Tuesday, January 29, 2019

“American History X “Movie Review

American History X Movie study American History X is a powerful movie nigh racism in todays society. It follows the lifespan of a move teenager Danny Vinyard vie by Edward Furlong, who looks up to his neo-Nazi associate Derek. Derek, played by Edward Norton is the leader of the local skinhead gang in Venice Beach, California. Derek was sent to prison house for committing a hatred crime against a bleak creation, who tried to break into his house. Danny unflinching to continue down Dereks path of becoming a light supremacist while he did time for the nauseate crime.Dereks mother played by Beverly DAngelo visits Derek while in prison and tells Derek about his elflike brother following in his footsteps. Derek realized the errors to his tracks and began to transform his life while in prison. In prison Derek met a black man that helped him transform his life. He helped teach Derek that hatred is why he end up in prison. Derek turns his life around in prison after(prenomina l) a traumatic experience with the help of one of his old write up teachers, a black man, played by Avery Brooks.When he is in the end released from prison he comes home to find that his little brother Danny was on his way right to where Derek just came home from. After leaving one of the neo-Nazi parties, Danny and Derek finally get on the same page as Derek shares his brutal prison rape story with him. The character development showed Derek transforming from a dedicated exsanguinous supremacist to a deeper, much compassionate human being. While the depiction of his brother Danny who was following in the earlier footsteps of Derek gave this film depth, and draws the viewer into the plot.This film is rated R for the violence and language, which is essential to accurately portray the life and attitudes of this culture. Scenes showing the hate crimes committed by the gang members emphasize the ugliness of this group. The one word picture that unbroken replaying in my head was th e one that ended up move Derek away for murder, a black and white scene of a black man with his mouth on the street curb and Derek brutally stomping on his head. The movie goes back in forth from black and white, then to color.When its shown in black and white, its metaphorically showing Dereks nail down perception of his life. The color scenes depict Dereks life as he starts to drift away from the white supremacist group. Director Tony Kaye made the movie more interesting by adding this little twist to it and this quickened the pace of the film. With a eat time of 158 minutes there are some moments where the film could peat bog down, but my attention was fixed to the story line the entire time. I definitely did not stop thinking about this film when it was over.It rightfully makes the viewer feel the need for tolerance. Edward Norton did a phenomenal job in the role of Derek Vinyard. He made the character come alive with hate and then was able to morph his character into a cha nged man. The rawness of this movie kept my undivided attention unlike any other movie of its kind. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes drama filled movies. The viewer will get by the movie touched and have a new grasp on how racism affects our world.At the end of the movie Danny realizes his beliefs of a white tribe were misguided. His voice is heard making this statement from a paper he wrote for his American History X class. We are not enemies, but friends. We essential not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature. But is it also late from Danny to change his ways?

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