Sunday, March 17, 2019

How Steinbeck Creates Two Contrasting Characters In Beginning Of Mice a

During the presidential reign of Hebert Hoover in the early 1930s, America was hit with a severe economic meanwhile which was notoriously known as The Great Depression. During this time of crisis, an estimated sixteen gazillion people were left un engageed and many others were left homeless. Even though it was expected that many industries in the United States would be signifi basintly modify as a result of the crash, it was Agriculture that was destroyed. Many landowners were desperate to employ workers on their farm, whilst workers were anxious themselves to find a job to support their family. In this story, two displaced Anglo migrant ranch workers, George Milton and Lennie Small, travel around America in search for a job. We soon realise their goal to pursue the American Dream, a dream that has equal chance of becoming a worldly push or a mere fantasy. Steinbeck?s novel shows a concern for these two friends as tension is raised over whether they will sink in the Promised L and they cherish so much. Much of this concern can be attributed to the contrasting characters that two George and Lennie possess ?Although George is seen as an intelligent caring individual, his ally Lennie, although physically strong, is a psychologically limited man who has a advantageously chance of inadvertently spoiling their hopes and ambitions, primarily due to his mental incapacity. Whilst Steinbeck describes the two main characters in the novel, we see that there is a significant digression in their physical appearances. For example, there is evidence in the text which suggests that Lennie is a colossal physical specimen ?a huge man, shapeless of face, with large, grisly eyes and he walked heavily...........the way a bear drags his paws.? The very particular that Len... ...?into the trap?. This suggests that he is a man with few weaknesses.We find surface in the latter stages of the story that George has a weakness, specifically his dependency of Lennie. Lennie, in telligently, tries to hold in George by stating that he will leave him and ?live in that cage?. This irritates George who is desperate to win Lennie?s friendship back I extremity you to stay with me Lennie, no you stay with me?. This shows that he needs him just as much as Lennie needs him. In general the reader can see that George needs his mate, Lennie to be able to survive, regardless of how mentally retard he is.On the whole, the writer creates an immense contrast between both of these characters. The use of immaculate description, as well as short, sharp phrases assists the reader in gaining a vivid image of how these two animated characters would be like in real life.

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