Tuesday, January 31, 2017

3 Reasons that led to the Civil War

Did you always conceive of about wherefore the polite contend happened? I thought about it and came up with three of the best terra firmas I could think of to case the Civil War. Here is what I think forced the north and sulphur the come to war. First it was because of slavery, so the sulfur seceded from the union when capital of Nebraska was elected, and the south feared that the north would turn over majority in the senate. If whatever of these reasons that I mentioned had not been a problem behind then(prenominal), hundreds of thousands of Americans wouldnt provoke lost there lives.\n\nFirst, the main reason the war happened was because of slavery. Slavery, as we know was a big debate back then. The southern states valued to maintenance slavery so that the slaves could reverse on their plantations so their owners could organize a business. The northern states expected it abolished, they thought that all(a) nation should be treated desire any other person. incomplete the north nor the south would own in to what the other believed was right, so that influenced the war a lot.\n\nSecondly, some other reason was the succeeding of the south and the election of Abraham capital of Nebraska. About all of the southern states didnt learn when Lincoln said that he would not act against slavery. formerly Lincoln was elected to office, the south said that they wouldnt fork up him leading them. They then leftfield the union and formed the Confederacy. I believed that this was another major cause of the Civil War.\n\nNext, another reason that was believed to start caused the Civil War was that the south feared that the north would have the majority of the senate. Since the north had much people they thought that they should have more than people in the senate. The south disagreed with that. The north likewise had the bigger states. So to shopping center it up the union had more states, more people lifespan in their states, and the union was so much bigger than the collaborator states.\n\nFinally, if America was not confront with these problems that I have mentioned in the paragraphs above we energy not of had a Civil War. We might still be face up with these conflicts still today if Lincoln hadnt been elected. If slavery wasnt around back then that would be one less(prenominal) thing to worry about. If the south...If you want to get a adept essay, order it on our website:

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