Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Coke Zero Essay

Describe the particular proposition type of consumer that the Coca- pot Company is targeting with severally of the fol milding products Diet bump, atomic number 6 Zero, Diet Cola, Plus, Coca- Cola Blak, and Full Throttle Blue Demon. What types of demographic naval division is each products marketing most likely to complicate? The Coca- Cola Company has many different types of products that are marketed towards certain demographics. hotshot of Coca- Colas most popular carbonated draw is Diet coke.Diet Coke is marketed to consumers concerned with nutrition and looking for a low- calorie take in, specifically workforce when first introduced. Originally Coca Cola thought to Market the drink towards men, but due to the feminine stigma and aspartame- sweetened after degustation that turned some consumers against the product . Diet Coke is currently marketed towards women who fate to lose weight. Coke zero is intentional to target consumers such as younger people. Coke Zero wa s designed to offer an alternative low calorie drink to people who didnt really drink Coca- Cola classic or Diet Coke.Diet coke plus, which is a sweeter sport of nutrition coke is fortified with vitamins and minerals, this drink is marketed towards consumers that want to take in less calories and are health conscious . Coca cola blak, which is a cola with coffee essences is marketed to older, more sophisticated consumers who are willing to return more. Full throttle blue demon, an energy drink with an azule flavor was designed to market towards Hispanic men. Most of the demographic segmentation that is most likely included in each products marketing for each type of drink is sexual urge, Age, Income level, and life style.Each demographic segmentation such as Gender and life style was described while reading about each product. One good example is Diet Coke. Since the word diet is use in the product name Diet Coke that attracts females because the word diet is used, but tended to turn away males, due to the drink having a constitution of a female image. When Coke Zero was created Coca Cola refractory to not use the word Diet since it would most likely terror away males, who were the target consumer for this new drink. Using Demographic segmentation butt joint really help make or break a product.

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