Wednesday, February 13, 2019

What is Philosophy? :: essays research papers

What is Philosophy?I believe that Philosophy is the study of different slipway of thinking. In philosophy, you should question everything and never take anything for face value. There atomic number 18 always two sides to every coin as there are different ways of looking at things, is what philosophy teaches us. In philosophy, you mustiness throw off entirely the limitations you have set on yourself when dealings with how you view things and how things seem to be. Reality is a big topic of countersign in philosophy. How you view things may not be how they really are. A schitzophrenics reality is different from the reality of a sane persons. whence I bear reality to be based on experiences, and perceptions. Something you deem to be wrong may be the same thing your booster unit deems to be right. So does this mean that there really is no mavin true reality?In Philosophy, we learn that it is okay to doubt things that overstep in our lives. It is not only okay but it is a in wrought response to something you are unclear or uncertain about. Sometimes, though, the build-up of doubt becomes to a fault much for someone to handle so they become suicidal or just give up exhausting to think about it all together. When this happens, there is a tendency to become cynical, and this is a tragedy because therefore you feel like nothing is really worth trying to omen out.Most of philosophy deals with the self. People are always trying to find out who they are why theyre here or how things relate to them. All of our lives are spent on a street of self discovery, seeing what the world has to offer us, and where our place really is. If we were to in truth look closely, we would see that page 2we knew who we were all along, we just didnt realize it.

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