Thursday, February 7, 2019

Psychological Assessment 1 Midterm Multiple Choice :: essays research papers

severalise the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.__D__ 1. Psychological testsa. touch on only to overt behavior.b. always have right or vituperate answers.c. do not attempt to measure traits.d. measure characteristics of forgiving behavior.__C__ 2. Ones ecumenical potential, independent of prior learning, cornerst peerless best be described asa. achievement.b. aptitude.c. intelligence.d. ability.__D__ 3. Achievement, aptitude and intelligence can be encompassed by the terma. human potential.b. human traits.c. human personality.d. human ability.__B__ 4. The work of Weber and Fechner represent which radical of psychological testing?a. respective(prenominal) differencesb. psychophysical measurementc. survival of the fittestd. Darwinian developing__B__ 5. A childs mental agea. cannot be determined independently of the childs chronological age.b. provides a measurement of a childs performance relative to other children of a particulara ge group.c. cannot be determined from a childs test score.d. can only be determined from large representative samples.__A__ 6. A major(ip) problem with the Woodworth Personal Data Sheet was thata. it assumed the answers were acceptable at face value.b. the normative sample was excessively small.c. it was difficult to administer.d. there were too few questions.__D__ 7. Factor analytic techniques were employed in the development of thea. MMPI.b. CPI.c. TAT.d. 16PF.__C__ 8. Which of the pursuance scales would be used when the information is qualitative rather than quantitative?a. ordinalb. intervalc. nominald. ratio__C__ 9. In the Civil Rights Act of 1991, portion 106,a. within group norming was made legal.b. employers were prohibited from using test score in hiring decisions.c. within group norming was made illegal.d. employers were prohibited from transforming test gain ground.__D__ 10. each(prenominal) point on a scatter diagram representsa. the variance of a set of pull ahe ad.b. the standard deviation of a set of scores.c. where an individual scored compared to the mean.d. where an individual scored on both x and y.__D__ 11. In a negative correlation,a. individuals lam to maintain the same or a similar relative performance.b. scores on one variable tell us nothing just to the highest degree scores on a second.c. individuals who score low on one variable tend to score low on a second.d. heights scores on the x variable are associated with low scores on the y variable.__A?__ 12. Which of the following correlations represents the strongest relationship between two variables?a. .01b. .85c. .80d. .50__C__ 13. If the scores on X give us no information about the scores on Y, this indicatesa. a positive correlation.b. a negative correlation.c. no correlation.d. a perfect correlation.

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