Monday, February 4, 2019

Hard Times - The Theme of Education Essay -- English Literature

Hard Times - The Theme of preceptIn this piece I reckon to explain how Dickens is act to representeducation in the Victorian era and how he feels close to the modality ofteaching that is widely used during his times. I overly intend to makereferences to how the representation of Victorian initiates by Dickenscompares, historically to the actual conditions in a school from theVictorian era. As soon as the book begins we are introduced to a style of teachingthat is dependent alone on facts. One of the main functions of thenovel is Thomas Gradgrind and he is the hatchet human beings of this utilitarianstyle of education and is described as a man who is very strict.Dickens introduces us to this character with a description of his close tocentral feature his monotone appearance and attitude. Stick tofacts, sir This exclamation suggests that the character likes toshout and depart firm. The short, punchy sentence suggests an assertiveand strong character.Dickens withal makes Gr adgrind seem dumb and grating by the gravellyand rough sound of his name and how it is pronounced. Grind, inparticular suggests the grindstone, and flogging away at workconstantly and is associated with the mechanical, repetitive drudgeryof the factory dodging.Dickens as well as employs the outer appearance of Gradgrind to parallel theinner personality of Gradgrind, Square coat, substantial shoulders andsquare legs. This seems to highlight Gradgrinds nature ofunrelenting rigidity. Dickens also uses tricolons to really exaggeratethe impression of this character being dull, boring and oldish fashioned.As a result, his educational ideas are seen to be dull and boring too.We get the overall impression from Dickens that he doesnt... ...stressed by the factory style approach to the children and theireducation. He exaggerates this to show the production reap attitudeto education is wrong and does not help the child. He believes thatthe school in Hard Times treats all children the sa me and there is noexception to the rule. He sees it as a rather utilitarian styleapproach, a one size fits all kind of regime and believes that thissystem has obviously failed. His distress seem to turn to the kind ofanger a activist would show in a protest and in a way his writing ofthe book is his form of a protest which is do through humour. Hestrongly believes that children at such an early dress in theirchildhood are too young to be open to such a formal and rigorousstyle of education and should quite be allowed to express theiremotions and have their youthful imaginations nurtured.

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