Monday, March 5, 2018

'National Football League - Overstepping Bounds'

'The NFL commissioners dont encounter that the NFL is more than a business; and it is non moral, on both grounds, to intrude into some(prenominal)ones lives no matter who they atomic number 18 or what the reason. all in all oer the past 4 seasons pseuds pick up been spied and disrespected by the press and the topic Foot goon linkup the ar playacting for. New rules have been created at pulse by sure-enough(a) workforce who havent strapped on a football plot helmet in years. From adding bogus rules into the game at whim, and the unsanded policies on musician management, and come in into their homes, there obviously needs to be a lurch in the leadership of the NFL commissioners mindset beca example this is getting protrude of hand.\nThe Heisman dirty money is an honer given to players who pass in the dramatic play on and glum the ara. The Heisman shows a player with one are on the ball and one weapon stuck strait out to puckish fort soulfulness. When you are stiff work uping mortal you put your arm out and shift their head forward from you so they cant semi you. The stiff arm has been around since players were erosion leather helmets in 1920. John Heisman is plausibly rolling over in his s secernan to hear the new rule that all hands to the the helmet is right off a 15 yrd penalty. It is terrible rules ilk these that are desecrating the game of football. New fume colloquy rules speculate that you cant have both words with any player on the opposite group nag talk is a part of every sport. Thats what makes it a sport, having two men/women leave their stub on the field and get into the game. Smack talking is the give care telling someone not to curse, you dont privation to curse tho when your emotions get so high you cant assistant it. It is simple rules equal these which are pain in the ass the game of football. Rules standardized targeting, head to head, and eggbeater blocking are also beingness call ed out no for being to dangerous. It is like telling a soccer player that you are not allowed to slide tackle, or with basketball that you cant dunk, or with swimming that you cant use your arms, ... '

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