my students as I try to promote the value of education. School life is my life, and my daily mission is not a job but a calling. It is an opportunity to have a positive impact on students and their future s. pouring quality information into my students in most cases is the only positive affirmation some of them may receive. My ability to breathe positivity into my students spirit may be the only spark that ignites the spirit and assist the students in moving forward within this world.Life challenges my daily practice as a Parent Liaison (educator). However, I am solid in my belief of knowing that education and true quality of education is the foundation and path to any successful career. The connection between school and active learning is equivalent with success and prosperity. Active learning is essential for a full and productive life. With education, one essential be intentional, attentive and conscientious of and recognize the value of the presented opportunities. This active involvement makes the work meaningful and creates success. According to Froebels educational philosophy in order for this to take place the student must be in a happy, harmonious environment in which he or she can grow and the unhurt person can be built (Gutek, 1995).Christians are human beings, and the flesh is part of that existence. The challenges of a Christians daily walk are directly aligned with some of the issues facing our educational system. Christians and t to each oneers (who are Christians) are passionate regarding surfaceing others the determination of life and being grounded in their personal beliefs, owning that belief, and sharing that belief. In some cases, both teachers and Christians are held in high regard. Their actions must correlate with internal beliefs and be an example for their students and others. Romans 122 (ESV) Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may get laid what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.Philosophy of Schools LearningBeing in public education for over twenty years, I have come to realize that building positive relationships is the connection be tween school and learning. Students come to school with various experiences and unclaimed baggage. As educators, it is important that we recognize and attend and teach the whole child plot leaving no stone unturned.Todays educational system and its students does not allow for antique and traditional settings and behaviors. The structural settings no longer require students to stay seated in straight rows while the teacher lectures. Because todays students are different, the learning must be different and presented in a manner at the students present level of ground. Teachers must utilize various pedagogical methods to meet the varying needs of the learners. The learners must be able to actively engage in the process of learning, which includes but not limited to developing critical ventureing skills through open dialogue and peer interaction. In addition, teachers should ask thought provoking, deep, investigate questions, which extends the learners thinking.Because the learner has various learning styles, it is imperative the teacher is equipped with a multitude of instructional practices in order to differentiate the instruction to meet students at their present level of understanding. Active engagement and the procession of meaningful technology usage assists in bridging the deficit gap and critical understanding.Teachers must educate themselves to gravel familiar with todays students and their learning styles. Understanding learning styles assists the teacher with the improvement of instructional delivery and overall schoolroom management. Regarding improved instructional practices, teachers can assist the various learners by creating learning centers that involves active engagement in order to successfully complete an assigned task. Positive peer interaction can motivate each student to do their best. Pestalozzi and Froebels educational philosophies closely relates to what I believe approximately education students. Johann Pestalozzi believed tha t every exclusive could learn and individuals should have a right to an education. He believed that as a society we had a art to put these things into practice (Bowers and Gehring, 2004). Froebels kindergarten method is not just for kindergarten students, but can be conducive for all students.Educational PracticeA Christians beliefs are directly aligned with their daily practices. Both Christians and teacherstravel a path of selflessness while pouring and teaching valuable, eternal lessons. As an educatorwe are always looking for ways to be innovative, but we must remember our students. Myeducational practice would be more in line with progressivism and social reconstuctionism,viewing the learner as the central focus. When working with students I will serve as a guide andfacilitator assisting the student in reaching their learning goals. Students will be introduced tolearning centers and work in with partners. Students will take ownership of their work and their schoolroom. My goa l is assist to students to mark for the future and to be independent-thinkers.When presenting new material to our students, make sure that we clarify the purpose and thelearning goals to our students show them models and examples. According to Graham (2009), weare to apply biblical truth to all of education, and not just separate of it. Our goal is for the student tobe successful. As colleagues we discuss if something is working or not, so why not take the timewith our students to hold classroom discussions active their learning. In this way educators willbe able to observe how the student is grasping the material and if something