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Bus 082 Test ! Spring 2011 Chpt 1. 1.  An activity which seeks to earn a utility by providing a good or mildew is known as a(n):  A. industry. B. corporation. C.  line of descent organization. D. service. 2.  __________ is the centre a business earns later on deducting what it spends for salaries and other expenses.  A. Profit B. Revenue C.  use up D. Dividends 3. A business incurs a ___________ if its costs and expenses hand its revenues.  A.  departure B. liability C. debit D. dividend 4. __________ is the chance a business owner will discharge the time and money invested in a business that proves to be unprofitable.  A. Depreciation B. Risk C. Fallibility D. Redundancy 5. The full amount of money that businesses take in by exchange goods and services is called ________.  A. profit B. revenue C. loss D. retained winnings 6. A(n) ____________ is a person who assumes the essay of star ting a business.  A. conductor B. entrepreneur C. private investor D. stakeholder 7. Starting a business constantly involves ________.  A. profit B. loss C. revenue D. risk 8. Often in business the great the risk, the ____________.  A. greater the potential reward B.  demoralize the expected revenues C. lower the value provided to society D.
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 greater the exit of stakeholders 9. ___________ is a measure of the general well-being and gratification derived from a variety of factors including political freedom, safety, education, and a clean environment.  A.  measurement of accompaniment B. Quality of life C.Â!  Gross national income D. Social contentment index 10. . The amount of goods and services people can procure with the money they fork up is called their:  A. nominal income. B. consumer price index. C. profit margin. D. standard of living. 11.  The customers, employees, stockholders, suppliers, creditors, and others who stand to garner or lose by the policies and activities of a business appoint the firms:  A. market makers. B. economic...If you want to name a full essay, cast it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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