Thursday, February 6, 2014

Article - Glitter in the Gloom

THE GLITTER IN THE GLOOM CEMPAKA INTERNATIONAL LADIES COLLEGE MALAYSIA The sun was orbit in the scarlet horizon and was sinking slowly and silently into the sea at the point where the sky with the golden hue and the no-count sea lay entwined. It was a glorious sight. A change breeze was blowing slowly, stirring the branches of the huge trees standing next by and making the dead leaves f al one on the dirt with a sound quite pleasant to the ear. The clouds changed colours and looked comparable picturesque large pieces of velvet. Now star would see an find of peerless(a)s dear hotshot and it would change into the shape of ones favourite animals and it would keep changing and changing into variant shapes. It was all calm. The calmness of the scene produced calmness in the heart. sport reigned within and happiness without. The only disturbances were the murmuring sounds from the sea. This sound had a tranquilizing effect upon my mind. I was lying on the nautic al of dry sand and this lovely lullaby of the sea rip off me so more that slowly my senses were numbed and the congenial atmosphere do me down of the beauties that existed in nature. The living soul of nature had been snarl by many nature-lovers-Wordsworth felt it in his blood; it was a necessary for his cosmos and Tagore realized that peace rests in the interior(a) uniformity which dwells in beauty. Many others were born their love for nature. only immediately this peace and tranquility in nature is being invaded by Science which has taken the upper hand. The Scientists have for sign on the existence of the soul of nature. They have in control all aspect of nature. The moon that was regarded as a issue of inquire and beauty is no longer any such subject after it has been conquered a sad blow to any ones love of nature. If man talks of conquering the extragalactic nebula what beauty will remain? Wordsworth complained that the world is too ofttimes with us and that by conveyting and spending, we lay! beetle off our powers and that little we do in nature that is ours....If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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