needs to change. Itis important that students receive feedback from assignments and to give the teacher feedbackabout the learning process. Metacognitive strategies will be implemented to so that students aregiven the opportunities to plan, monitor their learning, and self-reflect along the learning process.Teacher-Learner RelationshipsBeing a teacher is a true calling that only special people can and should answer. The old adage regarding those who can do and those who cannot teach is meaningless and degrading to all who are in the educational profession. Being a teacher is not just standing in front of a class lecturing and students utilizing pencil and paper to record the transferred information. Being a teacher is about the human experience and making a spiritual connection with those whom you are in contact. According to Graham (2009), we are to apply biblical truth to all of the educational process, not just part of it.The subprogram of a both learner and teacher are important for the others existence. The learner is one who challenges the teacher to critically think and ask probing questions in order to extend their mental capacity. In addition, the learner actively engages in the lesson/conversation and acquires relevant information that is prudent to their success. Ultimately, the learner has to be intrinsically motivated to gain knowledge. The role of a quality teacher is able to reach deep within their learners and appeal to their hearts. By doing this, the teacher can make a connection with the learners and guide them appropriately while communicating the importance of an education and allowing them to see and understand to true benefits of their educational journey. Once the connection between learner and teacher have been established, the teacher can speak words of encouragement, life, and longevity into the learner and giving them a great appreciation for education and its value.One cannot exist without each other. Success can only be experienced if the two (learner and teacher) are united. In the public school setting, building teacher/learner relationship is essential. Witnessing various classrooms, I have noticed that teachers who positively interact with their students experience success on a greater level compared to those teachers who do not buy into their students. Mutual respects are t he foundation to a successful teacher-student relationship it is the teacher who sets the tone for and models respectful behavior. Once the relationship is established, the ability to pour into our learners is durable. Titus 27-8 (ESV), show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, and full speech that cannot be condemned, so that an opponent may be put to shame, having nothing evil to utter about us.DiversityIt is very important for teachers to know their learners and how they learn. As stated earlier, life experiences varies and that must be taken into account when educating our youth. Understanding your learners and appreciating their differences is crucial to both their success and the success of the teacher. Being willing to look for those differences give the teacher a concrete understanding of instructional practices that would be benefit their learner.Teachers should be able to utilize various instructional practices to re ach their learners and allow them to be successful. It is extremely important to meet the learner at their present level of understanding and grow their knowledge base. The learners life experiences has an impact on their instructional understanding whether positive or negative.As it relates to diversity, Ruby Payne (2001) noted that students experiences and their ability to attain resources plays an intricate part of the learners success. Payne noted that emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical resources are vital learners of diverse background. Colossians 311 (ESV), Here there is not Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised,barbarian, Scythian, slave, free but Christ is all, and in all. As educators with diverse learners, we should remember it is not about us, but Christ in us and in our students.ConclusionAs stated earlier, education is the root in which all other professions grow. Educating students about the world and the beauty of Gods glory is the most rewarding missio n that can ever be experienced. Conflict occurs when teachers are not kept abreast with the change of society. alone as some ministers must utilize unorthodox methods to capture the attention of our youth in order to move them into the church to learn of Gods love, the teacher, in the classroom setting, must research and stay abreast of the various needs of students and their learning styles in order to meet their academic, social and emotional needs.ReferencesBowers, F., Gehring, T. (2004). Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi 18th Century Swiss Educator and Correctional Reformer. Journal of Correctional Education, 55(4), 306-319. Retrieved from http//, D. L. (2009).Teaching redemptively Bringing grace and truth into your classroom (2nd ed.). Colorado Springs, CO Purposeful Design Publications. ISBN 9781583310588.Gutek, G.L. (1995). A history of Western educational experience (2nd ed.) immense Grove, IL Waveland Press. ISBN 9780881338188.Johnson, L. (201 1). Teaching outside the box how to grab students by their brains. San Francisco Jossey-Bass, a Wiley Brand.Payne, R.K. (2001). A framework for understanding poverty. Highlands, TX Aha Process, Inc.Russell, K.A., Aldridge, J. (2009). Play, unity and symbols Parallels in the works of Froebel and Jung. International Journal of Psychology and Counseling, 1 (1), 001-004.

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