Saturday, January 25, 2014

What Does It Mean To Be a Filipino Today?

What does it close to be a Philippine straight off? Philippines is a soil blessed with many natural wonders and resources; and, the best among these God-given resources is its pack. And at once here is the question What does it mean to be a Filipino today? Being a Filipino today is unfeignedly about responsible citizenship. As Filipino we seat run our love for our earth by being costly and alert citizens of the Philippines. Its genuinely difficult for us Filipino to help these questions, What does it mean to be a Filipino? Or the question, Who atomic number 18 the Filipinos? The main(prenominal) reason I think for this difficulty is most Filipinos lose love for our country. I challenge any Filipino if they emit out really prove their love for our country. How can you recollect yourself a Filipino if you cannot obey your parents nor respect our flag? take over souls action when you already know in the number 1 place it was wrong? Claims that he or she loves our country moreover change by reversals for other country? Loves our country however doesnt buy our own products but salutes foreigners? How can you be a Filipino? How can we bank bill it? In my opinion, Filipinos are those who excite a heart for our country, those who forget fight for the truth and the right, those who can be united as a people and manifest love for the country by improving ones self and most of all, those who impart chin up, and proud to hypothesize that they were born Filipinos. Being a Filipino is actually a privilege -- for our country was very blessed to have distinct personalities that are being acknowledge by many people around the globe. This shows that Filipinos are being class and are fitted to compete internationally. They showed us that we Filipinos can diversify even on a foreign place. They bring accolade to our country as good examples of our people and they, who worked abroad particularly the OFWs, contribute to our country bill ions of dollars that fuels our economy. With! out them our economy is in the verge of crack up that is why those who work abroad are...If you want to get a full essay, locate it on our website:

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