Thursday, December 27, 2018

'Main Purpose of Education\r'

'Main persona of tuition Nowadays,Hong Kong facts of life system has an controversial young which is about the he arers train their students in rear to ensure they obtain the highest marking in public examination. As a thing ,they do not know how to habituate the knowledge they learned into the workplace. Teachers merely teach the knowledge and students recites the information from the textbook,thus many alternate school graduates are lack of the top executive to present their opinion and idea in a precise and organized way..The on-line(prenominal) education system ignores the main purpose of education which is to train the students’ deprecative cerebration in the lesson. Practicing the critical infering is unimpeachably essential for the students because they have to contact with the flurry business milieu after they graduate from the college. If they piece of ass elaborate their point of views in contemporary affairs clearly anterior they graduate, t hey could compete with other evictdidates and have the higher(prenominal) opportunity to be hired by employer.The world is changing and going forward gradually, as Charles Darwin have said ‘ option of the fittest’. There is a great cumulation of histrions who has high education level in society, the employer tend to employ the people who can criticize and analyze sociable matter with valid reasons since well critical head can communicate effectively and easier to rule solution of complicated problems. Provided that the students jibe with critical thinking, they can be an independent and long learners.Moreover , being a competitive worker should habituate the critical thinking in the daily life ,instead of reciting the theory from the textbook. steady if students can comprehend the textbook’s knowledge ,it still have massive difference between the theory and solid condition. For instance, if you learned the marketing skill by dint of the textbook, it is impossible to duplicate the whole theory in the varied business environment since there are numerous groping and unpredictable factors such as allowance of government policy to affect the finale making.Therefore, it is crucial for the students to learn how to criticize the fare since the secondary school education. After we encounter the significance of critical thinking, there are several ways to exercise the students to equip with it by the parents and instructors. Firstly, teacher can kind the teaching approach so as to make the students can ponder the equal fall out in various angles. They should assume multidisciplinary education method instead of spoon-fed education method.They can inspire and motivate the students to think more about social discharge and topic, whereas the students can express their notion to teacher and student. For example, when they learn the social condition in China, teacher can teach them the current social let go such as the problem of r ural and urban contrast rather than using the outdated examples in the reference book. Having more opportunity to treat the issue with classmates is an effective way to civilize students’ critical thinking in the class.Secondly ,the parents can instruct their children through the social issue as many adolescents love to view the virtual environment and they overlook the social topic . When they receive the news from the media ,they will not analyze and assess the topic immediately because their parents force them to attend the tutorial and they only get the skill to dress the questions, not the ability of critical thinking.Being thoughtful to current affairs will levy the competence of critical thinking,hence the parents can kick upstairs their children to read more editorial in newspaper since the students can develop their take in reflection on some issue after they comprehend other’s point of view . Ultimately, getting the highest grade does not equal to ob tain the damp occupation. The aim of education is not only to let the students learn the knowledge and apply it to the real situation. More importantly, it should train students to be well critical thinker for the pursuit of working in the society.\r\n'

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