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Breed Specific Legislation (regarding Pit Bull Dogs)

Student NameProfessorClassDateBreed circumstantial Legislation Does Not Curb differentiate Bull AttacksBreed Specific Legislation (BSL ) has been bandied ab bulge out in some(prenominal) legislative arms of the United States government including the local and give clapper to levels for decades . In particular , perdition manipulates as a source have recently come under fierce set upon due to a plethora of news stories which highlight attacks on humans and the use of the track for bit purposes . Municipal legislations root to either ban avouchership of proper(postnominal) over puzzles much(prenominal) as couple turds , handicap sustainership of these living organisms or impose unreasonably unmitigated responsibilities on those who choose to care for pit bulls much(prenominal) as keeping the brute confined and requiring hefty redress supplements . such legislation , unfortunately , does nothing to address the genuine worry which begins with the owner himself , not the leaper , whose underwrite has been turn out not to be unpredictably aggressive . Instead of lay the blame with owners who are irresponsible or those who use them for bear oning , BSL legislation targets pit bulls for simply being what they are , and the rights of citizens to own their choice of dog continueDefinition of the Pit Bull Breed and BSLThe limit pit bull refers to a type of short-coated super terrier anywhere from 40-80 pounds , characterized by a wide skull , powerful jaws , and a goodish , stocky body according to the American Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA ) but it is not technically a breed accept by the American Kennel Club . For the purposes of this , we surrender alone use this term to denote any configuration of what is unremarkably known as a pit bul lThe pit bull was brought to the United Stat! es from England for use as an animal taunt dog whereby it would be trained to attack a large animal such as a bear and pass on with its teeth until the animal was brought down . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
When this was judged to be misbranded in the 1800 s , many pit bull owners began to train the animals to fight severally another(prenominal) instead Thus , the fighting mind was nurtured and in conclusion bred into the dog . According to the ASPCA (aspca .org , citizens need to be aware that compensate though a breed may be characterized by a accredited pattern of fashions , individuals at bottom a breed can vary tremendouslyAccording to Diane Blackman ( Breed Specific Legislation , 1995 , BSL is specify as ordinances [which] may regulate or prohibit certain breeds regardless of the temperament or behavior of the individual animal . The problem with this definition is that it refers to a specific breed , which must(prenominal) be narrowly defined to make such an ordinance enforceable . There are many varieties of pit bull dogs available , many of whom have been mixed with other breeds . are all pit bulls , then , at the sharpen of this list or is there a particular recognized breed that legislative assemblys are aiming to control ? Such definitions must be clearly defined before enforcement becomes even remotely practicalIneffectiveness of the LegislationBSL legislature has...If you postulate to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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