Thursday, March 28, 2019

Brian Clark uses a number of techniques to dramatise the Euthanasia Ess

Brian Clark uses a number of techniques to take in the euthanasia Debate in his play, Whos Life is it AnywayBrian Clark uses a number of techniques to dramatise the EuthanasiaDebate in his play, Whos Life is it Anyway. Euthanasia is the heartby which a person has the freedom of choice over whether they be intimate or congest. In the play there atomic number 18 both briny arguments concerning this issue.One argument saying that a patient has the right to figure out this decisionof life and death and on which disagrees and says the patient shouldnot start this choice.Two characters in the play represent the two central arguments. archetypalof all there is mint, mickle believes that he should have the right to subscribe to to die, it is his life, he says that his whole life before hisaccident was sculpture, and now that he drive outnot sculpt because he isparalysed below his neck, he bequeath never be able to sculpt again Imalmost completely paralysed and always will be. I shall never bedischarged by the hospital. According to Ken his life is alreadyover Of course I want to reside but as far as I am concerned, Im curtlyalreadyI cannot accept this condition constitutes life in any(prenominal) realsense at all. Any reasonable definition of life essential include theidea of it being self-supporting. Ken only wants the dignity indeath each man must brighten his own decision. And mine is to diequietly with as much dignity as I can muster. Ken also argues that heis not asking his lawyer to make a choice over his life or death, justto represent his views to the hospital Im not asking you to makeany decision some my life and death, merely that you represent me andmy views to the hospital. Ken argues that the real matter to bediscussed is the ind... ...ise the full impact of what he has beenfighting for. He will no longer be there once he has won his case. Kenwill cease to exist. This helps us to understand why some citizenry areanti-euthanasia, and wh at grave consequences it has and why euthanasiais an extreme solution to take.The battleground offers many possibilities of visualising and dramatisingthis debate, the medical and legal jargon used in the two acts of theplay, the physical space of the stage and the lighting in combination,the black drollery of Ken, the exits and entrances of differentcharacters that are used as mouthpieces of different views on thedebate. Issues are raised in the play as they could not be in prose.There is a suspension of disbelief, a contract between the dramatistand the audience makes sure that the issues are well explored andcontinue to be in a 30 year-old debate.

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