Monday, January 23, 2017

My Academic Accomplishments

Academic accomplishment\nOne encounter that I am particularly eminent of is my Poetry Wheel that I completed for AP Lit. I am a very originative person when it comes to projects and this poetry hustle expresses that side of me. I acquire an A for my hard cook and most of solely, I was proud of the work that I presented to my teacher. I went above and beyond the expectations of the project and was rewarded for my hard work.\n\nStudent crap\nThree words that fill me are:\n1. Devoted- when I prescribe my mind to something, I wont insure until its finished. Having this quality motivates me to reform my work habits in direct and strive to be a better person.\n2. Responsible- I am the kind of person who does either my faculty member work forward anything else. That means if I fork up to stay in entirely weekend I will, academic work comes before anything else.\n3. Respectful- I was raised in a home where respect was 1 of the biggest family rules and values. I believe that teachers and parents should be respected at all times and everyone should receive the respect that they deserve.\n\nTalents\nI am a visual learner and pickaxe up on unsanded skills and lessons fairly quickly. This has helped me doneout my go in school because in that respect hasnt been a challenge too difficult for me to overcome. I in any case help students out in Biochemistry, or Physiology, when they need help. I also help students when it comes to Spanish since I am bilingual, it is blowsy for me to help them out.\n\nTeachers\nTeachers that know me scoop would be:\n1. Mrs. Bernard-Mrs. Bernard she was my counselor from 9-11th grade. She has helped me done numerous problems and never fails to aver hello to me in the hall. Whenever my grades were slithering she would call me in to see what was going on. She was the person that I looked up and she was always in that location for me when I needed her. She got me through my 9th, 10th, and 11th grade.\n2. Mr. Ramos- Mr. Ramos was the best Spanish teacher I affirm had, he helped me with S...

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