Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Going to Extremes

Solve your problems do not hide them! On steer time TV, Marnie Jones, a 35-year-old m early(a) of two, faces the photographic camera and tells or so 10 million viewers what is wrong with her spiritedness. Her sons father go away her 10 years ago and has not had a obtain out since. She is wiped turn up from being a mum and having to authorise a living. The camera pulls back to reveal a plank of experts listening sympathetically. The doctors say a send off makeoer. Marnie merrily agrees to that. Months later Marnie has been perfected and is anticipate to alive(p) happily ever after. however not as the Marnie Jones she was, she has become someone else. /105 Marnie Jones motives a total makeover because she is feeling miserable. What if there was no waxy surgical procedure? Would her life be over? No, of course not. By undergoing plastic surgery you are grave everyone, that your life is a failure. That is why plastic surgery is neer the answer. Marnie should t ry to get a grip on her life step by step. If she cannot do that herself she should try to contact a psychiatrist. Because her problems start somewhere, she plainly has to find where, and then solve them. /196 We live in a realism where we see each other as individuals. And we should act the like individuals too. Everyone should be glad with who he/she is. We should not throw ourselves at any circumstance.
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Because, if we change over ourselves we change who we are as individual, so therefore Marnie changes her whole personality, she exit never be the Marnie as she was before. Plastic surgery is just morally w rong. /266 Everyone knows the expression;! it is the at bottom that counts. What we really mean by that is that your inside is far to a greater extent important than your outside. It is the inside that tells us who someone is. So why, if Marnie wants to change herself, she wants to change her outside? That is the complete opposite from what she has to do. She has to change her inside, unbendable her life, and solve her emotional problems first. /343 Marnie Jones should not...If you want to get a beneficial essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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