Monday, February 18, 2019

Study sources E and F and the site at Quarry bank mill. :: essays research papers

I am studying how useful sources E and F are in arriving at an accurate explanation of how prentices were treated at target intrust Mill in the early 1840s. artificial lake E was written by Robert Hyde Greg in 1843, 7 years subsequently the incident happened. Robert H. Greg was the son of Samuel Greg, he was the original owner of Quarry Bank Mill. By 1836, which was when the Esther charge ran away, Robert H. Greg had inherited the mill. Source F was written in 1838, by a man called John Doherty. He was a campaigner for reducing children?s hours of employment in cotton mills. Doherty had also been in prison for organising pickets. The magistrate was a close friend of Samuel Greg, because of this John Doherty campaigned many generation to close down and taint the reputation of Quarry Bank Mill. some(prenominal) sources E and F are accounts of Esther Price?s escape from Quarry Bank Mill to Liverpool at end of August 1836 with her friend Lucy Garner. Esther Price had asked to g o to Liverpool during Wakes week, a holiday week when the factory was shut, but she was refused. She had twain reasons for running away, she had heard that her father was ill and cute to visit him. The other reason was to collect her birth certificate to prove that she was actually aged(a) than her indenture verbalise so that she could get a paid parentage earlier as apprentices were not paid. An indenture was the contract that an apprentice gestural to say that the child would work for Mr. Greg for a set amount of years, unremarkably seven, and that if they broke any of the rules of that contract the boss had permission to punish them. In source E it says that Esther price and her friend Lucy Garner ran away from the apprentice house on Saturday night. Lucy came back 5 days later on Thursday and Esther came back 5 days after that on Tuesday. When the girls came back, they were to each one put into solitary confinement. Lucy Garner did not have her windows boarded up. Howeve r Esther Prices did, Robert H. Greg said it was also ?partly to prevent her escape.? It says in source E Robert H. Greg wanted to punish them by cutting off the girls? hair, but his sister snap Greg and Mrs Shawcross, the former superintendent argued against this.

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