Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Person Centred Therapy

Person-Centred Therapy Choose the advise approach that seems to be most commodious for you. Describe its aboriginal features; indicate the problem or scrap to which it is best suited; illustrate how you would use it in rede by applying it to a counselling scenario of your choice, identify and discuss its strengths and weaknesses, dickens from a counselling perspective and Christian viewpoint. Introduction Person-centred therapy was more often than not develop by Carl Rogers in the early 1940s. The approach is ground on concepts from humanist psychology, where Rogers was one of the key figures in its concept (Corey 2001, p165). Rogers genuine a Humanistic style approach to psychology as he grappled with his own beliefs of humanity, spirituality and psychological ideology. As his cognise in work with individuals grew he disagreed with the psychoanalytical and behaviourist approaches to psychology due to his own humanistic view of life. Rogers believed that in dividuals atomic number 18 inherently good and have the ability to choose secure and ill-use (Corey, 2001, p. 170). Rogers experiences slowly moved him to develop his own system of record in line with his Humanistic thinking. Throughout this authorship I will be discussing Rogers person-centered approach to psychotherapy. here I will explore this models key features and some(prenominal) situations this model would be best suited. I will in like manner be looking at the coat of this model and discussing its strengths and weaknesses from twain a counseling perspective and Christian viewpoint. Rogers began forming his ideas of person-centred therapy at a child guidance clinic working with unbalanced youth (Norcross, Prochaska 2003, p. 141). works here he found sentence to write a book, but also received vehemence and confirmation of his views in the work of Otto Banks, who put emphasis on the importance of the humanity of therapists as opposed to just their skillfu l skills, in working with human problems (No! rcross,...If you want to get a full essay, lodge it on our website:

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