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Internet: Sociology and People Essay

meshwork mesh has become a bear-sized part of our life these days becaexercising of the many things that we tooshie get from it from the in vogue(p) saucilys and research findings to self- expression. We too get to learn proficient approximately the current trends in our profession and instantly become fashion chic. It also updates us of our favorite basketball tea, and thespians. Truly, it becomes a great help in the workplace, education, entertainment, wellness c ar, and communion. However, the meshwork has also served as a venue for the infringement of copyright. Everyone has the retrieve to information which makes it al about im practicable to protect copyright. This for of piracy is squargonly general on the web. Aside from this, the proliferation of pornographic materials is undeniably one of the alarming things that has brought about by the Internet.It does not only corrupt the minds of the boyish state that be exposed to them but also it paves the way for t he degradation of human dignity. It also strains the moral make up of society. The Internet also alienates the person from his favorable self. While or so hark back that talking to loved ones through the calculator screens allows or offers the same satisfaction of brotherly needs just the like engaging in conversations face-to-facely, there really is a big inconsistency between the virtual self and the loving self. This could further lead to dependance which could hamper a persons way of living and those who atomic number 18 directly in contact with him. The Internet was intended to be apply for military purposes. However, due to its versatility and applicability, we project it as how it is purposed today. It exists as our relay link when used properly and our foe when misused.THE INFLUENCE OF THE INTERNET ON packS SOCIAL AND PSYCHOL Uploaded by nikolovska1 (149) on Jul 8, 2007THE INFLUENCE OF THE INTERNET ON PEOPLES SOCIAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL REALITIESThe influence of the Internet has caused a change in the way we communicate, learn and shop. The Internet is probably around famous for the ability to spread information, fact or fiction. We were once throttle to currents editors of a local paper, then to national cable news. at once anyone can search the globe, visit local papers in overseas countries, and see the views of all sides. This ease of information has also brought with it a tumescent do of hoaxes, money schemes, and fallacies. There is no question that easy advance to the Internet, like the introduction of mail service and the invention of the telephone, has changed the nature of piles connection to others in their social world. Mail made possible connections among people without physical proximity, and the telephone facilitated communication among distant people, making fast connections possible across long distancies.But has this communication revolution changed the vestal nature of interpersonal and group processes? On the one hand, since the primary use of the Internet is communication, some people might speculate that the Internet leave have positive social consequences in peoples frequent lives because it increases the frequency and quality of interpersonal communications among people. People with easy rile to others would feel better connected and much strongly supported by others, leading to happiness and engagement in families, organizations, communities, and society to a greater extent generally. But, on the other hand, the ease of electronic communication may lead to weaker social ties, because people have less reason to leave their fellowships and in reality act face to face with other people. The Internet allows people to more easily work from their home, to form and sustain friendships and until now romantic attacments from their home, to bank from their home, to voter turnout and engage in political and social issue based discussions with others (from home). In this variety of slipway, Internet communications can potentially displace opposite communications.I think this point is important because psychologists in many researches have described and proved such face to face and telephone connections as being of higher quality, when viewed in terms of their contribution to satisfaction and well-being. cultivation a seriees of longitudinal and experimental studies (e.x. McKenna, Green, and Gleason), who test a theory of kind formation on the Internet, these researchers directly adress the argument that the psychological quality of Internet social interaction is lower than is the psychological quality of traditional personal interaction. Consider my own use. Ive received several e-mail messages in the past hour. My boyfriend confirms the dinner for tonight. Even though it is weekend, my coleagues send me questions about the pending exam expects a quick answer.So does some graduate student from Europe, that I recently met on MySpace with an urgent request f or a letter of recommendation. My friend Ksenija sends me an IM to tell me the latest news about her new love. And so on and so on I assume that I am also living a virtual life, and whats the most interesting of all, all of my friends online, atomic number 18 also my friends in real life. And if they werent that in the past, I somehow managed to bring my cyber friends into my real life, so I could here in my real life enable real communication, real face-to-face talks, real exchange of emotions, feeligs of happiness, satisfaction and well-being. Id say for me, the Internet is a great new way for doing octogenarian things. So, what else conclusion can I bring except the one that Internet life cannot stand on itself without real-life communication. It is simple If we understand the qualities of face-to-face communication that influence the impact of such communication on people and their social interaction, we would be able to predict the probable influence of any new communication engineering science.However, researchers show that people sooner or later permute their cyber contacts into more traditional face-to-face, the same as I do. People use the Internet, in other words to help them achieve their real-life goals. And rather than technologys changing peoples social and psychological reality, in other words, people change their use of technology to facilitate their debut of a desired social reality. Internet users should closely examine their behavior, to run across that excessive time online will not negatively impact their personal well-being. We shouldnt throw our computers out the window, but neither should we charge on blindly into complete dependence on the Internet. As with many things in life, it seems that moderation and balance are key to maximizing the Internets positive effect.The Internet has provided a new medium with which children and teens can yob their peers. While no direct physical harm can actually be preceptore, the rise of Cyber Bullying can be much more dodgy than the bullying that takes place on school grounds. The Internet provides a false sense of safety and anonymity, which means that more and more children are likely to engage in ridiculing their peers and spreading vicious rumors. Children that would never inspiration of belittling one of their classmates face to face wont think twice about doing so in a chat room, on their MySpace page or in a blog. How does the expression go? Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me? As we all retire, this simply isnt true. Hurtful words and false accusations can do a world of hurt and can sometimes fifty-fifty lead to physical harm, especially among people who are young and impressionable. The Internet allows users of all ages, not just young people, the opportunity to reinvent themselves and their image. If they dont feel accepted at school they may go looking for acceptance on the net, and as we all know, for young people acceptan ce often comes at the expense of others. What makes Cyber Bullying all the more problematic is the fact that it can be difficult to regulate.Teachers and other mental faculty are present at school to observe students behavior and hopefully put an end to bullying when they witness it. However, more and more young people are being given unlimited and unsupervised get to to the Internet, which is more vast a place that we can imagine. Parents who arent watching what their children are doing on the Internet, whether its because they are technologically challenged, incredibly naive, or just negligent, have no idea what sorts of behavior their children are engaging in. When most parents finally wise up, they are shocked and appalled at what sites junior-grade Ryan has been visit or who precious little Jamie has been conversing with. Possibly the most dangerous aspect of the Internet is the way that it encourages dangerous and hurtful behavior.Young girls are praised for posting inappr opriate and revealing photographs of themselves and ridicule and rumors among classmates are answered and supported with even more hurtful behavior. It is up to society as a consentient to help bring this problem of children and the Internet under control. The Internet is a wonderful tool, dont get me wrong, but it is very vexed to regulate and it is very easy for children too obtain a non-finite of images and information that should not be seen by their impressionable eyes. Unfortunately, many parents are naive to this problem and refuse to believe that their children would get involved in anything dangerous or inappropriate on the Internet. Programs and other tools are for sale to help parents monitor their childrens Internet usage, but these alone are not enough.Young people today are more likely to know more about these devices than their parents, and often can find ways to bypass them. Therefore, you also need to be limiting the total amount of time that your children spend on the Internet each day and know what sort of access and supervision is taking place when they are visiting friends. Never, ever, allow children to have a computer in their room or their own laptop. The computer that your children use should always be in a main and heavily trafficked room of the house, where you can keep a wakeful eye on their activity. It is up to you to help make this world a safer place for your children and you cannot underestimate the danger that is lurking in your very own home every time they sit down in front of the computer.

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