Friday, December 13, 2013

Utopia in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Utopian Society         In the watchword angiotensin converting enzyme Flew over the cats Nest by Ken Kesey in that respect is a indi tint struggle between two characters; McMurphy and giving go down on. McMurphy wants suitable index finger for all unitary in the cellblock, while macroscopical sop up wants herself to puddle all(a) the might. In Terms of causality Ken Kesey portrays McMurphy as communist. He also portrays bear-sized prevail as a capitalist. A communist is 1 who wants one single house. A capitalist is one who wants many socio-economic yeargons and ultimately one fall apart(predicate) that is most positionful. Through show up the bulk one sees the force-out struggle and eventually learn that neither capitalism nor collectivism pull up stakes work in the protect. Ken Kesey conveys in his track record One Flew oer the Cuckoos Nest, that a state-controlled society is the i do by mien to g everywheren the great unwashed.         Big view as is a strength athirst(p) woman who had all of the power in the ward and treasured it this way. A perfect exemplar of this is when she messes with Billy Bibbit. Billy bibbit is a stutterer who is in the ward. One day McMurphy decides he will cook a company in the ward and invites his friends who are whores. Billy was a liberal man and found one of the whores to be interesting. After a while they go sullen and bedevil sex. Later in the mourning big nurse finds billy with the whore. He seems to be temporarily cured of his stuttering job when he first talks. so big nurse says, What worries me Billy... is how your paltry mother is going to add this.p. 189 After she says this he rottenly regrets what he has do and starts stuttering even worse than before. last he slits his own throat. Big Nurse is to blame for Billys death. He was an adult and fine with what happened until big nurse decided that she had to devour prevail. She didnt h omogeneous that they had a party and she man! datory to do whateverthing about. she had to exemplify that she had control. She dash offed Billy and fiendish it on McMurphy. The murder represents power. Billy excessivelyk her power and gave it to himself. The Big Nurse did not like this so she used her power to kill him so he could not defy.This is a great specimen of capitalistic Big Nurse and capitalist economy in the ward.         McMurphy is a Communist who gives the people in the ward a itty-bitty taste of a to a greater extent equal power for all and they like it. A great illustration of that is when McMurphy has set up his fishing tripper for patients in the ward to put one over some fun for at a time and be free again for a day. He sees that head teacher Bromden. Knowing that this might blow the antiques administer he offers to sign him up. When Chief Bromden rattling figures out that Mcmurphy write him up he says, I was very going out of this hospital with two whores on a fishing boat; I h ad to keep saying it over and over to myself to trust it.p.155 One can see Bromdens excitement. He gave bromden a feeling that he was equal in class and power to everyone else and this made him happy. McMurphy tries to give equal power to everyone in the ward.         capitalist economy nor communism worked in the ward. Communism didnt work because McMurphy had withal much self interest consequently he died. Capitalism didnt work because Big Nurse cherished too much power. Ken Kesey was saying that we undeniable a build of compromise. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Socialism is what they needed. To Quote Mark Engels, recent S ocialism is, in its essence, the direct product of th! e recognition, on the one hand, of the class antagonisms live in the society of today between proprietors and non-proprietors, between capitalists and wage-workers; on the other hand, of the anarchy existing in production. This basically doer that here must be class division estimable the classes must be very corresponding in power. there should not be one class with all of the power. This would have worked perfectly in the ward. Where there would be a eminence of power yet the patients would have a lot more power than they did. I think that this remains would not have only made people happier in the ward. It would also have saved lives.         This book was about power and the effect that it can have on people. Ken Kesey wanted depict in his book, that if one person has all control the it will elapse to difficult times. Big Nurse attempt to dominate the ward and it didnt work. McMurphy tried to equal out power in the ward and it didnt work out the way he wa nted it to. Self interest comes into existence when we deal with power. The ward needed a society where there were class distinctions. The distinctions just had to be very small. Therefore, Ken Kesey conveys in his book One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, that a socialist society is the prototype way to govern people. If you want to string a serious essay, order it on our website:

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